An unsigned route, County Road 115C follows Chaffee Road north from Samaritan Way to U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) at Whitehouse in Jacksonville. Chaffee Road previously formed part of a through route connecting SR 23 north from SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard) near Middleburg with Interstate 10 west of Marietta. Replaced by the tolled First Coast Expressway, Chaffee Road provides local connectivity from SR 134 north to SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard) and Whitehouse.

Construction of the First Coast Expressway displaced the south end of Chaffee Road, where it intersected SR 134 (103rd Street) near Cecil Airport. Chaffee Road was realigned 0.6 miles southeast to link with Samaritan Way at the Blue Lake Estates subdivision.

Chaffee Road - North
Until 2009, Chaffee Road represented the link from SR 23 to Interstate 10. The two lane road remains in service for local interests north from Samaritan Way and 103rd Street to SR 228 (Normandy Boulevard). Unsigned CR 115 follows Chaffee Road from SR 228 northward. 12/14/07
County Road 115C / Chaffee Road - North
Traveling north along Chaffee Road at Falkland Road east, an entrance road to a few subdivisions. 06/13/08
Crystal Springs Road ties into Chaffee Road just south of the half-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 10. Heading east through West Jacksonville, the through road heads to Crystal Springs and Hammond Boulevard, where it becomes Lenox Avenue. 12/14/07
Chaffee Road north reaches the Interstate 10 eastbound on-ramp to Downtown Jacksonville. The forthcoming overpass was replaced during 2010-12 widening of I-10 between SR 23 and I-295. Retention ponds were added within the loop ramps between CR 115C and the freeway below. 12/14/07
A left turn takes motorists from CR 115C (Chaffee Road) onto Interstate 10 west for Baldwin, Lake City and Tallahassee. 07/28/18
CR 115C concludes 3.22 miles north of SR 228 at U.S. 90 (Beaver Street) and the Whitehouse community. U.S. 90 leads west to Baldwin and east to Marietta. 06/13/08
County Road 115C / Chaffee Road - South
Chaffee Road enters a parclo B2 interchange with Interstate 10 a quarter mile south of U.S. 90 (Beaver Street). 06/16/16
A new wider overpass for Chaffee Road was completed across Interstate 10 on October 18, 2010 as part of the overall expansion of the freeway. 06/16/16
The eastbound on-ramp for I-10 from Chaffee Road (CR 115C) leads motorists to Marietta and Downtown Jacksonville. 06/16/16

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12/14/07, 06/13/08, 06/16/16, 07/28/18 by AARoads

Connect with:
Interstate 10
U.S. 90
State Road 23 - First Coast Expressway
State Road 228 / County Road 228

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