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1970's 8mm film of San Diego & L.A. freeways

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Some of those freeway signs are still in use today.  Very cool to see all those old cars on the freeways as well.

It looks pretty much like it is today. Signage was the same back then I guess.

And a sign with the exit tab obeying federal guidelines in California? And in the 1970s!?


a lot of those signs are still alive.

the exit tabs are from a short-lived experiment in 1971.  I have no idea why they stopped.  Some of those still survive.

on the LA film, at 1:04 there is an "11 San Pedro/Pasadena" sign that is very cool to see.  That's been 110 since 1980. 

remember, spacebar pauses and resumes on Youtube.

I wish he didn't do the speed-racer thing with his videos.  I just dislocated my keyboard tray attempting to hit the spacebar at the exact right moment to freeze onto a particular shield!

One great thing about those videos and that time, almost every vehicle was a car (with a handful of vans). I'd love to drive in that time without large pick-ups and suv's blocking my view...


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