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State Road 687 comprises an urban route wholly within the city of St. Petersburg. The 9.45-mile alignment originates at the east end of Interstate 175 and SR 594 (5th Avenue S) just outside Downtown St. Petersburg. The state road forms a one-way street couplet through Downtown along 4th Street S (southbound) and 3rd Street N and 5th Avenue N (northbound) between SR 594 and SR 595.

North from 5th Avenue S, SR 687 doubles as U.S. 92 along the 4th Street N business corridor to the Gateway area in north St. Petersburg. There U.S 92 branches east along Gandy Boulevard along the unsigned SR 600 to the Gandy Bridge and South Tampa while SR 687 travels solo along a more wide open 4th Street N to Old Tampa Bay at the Howard Frankland Bridge approach. SR 687 ends at a wye interchange with I-275 north near Cedar Point.

State Road 687 originally extended south all the way to Pinellas Point and Pinellas Point Drive through south St. Petersburg. This segment generally remained along 4th Street S, with the exception of a westward shift on 6th Street S through Lakewood Terrace to circumvent Big Bayou. This north-south extension tied into an east-west branch of SR 687 in the Pinellas Point neighborhood. This segment stemmed west from 4th Street S via 62nd Avenue S, Royhanna Drive and Pinellas Point Drive to then 34th Street S (U.S. 19).

Florida State Road 687 North
2 photos
2 photos
A pair of confirming shields mark the northbound beginning of SR 687 along 3rd Street South beyond SR 594 (5th Avenue South). 10/07/17, 10/08/16
Drivers bound for Interstate 175 west from SR 687 (3rd Street South) northbound are directed onto 4th Avenue South to 4th Street South (SR 687 south) for the freeway beginning. 10/08/16
Interstate 175 (South Bay Drive) meets Interstate 275 next to Tropicana Field, 1.25 miles to the west. 10/11/15
4th Street South intersects 3rd Street South west by a number of condominiums, shops and retail. 10/11/15
Proceeding north into Downtown St. Petersburg, SR 687 (4th Street South) intersects 2nd Avenue South two blocks west of Al Lang Stadium (home of Tampa Bay Rowdies United Soccer League team). 10/11/15
1st Avenue South flows east, complimenting 1st Avenue North westbound as alternative streets for the Central Avenue business district. 10/11/15
Northbound SR 687 at Central Avenue in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg. 10/11/15
1st Avenue North stems west from Beach Drive NE to meet 3rd Street North at Williams Park. 10/11/15
Northbound SR 687 at 2nd Avenue North by the St. Petersburg College Downtown Center. The Sundial retail complex lies one block to the east. 10/11/15
3rd Street North at 3rd Avenue North by the Cottonwood Bayview condo community and the Museum of American Arts & Crafts Movement (MAACM). 10/11/15
U.S. 19 Alternate & SR 595 conclude at SR 687 (3rd Street North) from 4th Avenue North east. 10/11/15
Heading out from Downtown St. Petersburg, SR 687 parts ways with 3rd Street N for 5th Avenue N west one block to the beginning of U.S. 92 (4th Street N). 5th Avenue N continues four blocks from U.S. 92 to Interstate 375 west. 12/08/19
5th Avenue N west from U.S. 92 and SR 687 (4th Street North) is a part of both U.S. 19 Alternate and SR 595. U.S. 19 Alternate spans nearly the width of St. Petersburg, turning northwest along Tyrone Boulevard toward Bay Pines, Seminole and Clearwater. 12/08/19
3rd Street N continues beyond SR 687 as a local brick street with two-way traffic through St. Petersburg's Old Northeast neighborhood. 10/11/15
SR 595 accompanies U.S. 19 Alternate throughout Pinellas County. The state road was formerly cosigned with U.S. 19 Alternate along 5th Avenue N between U.S. 92 / SR 687 and U.S. 19 (34th Street N) in St. Petersburg. Most shields were removed by 2019. 12/08/19
Paralleling the elevated lanes of I-375, U.S. 19 Alternate partitions along a one-way couplet west to 16th Street N and a half diamond interchange with I-275. 12/08/19
SR 687 combines with U.S. 92 along 4th Street N for 6.1 miles to Gandy Boulevard in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg. U.S. 92 travels 181 miles across the Florida peninsula, mostly as an arterial route serving local traffic while paralleling I-4. 10/08/16
The northbound beginning of U.S. 19 Alternate at U.S. 92/SR 687 is acknowledged as only SR 595. The bannered route travels 37.20 miles north from St. Petersburg to Holiday in Pasco County. 12/08/19
U.S. 92 East Florida State Road 687 North
U.S. 92 east & SR 687 north at 9th Avenue North. 07/30/06
Shields for U.S. 92/SR 687 posted on 4th Street North at 13th Avenue North. 07/07/07
22nd Avenue North travels 1.3 miles west to a diamond interchange with Interstate 275. 07/07/07
U.S. 92 & SR 687 (4th Street North) at 94th Avenue North in the Gateway area of St. Petersburg. 10/11/15
Koger Boulevard angles northeast from 94th Avenue North to 4th Street North just ahead of the U.S. 92 separation from SR 687 along Gandy Boulevard. Koger Boulevard and 94th Avenue North to the west represent the former alignment of SR 694. 10/11/15
U.S. 92 eastbound veers away from SR 687 (4th Street North) along a one-way ramp leading directly onto Gandy Boulevard east to the Gandy Bridge and South Tampa. 10/11/15
A trailblazer for U.S. 92 east stands at the lane drop for Gandy Boulevard (SR 694) eastbound. Gandy Boulevard originates in the city of Pinellas Park at the SPUI linking SR 694 (Park Boulevard) with U.S. 19. The six lane arterial heads northeast into St. Petersburg, meeting I-275 and then partitioning into an at-grade frontage road system and four-lane freeway. 10/11/15
U.S. 92 crosses Tampa Bay and then turns northward along the Interbay Peninsula via Dale Mabry Highway through Tampa. 10/11/15
Florida State Road 687 North
SR 687 next meets SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) west and SR 688 (Roosevelt Boulevard). 10/11/15
A loop ramp connects SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) west with Interstate 275 southbound 1.75 miles from SR 687 (4th Street North). 10/11/15
Construction from 2014 to 2017 replaced a large five-way intersection joining U.S. 92 / SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard), SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) and SR 687 (4th Street North) with a split diamond interchange. SR 686 branches northwest from the Gandy Boulevard frontage road system nearby to Largo and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). 10/11/15
Motorists heading north to Interstate 275 and the Howard Frankland Bridge for Westshore in Tampa are directed to remain along SR 687 northbound through its end. 10/11/15
SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) passes above SR 687 (4th Street North), CR 803 (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street North) and 94th Avenue North along the Gandy Freeway. The state road extends southwest into Pinellas Park, becoming County Road 694 at SR 693 (66th Street North) en route to Seminole and Indian Shores. 10/08/16
Confirming marker for SR 687 north of Gandy Boulevard. 4th Street North briefly expands to six lanes between SR 694 and 106th Avenue North. 04/21/18
Mast-arm supported traffic lights were installed along SR 687 at 112th Avenue North an Bayview Plaza Shopping Center in 2016. 03/22/16
SR 687 (4th Street North) plies across marshland beyond 119th Avenue North. 10/11/15
2 photos
2 photos
A series of signs precede the SR 687 northbound merge onto I-275 across the Howard Frankland Bridge. A 7.3 mile exit less stretch ensues beyond the last U-turn at Big Island Gap. 10/11/15
Downtown Tampa lies 12 miles to the east via Interstate 275 and the Howard Frankland Bridge. 03/22/16
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
The final turnaround point on 4th Street North lies just ahead of the wye interchange where SR 687 ends at I-275 northbound on Big Island. 10/11/15
Florida State Road 687 South
SR 687 (4th Street South) stems south from a wye interchange with Interstate 275 at Big Island. The state road opens into a four-lane highway as it crosses Big Island Gap. 10/07/15
The initial stretch of SR 687 (4th Street South) travels through rural wetlands with a 55 mile per hour speed limit. The highway is unmarked until the interchange with SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) at U.S. 92. 10/07/15
SR 687 travels south by an array of apartment communities to the traffic light with 112th Avenue North at Bayview Plaza Shopping Center. 02/02/18
Continuing south to the Gateway area of north St. Petersburg, SR 687 (4th Street North) approaches the confluence of U.S. 92 (Gandy Boulevard) west, SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) east and SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) south. An $83 million million project elevated Gandy Boulevard onto a 1.23 mile long viaduct and rebuilt the previous mainline roadways into frontage roads linking with 4th Street North and Roosevelt Boulevard. The bulk of construction on the 3-year project wrapped up in summer 2017.1 02/08/18
Gandy Boulevard (SR 694) extends west from U.S. 92 to Pinellas Park and Largo. The frontage road system connects with adjacent SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) northwest to Carillon and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). 02/02/18
A left turn takes drivers from SR 687 south onto Gandy Boulevard east to U.S. 92 across Tampa Bay. The four-lane Gandy Bridge forms part of a busy commuter route from the Gateway area of St. Petersburg to South Tampa and the LeRoy Selmon Expressway (SR 618). 06/02/18
U.S. 92 West Florida State Road 687 South
U.S. 92 and SR 687 combine south from the Gateway area to the north side of Downtown St. Petersburg. The first confirming markers for the overlap appear ahead of Koger Boulevard. 07/30/06
38th Avenue (CR 138) provides the second of three links between SR 687 (4th Street) north and Interstate 275. 11/12/16
Shields for U.S. 92/SR 687 south of 38th Avenue North. 10/07/15
4th Street N southbound at 34th Avenue N. 10/07/15
The ensuing traffic light lies four blocks further south along U.S. 92/SR 687 at 30th Avenue North. 10/07/15
22nd Avenue North connects 4th Street North with the Historic Old Northeast community, Crescent Lake Park and Interstate 275. 11/12/16
The last shield for U.S. 92 westbound follows 22nd Avenue North on 4th Street N. 11/12/16
Southbound U.S. 92/SR 687 at 9th Avenue North. 11/12/16
U.S. 92 ends at 5th Avenue North (U.S. 19 Alternate / SR 595). SR 687 continues southward along a one-way couplet into Downtown. 11/12/16
Florida State Road 687 South
A pair of reassurance markers line each side of 4th Street North as the street becomes one-way southbound after 5th Avenue North. 10/07/15
4th Avenue North flows east as the final block of U.S. 19 Alternate south & SR 595 to 3rd Street North (SR 687 north). The east end of Interstate 375 (North Bay Drive) ties into the avenue near Mirror Lake just to the west. 10/07/15
3rd Avenue North stems west from Beach Drive and Straub Park across SR 687 (4th Street North) to Mirror Lake. 10/07/15
The next signal is at 2nd Avenue North, which leads east on a peninsula that housed the upside down pyramid shaped Pier. 10/07/15
High rises line the east side of 4th Street North as SR 687 intersects 1st Avenue North at Williams Park. 10/07/15
Central Avenue marks the avenue suffix separation from North to South. Partially signed County Road 150, the avenue leads west from Downtown to Treasure Island Causeway across Boca Ciega Bay. 10/07/15
1st Avenue South compliments Central Avenue as an eastbound flowing street from Pasadena in west St. Petersburg to St. Petersburg Municipal Marina. 10/07/15
SR 687 (4th Street South) south intersects 2nd Avenue South with four lanes. 10/07/15
Condominiums and upscale apartments dot the cityscape of south Downtown as SR 687 intersects 3rd Avenue South. 10/07/15
Trailblazers for Interstates 175 and 275 posted ahead of 4th Avenue South are the only advance notice given to the South Bay Drive freeway along SR 687 (4th Street South) south. 10/07/15
4th Avenue South west parallels Interstate 175 to the north en route to Tropicana Field, home of the MLB Tampa Bay Rays. 10/07/15
SR 594 is the state road designation given to Interstate 175. A short portion of the route is signed along 5th Avenue South east between the freeway end and SR 687 (3rd Street South) north.
A change made by 2014 restriped this block of 4th Street South to include a northbound lane to 4th Avenue South. 10/08/17
The westbound beginning of I-175 departs from 4th Street South with two lanes. The freeway spur (South Bay Drive) provides a high-speed route to Interstate 275 from both Downtown St. Petersburg and Tropicana Field. 10/07/17
This overhead sign for Interstate 175 (South Bay Drive) on SR 687 (4th Street South) was removed during reconstruction of the freeway beginning in 2016-17. 10/08/16
The ramp for Interstate 175 was reconfigured to provide new access from 4th Street South northbound by June 2017. Aimed at improving traffic in the Innovation District, plans for the $600,000 project originated in 2005.2 10/07/17
An end shield for SR 687 was erected at 5th Avenue South / Dali Boulevard South by 2011. The assembly was moved to the south side of 5th Avenue South in 2017. The remainder of 4th Street South carries two lane traffic as a city maintained roadway to Bartlett Park and Old Southeast. 10/07/17
Florida State Road 687 scenes
6th Avenue South eastbound at 3rd Street South, two blocks south of the SR 687 northbound beginning. 6th Avenue South ends at 1st Street South by USF St. Petersburg and Albert Whitted Airport (SPG). 11/04/07
I-175 trailblazer posted on the block of 4th Avenue South between the one-way couplet of SR 687 (3rd / 4th Avenues South). 07/10/11
4th Street South was restriped to accommodate a single northbound lane from SR 594 (5th Avenue South) eastbound to 4th Avenue South westbound in 2014. The change improved access from area hospitals to the south. 10/07/17
4th Avenue South heads two blocks west from 4th Street South (SR 687) to 6th Street South and the adjacent on-ramp to Interstate 175 west. 10/07/17

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  2. "New downtown St. Pete on-ramp expected to be a boon for Innovation District." Tampa Bay Business Journal March 15, 2017.

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