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Author Topic: Quebec's Highways  (Read 155931 times)


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Re: Quebec's Highways
« Reply #525 on: April 07, 2021, 08:38:29 PM »

(or widen A-50 to 4 lanes)

When the MTQ added the cable median barrier to this section of highway it was purported to be for a three year trial period and the government indicated they planned to four-lane this segment of highway at the end of the three year timeframe.

Given the fact that they installed continuous, permanent illumination along the entire stretch of A-50 that got the high-tension guide-rail it seems unlikely to me that they are going to do anything further than what they have built -- at least in the near term.

It's funny actually, the section of A-50 between Lachute and Mirabel is still striped to allow overtaking slow vehicles in the oncoming lane.
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