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Author Topic: US 2 reconstruction in western Maine  (Read 3935 times)


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US 2 reconstruction in western Maine
« on: February 24, 2010, 08:23:37 AM »

Thought this might be of interest to some...

Was in Maine over the weekend, and headed back in part via US 2.  Of note is that MDOT is doing a full-bore reconstruction of most of US 2 between Bethel and the New Hampshire line...basically those segments that weren't improved previously.  This is involving a lot of earthwork and clearing hillsides, since this stretch of US 2 mostly hugs the edge of the Androscoggin River valley with some pretty steep hills on the side.  The bridge over the Wild River at Gilead is being replaced on a new alignment closer to the railroad.  Curves are being realigned and paved shoulders are being added, which should make the entire stretch a much easier highway than the old road.  A few short stretches are already completed, with the rest of it well underway.


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Re: US 2 reconstruction in western Maine
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2010, 12:14:05 AM »

Nifty stuff. I wish MDOT's page had more news releases on thing like this - or in general. I check back pretty frequently, and still this can catch me by surprise.

I could swear the last time I was out that way, in October `08, there was also some construction going on. Looked like fairly major stuff, but I didn't pay much attention, as it was getting dark & I was driving through quickly with my mind on other things. It does appear some of this has been underway long enough to show up in Google Maps & Streetview.

According to nationalbridges.com, the existing US2 bridge was built in 1928, is Structurally Deficient, and Meets minimum tolerable limits to be left in place as is. Depending on how much closer to the RR the new bridge is, I could see that fitting right in with straightening out the curves. Smoother, higher-speed travel n'at. I could see this property (which looks like some kinda schoolhouse-turned-ice-cream-stand) being taken...

I'm planning on taking a trip upta Berlin NH to scope out NH110Trk sometime soon, and my route will take me right thru here. So now I know to be extra vigilant for anything interesting.
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Re: US 2 reconstruction in western Maine
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2010, 10:22:46 AM »

If it's the way it was when I went through there in September, you won't have to be vigilant at all to see anything interesing.  It was down to one line in portions and a dirt road for miles.
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