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UK Roads Thread

Started by bing101, March 21, 2019, 09:02:03 PM

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J N Winkler

Quote from: bing101 on April 03, 2024, 01:39:05 PMHere is a former alignment of B4069.  It went through a landslide.

Here is Wiltshire Council's page on the landslip remediation scheme for the B4069 at Lyneham Banks:

Work is expected to begin this summer and cost about £5 million.  It is theorized that storage of demolition debris upslope from the road re-activated an ancient slide.
"It is necessary to spend a hundred lire now to save a thousand lire later."--Piero Puricelli, explaining the need for a first-class road system to Benito Mussolini




english si

Quote from: Road Hog on June 12, 2024, 11:01:56 PMI had to look up Skegness after the video because the host portrayed it as a dying seaside resort town. To the contrary, the population is growing
In England that's often a sign of a dying town - both in terms of trying to add population and industry to try and get the economy growing again, and in terms of the people there not being rich enough to have the time to block development (a classic rich-Brit pasttime).
Quotethe climate doesn't look horrible (for England anyway.)
Sure, it's East Coast location makes it dryer than places west of the Pennines, but it's only as warm in summer as Bridlington (further north), and wetter to boot. It's slightly cooler, and as-dry, as Nottingham - the big city with the strongest links to Skeggy. You aren't going there as the weather is nice, because it's unlikely to be nicer than where you are and isn't as nice as other places.

Even when it was a thriving resort, it marketed itself on being 'bracing' (ie cold and windy, but in an invigorating way) - it's a dying resort town because all it has is a beach, a few amenities and a big holiday park that is not really any cheaper than going to some crap resort a cheap flight away - eg Benidorm.

80% of the town's population is in the bottom 20% of the country - it's very very far from thriving.

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