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SR 44 represents the shortest primary state route south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Totaling just 6.67 miles, SR 44 curves south along Everetts Corner Road from SR 300 (Sudlersville Road) and Everetts Corner to Main Street in the small town of Hartley. Hartly Road leads the state route east to rural Davis Corner and SR 8 (Halltown Road) at Pearsons Corner. SR 44 also forms part of a truck route between the U.S. 301 corridor in Maryland and the capital city of Dover via connections with MSR 300 west and SR 8 east.

First appearing on the 1937-38 Official Delaware Highway Map, the route of SR 44 remains vastly unchanged. A minor adjustment was made at the wye intersection with SR 8 by 2008 with the addition of a Royal Farms gas station to the south. Traffic lights were activated at the junction by December 10, 2012.1

Delaware State Route 44 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 1,572 - SR 300 to Fords Corner Road
  • 1,992 - west Hartley limits to SR 11
  • 3,828 - SR 11 to east Hartley limits
  • 4,116 - east Hartley limits to SR 8
Delaware Route 44 East
The eastbound beginning of SR 44 at Everetts Corner. Motorists headed to Dover from the Eastern Shore of Maryland via SR 44 and SR 8 will reach the capital city in 13 miles. 07/06/04
Leading away from SR 11 (Arthursville Road) on SR 44 (Main Street), drivers passed by this mileage sign posted four miles ahead of Pearsons Corner. A replacement was made by 2012. 04/13/04
A confirming marker for SR 44 east appears ahead of the Main Street intersection with Slaughter Station Road south. 04/13/04
Crystal Road branches southeast from SR 44 to SR 8 at Green Briar ahead of this reassurance marker. 04/13/04
A number of homes line Hartly Road to Davis Corner along an otherwise rural course east to SR 8 (Halltown Road). Pictured here is the former approach to Halltown Road. A Royal Farms gas station resides across from the SR 44 and 8 intersection now. 04/13/04
An end shield marks the terminus of SR 44 at Pearsons Corner. SR 8 (Halltown Road) meanders southwest 6.33 miles to the state line at Marydel. Forrest Avenue extends SR 8 east as the main route into Dover. 04/13/04
Delaware Route 44 West
The first westbound shield for SR 44 stands as Hartly Road curves northwest from SR 8 (Halltown Road) at Pearsons Corner. 04/13/04
SR 44 (Main Street) enters the town of Hartly west of Crystal Road. A reassurance marker follows after the state route intersection with Slaughter Road south. 04/13/04
SR 11 (Arthursville Road) crosses paths with SR 44 (Main Street) as a rural route between Wrights Crossroads and Fords Corner. The state route connects the Smyrna area with Maryland 302 west to Templeville and U.S. 301. 04/13/04
A four-way stop sign controls movements between SR 11 (Arthursville Road) and SR 44 (Main Street) in Hartly. SR 11 travels just 6.95 miles from the state line northeast to SR 300 near Kenton. 04/13/04
Everetts Corner Road continues SR 44 northwest 2.89 miles to SR 300 (Sudlersville Road). 04/13/04
The final reassurance marker precedes a forested stretch along Everetts Corner Road north from Fords Corner Road. 04/13/04
SR 44 bee lines north from Gibbs Chapel Road to conclude at Everetts Corner, 0.33 miles east of the SR 300 transition to Maryland 300. 04/13/04
MSR 300 (Sudlersville Road) constitutes a rural route east 5.2 miles to the town of Kenton and west 6.5 miles to the town of Sudlersville, Maryland. A unisign replaced this set of shields by 2009. 04/13/04

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    04/13/04 by AARoads. 07/06/04 by Russell Blau.

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