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Roads you have photos for that GSV does not

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Max Rockatansky:
This topic came up in another thread.  I have quite a few notables in my photo collection which arenít on GSV.  Below is a random sampling:

Balch Park Road

Horseshoe Meadows Road

Onion Valley Road

I think the only significant road I have pictures of that GSV doesn't is AZ State Route 273.

Max Rockatansky:
Picked up photos of abandoned Foresta Road in Yosemite and Stanislaus National Forest recently which isnít on GSV:

Got pictures of the Magruder Road in Montana and Idaho last summer.

Also have pics of KY 199 (the gravel portion) that even KYTC's cameras don't cover.

US 89:
I'm sure I have road photos from some of the more desolate state highways out west that Google either doesn't cover or only has 2007-quality imagery for.


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