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SR 11 (Arthursville Road) constitutes a short state route in rural western Kent County between Queen Annes County, Maryland and SR 300. The highway connects the rural towns of Hartly and Kenton with MD 302 west to Templeville. SR 11 remains unchanged from its inclusion in the state route system by 1936.

Delaware State Route 11 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 1,542 - Maryland state line to south Hartley limits
  • 2,292 - south Hartly limits to SR 44
  • 2,609 - SR 44 to north Hartly limits
  • 1,687 - north Hartly limits to Fords Corner Road
  • 1,772 - Fords Corner Road to SR 300
Delaware Route 11 North
MD 302 (Barclay Road) transitions into SR 11 (Arthursville Road) north in a rural area 1.1 miles east of Templeville. 04/13/04
Butterpat Road south and Hourglass Road west come together ahead of this reassurance marker at Wrights Crossroads. 04/13/04
Speed limits reduce to 25 miles per hour beyond Leager Road as SR 11 (Arthursville Road) enters the town of Hartly by Hartley Elementary. 04/13/04
A lone shield assembly precedes the four-way stop along SR 11 (Arthursville Road) with SR 11 (Main Street) in Hartly. SR 44 links the Dover area with SR 300 west to Sudlersville, Maryland. 04/13/04
Delaware Route 11 South
SR 11 branches southwest from SR 300 (Sudlersville Road) west just outside the town of Kenton. The four mile drive south to Hartly parallels an abandoned railroad line just to the west. 01/16/17
2 photos
2 photos
SR 11 (Arthursville Road) passes through a mixture of open farm land and forest on the lightly traveled stretch south to Shorts Corner Road. 01/16/17
Shorts Corner Road stems east from SR 11 to Shorts Corner ahead of this reassurance marker. 01/16/17
SR 11 (Arthursville Road) south at Fords Corner. 01/16/17
Curving southwest from Burris Road, SR 11 enters the town of Hartly. 01/16/17
Hartly lies at the crossroads of SR 11/44. SR 44 follows Main Street across the small town. 01/16/17
SR 44 is slightly shorter than SR 11 as it arcs northwest from Hartly to Everetts Corner and travels east to Pearsons Corner. 01/16/17
Together with MSR 300 west and SR 8 east, SR 44 provides part of a long distance route joining Dover with the U.S. 301 corridor to the west of Sudlersville, Maryland. 01/16/17
A set of flashers accompany the four-way stop at SR 11 (Arthursville Road) and SR 44 (Main Street). 01/16/17
Continuing south, SR 11 passes by Hartly Elementary before exiting the Hartly town limits. 01/16/17
Templeville, Maryland lies four miles ahead via SR 11 south and MD 302 west. 01/16/17
Rural scenery along SR 11 (Arthursville Road) south near Wrights Crossroads. 01/16/17
Hourglass Road west from SR 8 at Bethesda ties into SR 11 across from Butterpat Road north to Queen Annes County at Wrights Crossroads. 01/16/17
SR 11 shifts westerly from Wrights Crossroads toward the Maryland state line. 01/16/17
SR 11 ends a short distance west of Gunter Road as MD 302 (Barclay Road) commences a 10.2-mile route west to Templeville, Barclay and U.S. 301. 01/16/17

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