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Finally decided to join

Started by TheRhodeGeek, March 04, 2023, 01:33:39 PM

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Title should explain everything. In case you don't know, I'm from a small state and I think I'm one of the younger members here (currently not driving age as of this post) but I've been a fan of geography ever since I was a child.
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Welcome from northeastern Massachusetts! I joined when I was 14.

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I-189 clinched
US 7, VT 2A, 11, 15,  17, 73, 103, 116, 125, NH 123 traveled


Welcome from extreme western Connecticut! (grew up near Hartford, live in California now). The road bug bit me around age 7.

Lucky you; when you get your license, you can clinch your state in a weekend :-)
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Welcome from the land of signage that LooKs like tHIs !
I just joined recently myself.
My terms:

Greater I-45 - I-45 plus US-75 and US-69 to Big Cabin, OK.

CraIGs or CraIGeSQuE- Any sign similar to the late infamous “CraIG COUntY” sign.


Welcome from not too far away in Massachusetts.
Decommission 128 south of Peabody!

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Welcome! And I love the anti-Limon content! I joined when I was 13.
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Current Interstate map I am making:


Welcome to the board!

I've loved roads and maps for as long as I can remember, so you're in good company here.


Welcome! I'm another of the young guns on here and have loved Geography for as long as I remember. You'll fit in well.


Welcome aboard! Add me to the list of members who joined the board at a young age (in my case, 12).

:) Needs more... :sombrero: Not quite... :bigass: Perfect.
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Welcome from a county the size of your state. I also joined (properly) as a teenager and have had no real issues here, other than cringing at some of my older posts.


Welcome.  I used to live in Massachusetts, though at this point it was probably before you were born.  The roadgeek bug bit me when I was about 6 or 7 years old.

Quote from: TheRhodeGeek on March 04, 2023, 01:33:39 PM
(currently not driving age as of this post)

You don't have to be a driver to attend a meetup!  Many folks carpool.  Consider attending one near you:
Though, if I'd found this forum as a teenager, I bet I'd have had a VERY difficult time convincing my parents to let me attend a roadgeek meetup.  "Strangers from the Internet driving you around?  No way!"  Knowing that I was the type who asked for road maps for my birthday and Christmas, though, they might have let me.  *shrug*

I don't remember when I found this forum, but I attended my first roadgeek meetup in 2016.  I don't attend often as my wife has little interest in it and it's therefore difficult to do any meets that aren't local to me.

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