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Started by HighWaySignLover013, December 01, 2022, 11:19:38 PM

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I am a autistic girl who loves highway signs in the US


Welcome from Massachusetts!

Traveled, plus 13, 44, and 50, and several state routes

I-189 clinched
US 7, VT 2A, 11, 15,  17, 73, 103, 116, 125, NH 123 traveled


Welcome. I am also from Massachusetts.
Decommission 128 south of Peabody!

Lowest untraveled number: 56


Welcome from Virginia! I am also autistic!  :)
100th Post: 11/10/22
250th Post: 12/3/22
500th Post: 3/12/23
1000th Post: 11/12/23

Hunty Roads (under construction):


...and greetings from Maryland also!


God-emperor of Alanland, king of all the goats and goat-like creatures

Current Interstate map I am making:


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome from a fellow autistic sign enjoyer girl!
"Volcano with no fire... Not volcano... Just mountain."
—Mr. Thwomp

My pronouns are she/her. Also, I'm an admin on the AARoads Wiki.


Welcome to our forum!  Enjoy your time with us!  :D :thumbsup:
I don't need a GPS.  I AM the GPS! (for family and friends)


Welcome!  My flickr account has all kinds of highway signs to look at! And there are many more users on here that have even more (and frequently better) photos than I do!
Avatar is the last interesting highway I clinched.
My website! Now featuring all of Ohio!
My USA Shield Gallery
TM Clinches

National collection status: 361/425. Only 64 route markers remain


Welcome from Arkansas!

Not autistic myself, but have an autistic first cousin.  Signs aren't his thing, though.  They do interest me, however.

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