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Author Topic: Richmond Skyline  (Read 92 times)

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Richmond Skyline
« on: November 21, 2020, 08:56:31 PM »

From the New I-885 in Durham thread:

.....and to underscore, my prior point was not whether Petersburg is the "right" control city, my point was simply that I found it odd that the signs in the Durham area refer to it merely as "Petersburg," and not "Petersburg, Va.," because I don't think it's a significant enough place in its own right that the average driver would see the word "Petersburg" and automatically think of a place in Virginia approximately 120 miles way.

I think it should be Richmond. But then, I grew up in Richmond.

Richmond's skyline appears on I-95 Northbound in a manner that is one of the nation's most dramatic of all. There's something about your car's elevation and Downtown Richmond's on a distant hill that couldn't be more perfect.

Then there's Richmond's uniform low-height buildings that emphasize breadth over height which I like. That's why I don't mind Raleigh's penchant for 17-20 floor towers, it's different from the rest of the world trying to be validated with tall towers.

Downtown Richmond is probably the most romantic urban Christmas setting next to Midtown Manhattan.  The mix of midsize skycscrapers and courtyards right next to the 1860s office buildings of Shockoe Slip is very special when all lit up. 

One of the best pics of the Richmond Skyline is on the other side of I-95.  The venerable clock tower of the Main Street Station rises just over the east edge of the James River Bridge.  One time when I was traveling up I-95 from Roanoke Rapids to Baltimore, I pulled out an old 110 camera and reached out over the car and popped a quick pix.  To my amazement, it turned out great.  (I lived in Richmond at the time and didn't take the time to stop at home).  Little did I know that I would get to work at Main Street Station numerous times during my career (three out of the five legs). 


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