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Songs You Like but Rarely Play

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So this is a topic that got into my head recently.  What are some songs you like and might even own but rarely (or never) play for whatever reason?

I can think of a couple just off the top of my head, and they're not even the "they're buried in the library and I don't always remember that I have them" variety.  The major one is Mannheim Steamroller's Carol of the Bells.  I love how epic it feels, but I've become convinced over the years that it's a harbinger of doom.  I first heard it around Thanksgiving 2019, and that drive back home was one of the worst in my whole life.  I played it a lot that winter because I liked it, and then the pandemic hit.  That's when I became convinced that the song is a harbinger of doom and stopped playing it.  Heck, yesterday it was in my head for a minute, and then on my drive home there was an accident every 10 miles or so all the way from Rochester to Syracuse.

The other one is the DHT slow version of Listen to Your Heart.  It's amazing, but it also makes me sad, so I usually only play it when I'm already feeling down.

There are a couple off of Chicago's debut album ("Chicago Transit Authority") that I rarely play.

"Free Form Guitar" is one. I like guitar solos, and the one Terry Kath put to vinyl back in 1969 is as metal as anything Nugent or Hammett or Van Halen ever played, but for some reason I usually skip it over.

Also from that album is "Liberation." It's a long instrumental with all the early Chicago trademarks -- heavy guitar, horn breaks -- but I rarely play it when I'm listening to that album.

I like Lecrae's album "Anomaly". I like most of the songs on the track, but I'm just not into rap that much these days, so I don't play it very much.

Justin Hayward's version of "Forever Autumn" (often misattributed to the full Moody Blues) - a downer song
Asia's "Heat of the Moment" - associated initially with personal idiocy and later separately with an ex
Yes's "Owner of a Lonely Heart" - personal idiocy
Paul McCartney "Coming Up" - had that on heavy rotation when my uncle died unexpectedly in 2012 and became associated with that news

Brian Fallon's "See You on the Other Side." The song refers to getting old and dyingó"When we grow old and die, Iíll see you on the other side." Itís a good song and it closes his second solo album, Sleepwalkers, but I first heard it in June 2019 shortly after I had been told my father had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had maybe a week to live (he made it two weeks). Given those lyrics, that was a brutally difficult song to hear right then, and since then itís been hard for me to play it because, like TheHighwayMan394 says, the association in my mind is still hard to take.


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