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County AP is known as Midway Road for its entirety. The trunk highway is four lane undivided for almost its entire length. The roadway was built by Winnebago County to serve development in the Town of Menasha. It ended at U.S. 10 (Oneida Street), which is also the county line. In the mid 1990s, the City of Appleton and Calumet County partnered together to extend County AP along Wis 441 to provide better access for local traffic. The new road tied into Plank Road, which was once County P. The segment south of the tie in was transferred to local control, and County AP ran along the segment northeast of Midway Road to County KK. Modifications to County AP were made near County KK to accommodate big box retail. County AP would curve east, then turn north onto the newly constructed Eisenhower Drive to County KK.

In 2008, Appleton and Calumet County extended Midway Road east as a four lane roadway to accommodate growth in a business park and to provide an alternate to the increasingly congested County KK. County AP was moved onto the newly reconstructed Midway Road and the old alignments were transferred to Appleton. The village of Harrison would also extend Midway Road as a controlled access roadway through a residential neighborhood to County N.

County AP east
County AP (Midway Road) begins at County P (Racine Road) a short distance east of Little Butte de Morts in west Appleton. Traffic from Menasha is presently using County AP to access U.S. 10 & Wis 441 as the County P interchange is closed for reconstruction. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The first reassurance marker for CTH-AP quickly appears east of CTH-P (Racine Road). Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP (Midway Road) intersects U.S. 10 & Wis 441 not far from its beginning at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Eastbound at the U.S. 10 west & Wis 441 south on-ramp. The signals here are temporary due to the extra traffic from interchange closures. Wisconsin only uses signals suspended from wires if the signals are temporary. Otherwise fixed poles are used. Future work here will also shift the freeway to the east. These bridges will be torn down as well. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The freeway will be relocated just before the railroad crossing. Buildings have been razed to the north and the salt sheds to the south will be razed soon. Photo taken 04/30/16.
An exempt railroad crossing to RR Donnely Plant follows along CTH-AP east. Exempt signs are placed where vehicles that usually have to stop can pass through (buses, hazardous vehicles). Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP (Midway Road) continues through a light commercial area over the next half mile. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Entering the intersection with Wis 47 (Appleton Road) on County AP (Midway Road) east. The intersection was reconstructed in 2015 along with the U.S. 10/Wis 441 nearby interchange to the north. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP passes by UW Fox Valley and residential areas east of Wis 47 (Appleton Road). Photo taken 04/30/16.
Approaching U.S. 10 (Oneida Street) on CTH-AP (Midway Road) east. U.S. 10 takes Oneida Street south from the Tri County Freeway (STH-441) to Menasha and STH-114. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP formerly ended at U.S. 10 (Oneida Street) until an extension was built by Calumet County and the city of Appleton in the mid 1990s. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP (Midway Road) enters Calumet County east of U.S. 10. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP winds through residential areas along the Appleton and Menasha city line. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Eastbound Midway Road at Barker Lane as the boulevard continues to wind through neighborhoods. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The first flashing yellow signal in Northeast Wisconsin was installed at the intersection of County AP with Telulah Avenue. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP veers to the right at a three leg roundabout ahead with Plank Road. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP (Midway road) remains eastward as Plank Road angles to the northeast. Prior to the roundabout construction, County AP curved northeast along Plank Road at this location. The road was transferred to Appleton after the Midway Road extension was built. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP continues as a four lane undivided roadway. The road is meant to be temporary with asphalt and will be replaced as an urban street with more durable concrete when more development occurs in the area. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Approaching County LP (Lake Park Road) outside the Appleton city limits. County LP leads south to U.S. 10 & Wis 114. Lake Park Road north connects with County KK (Calumet Street) and passes under Wis 441 (Tri County Freeway). Photo taken 04/30/16.
Concrete was placed in the roundabout between CTH-AP and LP as the configuration is meant to be permanent. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Entering the roundabout with CTH-LP and Lake Park Road on CTH-AP east. County LP will be transferred to the local municipalities when the Eisenhower Drive extension is completed. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Confirming marker posted for Calumet County AP as Midway Road progresses east from Lake Park Road. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The roadway switches back to temporary asphalt again at Quest Drive north. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Eisenhower Drive runs north south, parallel to Wis 441 between County CE and KK. Calumet County is proposing to extend the four lane road south to U.S. 10 & Wis 114 and replace CTH-LP as a county highway. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County AP ends at Coop Road at the Appleton/Harrison corporate line. Midway Road continues in the Village of Harrison. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Midway Road advances east as a two-lane controlled access roadway. Photo taken 04/30/16.
A four-way stop sign governs movements between Midway and Noe Roads adjacent to several subdivisions. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Midway Road ends at County N as Schmidt Road takes over east into rural Calumet County. Photo taken 04/30/16.

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