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Florida State Road 535 follows Vineland Road from U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) in Osceola County northward to South Apopka-Vineland Road and Palm Parkway in Orange County. The six-lane arterial primarily joins Lake Buena Vista and Walt Disney World with the U.S. 192 corridor and Kissimmee.

Florida State Road 535 North
The first shield for SR 535 stands between U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) and Kyng's Health Road. 06/05/19
Kyng's Health Road is a local road serving businesses and resort hotels east to Old Vineland Road and west to North Poinciana Boulevard. 06/05/19
A split diamond interchange connects SR 535 (Vineland Road) with Osceola Parkway at North Poinciana Boulevard. Osceola Parkway (CR 522) is tolled expressway east to Flora Boulevard. 06/05/19
Poinciana Boulevard angles across Vineland Road from the Osceola Parkway westbound off-ramp for SR 535 to the entrance ramp for SR 417 and Walt Disney World. 06/05/19
Poinciana Boulevard extends north beyond SR 535 to Sunrise City Plaza, a big box retail center developed in 2017 to the northeast of Vineland Road and Osceola Parkway. 06/05/19
Polynesian Avenue arcs southwest from Vineland Road through the Indian Wells development. 06/05/19
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2 photos
SR 535 crosses into Orange County just beyond Polynesian Isle Boulevard. 06/05/19
The Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores retail and resort area lines the east side of SR 535 between the county line and SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay). 06/05/19
SR 535 (Vineland Road) shifts slightly west ahead of International Drive South. Traffic lights were added at the forthcoming intersection by 2018. 06/05/19
An east side frontage road (old SR 535) separates from SR 535 ahead of International Drive South. The service road ties into businesses along World Center Drive, which leads east to the continuation of International Drive north. 06/05/19
SR 536 overlays World Center Drive west from SR 535 (Vineland Road) for 1.5 miles to the exchange with Interstate 4 at Epcot Center Drive. 06/05/19
Interstate 4 angles northeast from Osceola County toward Orlando. SR 536 west provides a direct route to the freeway west ahead of Epcot in Disney World while SR 535 north reaches I-4 near Disney Springs in 1.4 miles. 06/05/19
Epcot Center Drive extends northward from SR 536 and I-4 as an expressway into Walt Disney World. World Center Drive east merges onto SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) northbound in 1.4 miles. 06/05/19
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2 photos
Leading north from SR 536 (World Center Drive), SR 535 advances past a number of resorts and Lake Bryan. 11/04/17, 12/04/10
SR 535 (Vineland Road) north at Meadow Creek Drive and Sabal Palm at Lake Buena Vista. 11/04/17
Vineland Avenue forms an east side frontage road for I-4 from SR 535 east to the Orlando Premium Outlets and International Drive South. 11/04/17
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3 photos
3 photos
An often congested parclo interchange joins SR 535 with Interstate 4 on the east side of Lake Buena Vista. 11/04/17
Hotel Plaza Boulevard links SR 535 (Apopka Vineland Road) with East Buena Vista Drive at Disney Springs. 11/04/17
SR 535 north ends at the separation of CR 535 (Winter Garden Vineland Road) and CR 435 (South Apopka Vineland Road). Both county roads are sparsely signed through south Orange County. 11/04/17
Palm Parkway stems east from the intersection of SR 535, CR 435 (South Apopka Vineland Road) and CR 535 (Winter Garden Vineland Road) to Lake Ruby and Turkey Lake Road along the west side of Interstate 4. CR 535 extends northwest to Lake Butler and Winter Garden. 11/04/17
Florida State Road 535 South
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2 photos
SR 535 takes over South Apopka-Vineland Road from Orange County Road 435, Winter Garden-Vineland Road and Palm Parkway to Interstate 4. 05/03/08, 06/05/19
Hotel Plaza Boulevard spurs west from SR 535 (South Apopka-Vineland Road) to East Buena Vista Drive at Disney Springs. 06/05/19
Motorists bound for Interstate 4 are directed into the right lane for a distributor roadway joining SR 535 (Apopka Vineland Road) south with the freeway. 06/05/19
Ground level signs for Interstate 4 were added along Apopka Vineland Road south in late April 2008. 06/05/19
A parclo interchange joins Interstate 4 and SR 535 on the southeast side of Lake Buena Vista. I-4 travels southwest to Lakeland and Tampa and north to Downtown Orlando and Daytona Beach. 06/05/19
Interstate 4 continues northeast to SR 528 (Beachline Expressway) east to Orlando International Airport, Sea World and Universal Orlando. 11/14/15
Vineland Avenue stems east from the I-4 off-ramp for SR 535 (Vineland Road) to the Orlando Premium Outlets and International Drive South. 06/05/19
SR 535 south at Meadow Creek Drive, a boulevard spurring southwest to resort areas sandwiched between Vineland Road and Interstate 4. 06/05/19
Approaching SR 536 (World Center Drive) west on SR 535 south. World Center Drive east leads directly to SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) north to Orlando International Airport (MCO). 06/05/19
Before merging onto SR 417 north, World Center Drive east intersects the south end of International Drive. Known locally as I-Drive, the arterial serves a bevy of resorts, restaurants, and other attractions as it heads to Sea World and the Orange County Convention Center. 06/05/19
SR 536 totals just 2.034 miles between Vineland Road and Epcot Center Drive at Interstate 4. 06/05/19
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2 photos
Epcot Center Drive extends northwest from the end of SR 536 and I-4 as a freeway into Walt Disney World. 06/05/19
SR 535 (Vineland Road) reduces from six to four lanes south of World Center Drive. This confirming marker posted after SR 536 was knocked down by 2016 and never replaced. 05/03/08
A second branch of International Drive South arcs west from SR 535 to U.S. 192 near Celebration in Osceola County. 06/05/19
SR 535 (Vineland Road) passes under SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) without direct access. Forthcoming Osceola Parkway provides a connection to the toll road south in one mile. 05/03/08
LBV Factory Stores Drive provides one of two entrances from SR 535 to the adjacent outlet mall and resort area. 06/05/19
Just across the Osceola County line, SR 535 (Vineland Road) south intersects Polynesian Isle Boulevard. 06/05/19
Polynesian Isle Boulevard arcs southwest through the Indian Wells subdivision to U.S. 192. 06/05/19
County Road 522 (Osceola Parkway) is a toll arterial / expressway leading west to Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World and east to north Kissimmee and Buenaventura Lakes. 06/05/19
A split diamond interchange joins Osceola Parkway with SR 535 (Vineland Road). Three of the four ramps with CR 522 tie into North Poinciana Boulevard.
Poinciana Boulevard is a lengthy arterial extending southward to the community of Poinciana. 06/05/19
A direct ramp connects with CR 522 east toward John Young Parkway The tolled section of Osceola Parkway is a controlled access route between Seralago Boulevard and Flora Boulevard in north Kissimmee. 06/05/19
Kyngs Heath Road crosses paths with SR 535 (Vineland Road) between Old Vineland Road and North Poinciana Boulevard. The road primarily serves condominiums and other multi-family dwellings to the west. 06/05/19
An I-4 trailblazer directs traffic onto upcoming U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) west. U.S. 192 consists of a heavily developed commercial arterial primarily catering to Walt Disney World based tourists. 06/05/19
End SR 535 shield posted ahead of U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) near mile marker 12. 06/05/19
U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway) travels west to Walt Disney World and Four Corners and east to Kissimmee and St. Cloud. 06/05/19

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