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The Delaware Highways page gives an overview of the numbered route system serving the First State. Guides include photos, maps, traffic counts, information on current and future projects and history.

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A doubling of the state population since 1970 brought the total to 786,189 as of the 2000 census. During that time period, Interstate 95 expanded from six to eight lanes, tolls at the Delaware Turnpike interchanges were removed, and the SR 1 toll road was constructed between Dover and the Wilmington metropolitan area. Explosive growth continued through the new millennium with 935,614 Delawareans estimated per the Census in 2014 and 989,948 in the 2020 Census.

The 14 mile long U.S. 301 toll road opened to traffic on January 10, 2019. Other projects expand existing roadways, modify interchanges, and replace intersections along both U.S. 113 and State Route 1 with grade separations.

Population Statistics

State Population
Metropolitan Populations
Delaware Valley (Wilmington) 6,245,051 Dover 181,851
County Populations
New Castle 570,719 Sussex 237,378 Kent 181,851
Top City / Town Populations
Wilmington 70,376 Dover 38,199 Newark 33,849
Middletown 23,765 Milford 12,278 Smyrna 12,163
Seaford 8,246 Georgetown 7,797 Elsmere 5,761
Sources: 2020 U.S. Census Data (metro populations and counties), 2020 U.S. Census Estimate (cities)

About Delaware

  • Capital: Dover
  • Nickname: First State or Diamond State
  • State Flower: Peach Blossom
  • State Bird: Delaware Blue Hen
  • State Tree: American Holly
  • Total Interstate Mileage: 40.61
  • Land Area: 1,948.54 square miles
  • Highest Point: Ebright Azimuth 447.85 Feet
  • Statehood: 1st State, admitted December 7, 1787.


A number of photos from the early Delaware Highways Pages appear in the I’m from Delaware music video:

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