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Montreal: Champlain Bridge Opening Postponed to June 2019

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As I predicted even before they inaugurated the work site, the delivery of the new Champlain Bridge, over the St. Lawrence River, between Montreal and Brossard, will be postponed to spring 2019.

Federal minister of Infrastructure, François-Philippe Champagne, announced that the bridge structure will be ready on time, but it will not be possible to put asphalt and to waterproof the road surface, due to winter's cold and humid weather.  So the surface will be done on next spring, at the latest by the end of June of 2019.

The old Champlain Bridge will remain open, and maintained in condition until the opening of the new bridge.

It will be nice once complete. But I'm not surprised, it's Quebec after all.

In Quebec, you'll give government the Sahara, and they will turn shortly out of sand!  :banghead:

Even if the Champlain Bridge is a federal work, the MTQ (Quebec's DOT) posts some restrictions, like beam transportation, for example; the contractor had to carry beams by the river, instead than by the road.  Add to that some strikes (gov't engineers, construction workers, and crane operators), and you have the exact recipe of a fiasco!


--- Quote from: Richard3 on November 01, 2018, 12:39:43 PM --- you have the exact recipe of a fiasco!
--- End quote ---

A $ 4,240,000,000 rail and road bridge, not created ex-nihilo but very next to the one it replaces in a heavily populated, circulated and navigated area, completed under 4 years of contract awarding is not exactly a fiasco. It is, to the contrary, a quite refreshing success ― to say the least.

The only thing that I'm a bit concerned about the new bridge are some of the allegations of quality problems.  There are always issues that arise during the construction of any major project, but some of the media coverage hasn't painted a pretty picture.

Some of these design-build projects can be prone to problems.  I remember the defective welds on the Windsor Essex Parkway for example, where half the bridge girders needed to be demolished and replaced because they didn't meet the Ontario Bridge Code.


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