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San Diego County S-3 travels southeast from County Road S-22 (Palm Canyon Road) in Borrego Springs to Desert Lodge and California 78 in Lower Borrego Valley.

San Diego County S-3 north
San Diego County S-3 concludes at Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, where it connects with San Diego County S-22. Photo taken 04/20/13.
Radiating out from Christmas Circle, CR S-22 (Palm Canyon Road) continues east to Salton City, Borrego Springs Road north for local access, or CR S-22 west to Ranchita, CR S-2 and California 79. Photo taken 04/20/13.
San Diego County S-3 south
The first reassurance marker for San Diego County S-3 stands just south of Christmas Circle with CR S-22 in unincorporated Borrego Springs. Borrego Springs Road leads the county road 11.5 miles southeast to SR 78. Photo taken 04/20/13.

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