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Author Topic: Fix Proposal: For A Bottleneck Intersection  (Read 639 times)


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Fix Proposal: For A Bottleneck Intersection
« on: October 02, 2018, 10:56:46 AM »

So, with the understanding that no one will come find me after disclosing the address of my school, we can move forward! :awesomeface:

Recently, traffic at my school, specifically the intersection of N 7th and F St. has had symptoms of induced demand and has caused a bottleneck to form at the intersection.

Our peak morning hours would be: 8:00am through 8:45am.

Our peak afternoon hours would be: 3:00pm through 4:30pm.

These are side streets, with F having stops on the east and west sides, 7th is a nonstop (at this point).

622 N 7th, Forth Smith, AR

The availability for student (and general) parking seems to be a factor in speed in the morning and subsiding in the evening (with those that are parked curbside leaving). Parents (being human, hopefully) are taking the route of least resistance (traffic), but as a result, that is causing a bottleneck. We might actually see a widening of both streets in years to come (in direct correlation with the student population growth).

Well, that's just like your opinion man...


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