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A rural state route located in southern Alabama, SR 137 extends north from Florida State Road 189, providing a 14 mile link through the Conecuh National Forest to U.S. 29.

Alabama Route 137 North
SR 137 transitions from SR 189 at the state line. The state route traverses through the Conecuh National Forest during its 14 mile course north to U.S. 29. 03/09/09
The first reassurance marker for SR 137 just north of the state line. 03/09/09
Reassurance marker north of Covington County 4. The county road connects U.S. 29 east of East Brewton with SR 55 just west of Lockhart. 03/09/09
Covington County 3 branches west from SR 137 traveling completely within the Conecuh National Forest. The county route ends 9.1 miles west at Covington County 25. 03/09/09
Less than half a mile north of Covington County 3, SR 137 encounters Covington County 11. This route stems northerly 9.7 miles ending at Covington County 14, just east of U.S. 29. 03/09/09
SR 137 north at Covington County 14. 03/09/09
Like all county roads that intersect SR 137, Covington County 102 travels wholly within the Conecuh National Forest. The county road branches from SR 137 meandering its way eastward eventually ending at Covington County 24. 03/09/09
Covington County 24 stems 7.7 miles east from SR 137 through the Conecuh National Forest and connects with SR 55. 03/09/09
Reassurance marker just north of Covington County 24. SR 137 ends 5.4 miles to the north at U.S. 29. 03/09/09
Covington County 14 provides a cutoff from SR 137 to U.S. 29 south, located 3.0 miles to the west. 03/09/09
Approaching the intersection with U.S. 29. The Florida to Maryland U.S. highway connects with U.S. 31 in Brewton 34 miles west-southwest of this intersection before heading south towards Florida and Pensacola. Heading north from SR 137, U.S. 29 continues to Andalusia and U.S. 84. 03/09/09
SR 137 comes to an end here at the intersection with U.S. 29. Andalusia lies 11.3 miles to the north of this intersection. 03/09/09

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Connect with:
U.S. 29
State Road 189 / County Road 189

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