Florida State Road 727 follows a loop road around Myrtle Grove between SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway) and SR 295 (Fairfield Drive) near West Pensacola. The state road continues Fairfield Drive west from the SR 295 expressway through the Myrtle Grove community to SR 292 near Bayou Grande.

SR 727 shields were posted erroneously along Fairfield Drive (SR 295) between the Warrington Spur and SR 292 (Pace Boulevard) between at least 1999 and 2004.

Florida State Road 727 North
1.6 miles north of its beginning, SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) approaches U.S. 98. The US highway enters Florida from the Perdido Bay at Paradise Beach, seven miles to the west. Eastward U.S. 98 continues 2.5 miles to its merge with SR 295 (Navy Boulevard) at Warrington. 01/31/06
Mast-arm traffic signals govern the movements of SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) and U.S. 98. The U.S. Navy Hospital is a short distance to the east along the four lane U.S. 98. 01/31/06
The first northbound SR 727 shield for the state road exists after the Fairfield Drive intersection with U.S. 98. 01/31/06
Jackson Street (unsigned County Road 298A) stems east from SR 727 through Myrtle Grove and West Pensacola. CR-298A follows 4.55 miles of the residential through road to Pace Boulevard (U.S. 98 & SR 292) in Pensacola. 01/31/06
Junction shield for SR 298 (Lillian Highway) posted on Fairfield Drive northbound. SR 298 parallels U.S. 98 between Millview and West Pensacola to the north. The east-west route is the original alignment of U.S. 98 through southwest Escambia County. 05/16/14
SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) northbound at SR 298 (Lillian Highway). SR 298 continues another 2.9 miles to the confluence of U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway) and SR 295 (New Warrington Highway) where the state road ends. Westward Lillian Highway crosses SR 173 (Blue Angel Parkway) in 0.6 miles before reaching the shore of Perdido Bay. 05/16/14
SR 727 curves northeast through several residential subdivisions to the south of Bayou Marcus from SR 298 to North 69th Avenue. 01/31/06
Patricia Drive south and 72nd Street north come together at this traffic light with SR 727. Patricia Drive provides the main route to the Cerny Heights residential area and Cerny Road (former County Road 296A). 01/31/06
61st Avenue heads south to Myrtle Grove and Escambia High School from Tonawanda Drive and SR 727. 01/31/06
East from 61st Avenue, SR 727 approaches the commercialized intersection with U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway). 06/01/13
U.S. 90 curves southeasterly from Fairfield Drive to a parclo interchange with SR 295 and the Brownsville area west of Pensacola. Northwest, the US route leads to Bellview. 06/01/13
Fairfield Drive carries four overall lanes from Mobile Highway east to the merge with SR 295 north. A traffic light lies along this stretch at South Dakota Street for Pensacola Marketplace shopping center. 06/01/13
A wye interchange joins SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) with the north end of the New Warrington Spur expressway of State Road 295. 06/01/13
Traffic from SR 295 (New Warrington Spur) merges onto Fairfield Drive on the right as SR 727 ends. SR 295 continues Fairfield Drive northeast to Interstate 110 and Pensacola. 06/01/13
Florida State Road 727 South
Immediately west of the split with SR 295 (New Warrington Spur) on SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) south is a traffic light with South Dakota Street. South Dakota Street connects the state road with an adjacent subdivision to the north and the entrance to Pensacola Marketplace shopping center to the south. 06/01/13
Just west of South Dakota Street on SR 727 south is the commercialized junction with U.S. 90 (Mobile Highway). 06/01/13
U.S. 90 angles northwest from Pensacola and Brownsville to Bellview, Beulah and Seminole, Alabama. The route consists of a four lane divided highway to the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds at State Road 297 (Pine Forest Road). 06/01/13
SR 727 leaves the commercial frontage at U.S. 90 and continues west as a two lane residential through road around Myrtle Grove. 05/16/14
61st Avenue bisects the Myrtle Grove community south from SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) to Jackson Street (unsigned CR 298A). 05/16/14
Patricia Drive stems northwest from SR 727 at 72nd Street to the Cerny Road through the Cerny Heights community. Fairfield Drive curves southward along the west side of Myrtle Grove from here. 05/16/14
SR 298 (Lillian Highway) ventures west from West Pensacola and Myrtle Grove to intersect SR 727 (Fairfield Drive) ahead. 05/16/14
West from SR 727, SR 298 (Lillian Highway) continues its 6.84-mile route to Millview along Perdido Bay and an end at U.S. 98 at CR 297. 05/16/14
A short distance separates the SR 727 traffic lights of SR 298 (Lillian Highway) and Jackson Avenue (unsigned County Road 298A). 05/16/14
Jackson Street doubles as County Road 298A for 4.55 miles from SR 727 to U.S. 98 & SR 292 (Pace Boulevard) in Pensacola. Crow Road extends the road southwest. 05/16/14
Fairfield Drive and U.S. 98 come together west of Naval Hospital Pensacola and Warrington. 05/16/14
U.S. 98 travels west from SR 295 (Navy Boulevard) to Millview, Paradise Beach and Lillian, Alabama. The route between SR 173 and SR 295 carries four lanes, with the remainder to Perdido Bay carrying just two. 05/16/14
The final shield for SR 727 south appears as Fairfield Drive angles southeast from U.S. 98 toward the Bayou Grande area. 05/16/14
SR 727 ends at the upcoming traffic light with SR 292 (Gulf Beach Highway). SR 292 links the Pensacola area with Perdido Key and Alabama 182 west to Orange Beach. Fairfield Drive meanwhile extends a short distance south as a local road to park along Bayou Grande. 05/16/14

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