Exclusively referred to by its street names, Hillsborough County Road 581 follows 30th Street for 1.51 miles from SR 580 (Busch Boulevard) to SR 582 (Fowler Avenue), and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard for 10.04 miles north from Fowler Avenue to County Line Road. The unsigned section on 30th Street serves the Busch Gardens theme park and the University Square neighborhood in Tampa. Bruce B. Downs Boulevard constitutes a major arterial route from there with up to eight lanes by the University of South Florida (USF) and through a medical district anchored by AdventHealth Hospital Tampa and James A. Haley Veterans Hospital.

Bruce B. Downs Boulevard curves northeast from the busy intersection with Bearss Avenue west as the lone route through New Tampa. The often congested arterial converges with Interstate 75 midway between Bearss Avenue and the Pasco County line. A $55.758 million county project1 expanded approximately 3.5 miles of the roadway to eight overall lanes through New Tampa. Among other improvements, work included the replacement of span wire based signal assemblies with mast arms, installation of new storm water and wastewater pipes and the addition of 24,600 linear feet of sidewalk. Construction ran from early 2015 to Spring 2017.

The suburban arterial crosses the county line from New Tampa to Wesley Chapel, where it becomes Pasco County Road 581. Still named Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, CR 581 extends 1.004 miles north to SR 56 and another 3.51 miles as SR 581 to SR 54. The state road portion bridged the gap created by the relinquishment of SR 54 to the west, prior to the completion of SR 56 east to Zephyrhills in July 2019.

There are three additional sections of County Road 581 posted in Citrus, Hernando and Pasco Counties as well. These rural routes connect Brooksville and Inverness with outlying areas.

County Road 581 / 30th Street - North
30th Street expands from a residential street into a four lane arterial north of SR 580 (Busch Boulevard). 30th Street runs along the west side of Busch Gardens to Linebaugh Avenue. 09/13/16
Annie Street stems west from the Busch Gardens employee entrance to the North Tampa Area neighborhood. 09/13/16
Bougainvillea Avenue runs east to the Terrace Park neighborhood and west through University Square to U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) at North Tampa. 09/13/16
Entering the congested intersection with Fowler Avenue, 30th Street becomes Bruce B. Downs Boulevard north by the University of South Florida (USF). Fowler Avenue is SR 582 east by USF to Thonotosassa and west to U.S. 41 Business at East Forest Hills. 09/13/16
County Road 581 / Bruce B. Downs Boulevard - North
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard straddles the Tampa city line north from Fowler Avenue to Fletcher Avenue. USF Pine Drive ties into the arterial opposite of University Square Drive from adjacent retail and apartment complexes. 09/13/16
131st Avenue and Holly Drive intersect Bruce B. Downs Boulevard by VA Hospital - Tampa, the USF College of Medicine and the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. 09/13/16
CR 582A (Fletcher Avenue) constitutes one of two routes joining USF with I-75 and I-275. CR 582A heads west from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard to U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue) at SR 579 and east to I-75 at CR 579 (Morris Bridge Road). 09/13/16
Fletcher Avenue connects northern areas of Temple Terrace with unincorporated areas outside the Tampa city limits. Beyond the state maintained portion at I-275, Fletcher Avenue extends west to Lake Magdalene and Dale Mabry Highway (SR 597) at Carrollwood. 09/13/16
The first shield for CR 581 north on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard was this assembly posted beyond Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A). 09/13/16
138th Avenue east connects Bruce B. Downs Boulevard with a number of office parks and apartments in addition to AdventHealth Tampa hospital. 09/13/16
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard curves east at the intersection with Bearss Avenue. Bearss Avenue forms the eastern half of an arterial route with Ehrlich Road west to Carrollwood and Citrus Park. A portion of the route is SR 678 and formerly CR 678. 09/13/16
Confirming marker for CR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) posted ahead of the next signalized intersection with Lake Forest Drive and Caribbean Breeze Drive. 05/29/20
Lake Forest Drive winds north into the Lake Forest subdivision while Caribbean Breeze Drive extends to the Radius Palms apartment complex. 05/29/20
Skipper Road stems east to North 46th street south, providing a connection back south to Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A). 05/29/20
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard curves northeast beyond Skipper Road to New Tampa and I-75. 05/29/20
CR 581 north spans Cypress Creek ahead of Amberly Drive. Cypress Creek meanders southward from neighboring Pasco County, discharging into the Hillsborough River. 05/29/20
Amberly Drive forms a loop for the southern section of the Tampa Palms area, meeting Bruce B. Downs Boulevard at this traffic light. 05/29/20
The segment of CR 581 between Amberly Drive and Interstate 75 is primarily controlled-access. 05/29/20
Tampa Palms Boulevard circles around the perimeter of Tampa Palms, connecting Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) with various subdivisions that make up the north Tampa neighborhood. 05/29/20
CR 581 continues on its northeast course through Tampa Palms, meeting Methodist Place next. 05/29/20
A second reassurance marker for County Road 581 north stands beyond the emergency signal at Methodist Place. 05/29/20
Cypress Preserve Drive travels westward from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard to the Windsor and Whitehall subdivisions of Tampa Palms. 05/29/20
The eastern half of Tampa Palms Boulevard returns to CR 581 north opposite Palm Springs Boulevard at this signalized intersection. Palm Springs Boulevard branches northwest to the western loop of Tampa Palms Boulevard. 05/29/20
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) north crosses Interstate 75 ahead at a diamond interchange. 05/29/20
Tampa Palms Boulevard meets CR 581 north one last time at Commerce Palms Drive. Commerce Palms Drive serves the Market Square at Tampa Palms commercial center. 05/29/20
Interstate 75 serves as an eastern bypass for the Tampa area, connecting with I-4 to the south and Wesley Chapel to the north. 05/29/20
Motorists depart for I-75 south to Brandon and Riverview. Naples serves as the southernmost destination along I-75 before the freeway turns east into the Everglades. 05/29/20
A high speed flyover passes above Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) ahead of the I-75 over crossing. The ramp, completed by July 2008, shuttles westbound CR 581 traffic onto I-75 south. 05/29/20
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 75 travels north from CR 581 into Pasco County at the merge with Interstate 275 north. Ocala is located 84 miles to the north in central Marion County. 05/29/20
Dona Michelle Drive stems south from CR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) to New Tampa Nature Park.
The ensuing stretch of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard is lined with commercial strip centers and represents one of the more congested sections of the county road. 05/29/20
The signal with Highwoods Preserve Parkway follows in quick succession along CR 581 north. 05/29/20
Richmond Place Drive travels northwest from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard into the Arlington and Bainbridge neighborhoods of New Tampa. Access to Flatwoods Park is opposite Richmond Place Drive. 05/29/20
Hunters Green Drive arcs south and east through the Hunters Green section of New Tampa. 03/17/21
CR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) recurves north at Cross Creek Boulevard. Cross Creek Boulevard travels 4.5 miles east to Morris Bridge Road (CR 579) opposite Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve. 05/29/20
Regents Park Drive initially travels east, serving the Pebble Creek subdivision before returning to Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) two signals ahead. 05/29/20
CR 581 north crosses Pebble Creek Drive between the two ends of Regents Park Drive. 03/17/21
The northern arc of Regents Park Drive meets CR 581 north following Pebble Creek Drive. 05/29/20
Oak Preserve Boulevard winds eastward from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard through the gated Live Oak Preserve subdivision to Kinnan Street. 03/17/21
Traffic lights were added at the intersection with Trout Creek Drive west and Shumard Oak Drive south in Fall 2020. 03/17/21
CR 581 meets Imperial Oak Boulevard ahead of County Line Road. 03/17/21
County Line Road straddles the Hillsborough-Pasco line as it extends 4.5 miles west to Livingston Avenue and Collier Parkway. County Line Road continues northeast from CR 581 into Pasco County to its end at Mansfield Boulevard. 05/29/20
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard crosses into Pasco County between a shopping center and wetland area. 05/29/20
A reassurance marker for County Road 581 north follows. Pasco County generally signs county roads thoroughly. 05/29/20
Northward, Bruce B. Downs Boulevard advances through the unincorporated community of Wesley Chapel. The suburban area stretches west beyond I-75 and east along SR 56. 05/29/20
Aronwood Boulevard arcs west as a cutoff from County Line Road to Pasco County Road 581. Crescent Lake Drive ties in from The Lakes community and the adjacent shopping center to the west. 05/29/20
Williamsburg Drive spurs east from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard by the Shoppes of New Tampa retail area to the Williamsburg subdivision. Sky Lake Circle links the arterial with a subdivision (The Lakes). 05/29/20
Retail occupies all four quadrants of the forthcoming junction between CR 581 north, SR 581 south and SR 56. An end shield marks the transition of Pasco County Road 581 north to SR 581 north. 04/17/19
SR 56 winds west to I-75 and SR 54 as the main arterial linking Wesley Chapel with Tampa. With the opening of SR 56 east from Meadow Pointes Boulevard in July 2019, the four lane highway extends 9.8 miles to U.S. 301 near Zephyrhills. 04/17/19
Florida State Road 581 / Bruce B. Downs Boulevard - North
SR 581 lines the northern 3.51 miles of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard through suburban Wesley Chapel. 04/17/19
A trailblazer for SR 54 directs motorists northward along SR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) from the Shops at Wiregrass retail complex. SR 581 provides connectivity between SR 54 and SR 56 due to the relinquishment of Wesley Chapel Boulevard (CR 54) to Pasco County. 05/05/15
Legacy Boulevard loops southeast from SR 581 to AdventHealth Wesley Chapel Hospital and the Shops at Wiregrass. 05/05/15
Another SR 54 trailblazer precedes the traffic light between Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Chancey Road. SR 54 along Wesley Chapel Boulevard was transferred by FDOT following the completion of SR 56 in 2002. Those actions included redesignating CR 581 as SR 581 along this stretch. 05/05/15
Mystic Oak Boulevard represents the main entrance to the Seven Oaks community west of SR 581. Chancey Road serves a bevy of newer subdivisions to the east. 04/17/19
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard shifts eastward away from the section line for the final approach to SR 54. Open land in this scene is slated for future development. 05/05/15
SR 581 concludes at Wesley Chapel Road where CR 54 east and SR 54 west come together. Big box retail, fast food restaurants and car dealerships line the forthcoming six lane arterial. 04/17/19
The 10.98 mile long eastern leg of SR 54 follows Wesley Chapel Boulevard to the county seat of Zephyrhills. A diamond interchange connects the county road section with Interstate 75 to the immediate west. 04/17/19
County Road 54 (Wesley Chapel Boulevard) arcs 5.06 miles southwest to become SR 54 at the west end of SR 56. The western section of SR 54 is a major route connecting Interstate 75 with Land O' Lakes, Odessa and New Port Richey. 04/17/19
Florida State Road 581 / Bruce B. Downs Boulevard - South
Heading away from SR 54 and County Road 54, Bruce B. Downs Boulevard starts with six overall lanes. The first marker for SR 581 stands next to the Village Market shopping center just south of Wesley Chapel Boulevard. 01/20/20
A second shield for SR 581 appears as Bruce B. Downs Boulevard enters a rural stretch south of Eagleston Boulevard. This area will eventually be developed. 01/20/20
Trailblazers direct drivers along Bruce B. Downs Boulevard south to SR 56 for the continuation of SR 54 west to New Port Richey. SR 581 links the disconnected sections of SR 54 via SR 56 west. 01/20/20
Chancey Road west and Mystic Oak Boulevard east come together at the first southbound traffic light on SR 581. Chancey Boulevard spurs east to a number of newer developments while Mystic Oak Boulevard winds west to the Seven Oaks community. 01/20/20
SR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) passes by AdventHealth Wesley Chapel hospital ahead of the signal with Legacy Boulevard east and Vanguard Street west. 01/20/20
SR 581 proceeds due south from Vanguard Street to end at SR 56 and County Road 581 in Wesley Chapel. 01/20/20
Pasco County Road 581 takes over along Bruce B. Downs Boulevard south to New Tampa in Hillsborough County while SR 56 runs west to Interstate 75. 01/20/20
West of Interstate 75, SR 56 ends at Wesley Chapel Boulevard (CR 54). SR 54 resumes there along a six to eight lane arterial joining Land O'' Lakes with the Suncoast Parkway (SR 589) and U.S. 19 corridor at Elfers. 01/20/20
County Road 581 / Bruce B. Downs Boulevard - South
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard continues south as Pasco County Road 581 for one mile to the Hillsborough County line. 01/20/20
Williamsburg Drive and Sky Lake Circle tie into Bruce B. Downs Boulevard from Williamsburg and The Lakes subdivisions. 05/30/20
Crescent Lake Drive connects CR 581 with another section of The Lakes to the west while Aronwood Boulevard arcs east to County Line Road. 05/30/20
County Line Road comprises an arterial east from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard to Mansfield Boulevard in Wesley Chapel. West of adjacent Trout Creek Drive, County Line Road reduces to two lanes en route to Livingston Avenue and Collier Parkway in Land O' Lakes. 05/30/20
On the half-mile approach to Interstate 75, County Road 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) next meets Highwoods Preserve Parkway. 07/10/19
Dona Michelle Drive spurs south from CR 581 to the entrance of New Tampa Nature Park. The exchange with I-75 follows. 07/10/19
A two lane high speed ramp joins westbound CR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) with I-75 south to Naples, 172 miles from this point along the southwest Florida coast. 07/10/19
I-75 travels northwest from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard into Pasco County ahead of SR 56 to Wesley Chapel and Land O' Lakes. 07/10/19
2 photos
2 photos
CR 581 continues southwest under the I-75 mainlines and flyover ramp to the Tampa Palms area. 07/10/19, 09/04/17
Commerce Palms Boulevard stems east to a nearby shopping center. 09/04/17
Confirming marker for CR 581 south posted ahead of Palm Springs Boulevard. 09/04/17
Palm Springs Boulevard and Tampa Palms Boulevard come together at Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) at this signalized intersection. 09/04/17
Cypress Preserve Drive winds west to meet Tampa Palms Boulevard ahead of the Windsor neighborhood. 09/04/17
County Road 581 passes by Methodist Place and this shield en route to one final intersection with Tampa Palms Boulevard. 09/04/17
Tampa Palms Boulevard serves as the primary connection to several Tampa Palms subdivisions. 09/04/17
Shield posted beyond Tampa Palms Boulevard for CR 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard). 09/04/17
Amberly Drive represents the last intersection in the Tampa Palms neighborhood. 09/04/17
County Road 581 south crosses Cypress Creek beyond the intersection with Amberly Drive. 09/04/17
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) turns west at Skipper Road. Skipper Road joins CR 581 with 46th Street. 09/04/17
Lake Forest Drive connects Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581) with the Lake Forest subdivision. 05/22/20
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard curves southward through the busy intersection with Bearss Avenue west. Bearss Avenue forms part of a commuter route for New Tampa as it leads west and north to Interstate 275. 05/22/20
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard advances south between University Plaza and AdventHealth Tampa hospital to intersect CR 582A (Fletcher Avenue). 03/25/18
CR 581 reassurance marker posted south of Fletcher Avenue (CR 582A). Bruce B. Downs Boulevard passes between the University of South Florida (USF) campus and the James A. Haley V.A. Hospital over the next mile. 08/05/14
131st Avenue heads west beyond the adjacent VA Hospital by a series of apartment complexes to U.S. 41 (Nebraska Avenue). Holly Drive extends the street east to the USF College of Medicine and the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. 08/05/14
USF Pine Drive connects Bruce B. Downs Boulevard with the USF campus across from University Square Drive west to University Mall. 08/05/14
2 photos
2 photos
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard runs along the Tampa city line south from Fletcher Avenue to SR 582 at Fowler Avenue. 08/05/14
Fowler Avenue constitutes a six to eight lane commercial arterial west from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard to I-275 and U.S. 41 Business (Florida Avenue) and east to USF, Temple Terrace, I-75 and U.S. 301 at Thonotosassa. 08/05/14
County Road 581 / 30th Street - South
Unsigned CR 581 follows 30th Street south from SR 582. The four lane arterial continues between the University Square neighborhood and the Yuengling Brewery to Bougainvillea Avenue. 08/05/14
CR 581 (30th Street) concludes at Busch Boulevard (SR 580) east of Sulphur Springs and west of Temple Terrace. 30th Street continues south as a local street into the Temple Crest neighborhood. 08/05/14

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