State Road 9336 connects U.S. 1, SR 997 (Krome Avenue), and Florida's Turnpike (Homestead Extension) to Everglades National Park from Florida City. Despite a number of four digit county roads posted around the state, SR 9336 is the lone four digit state road signed in the field. The 8.75 mile route navigates along a stair stepped course via SW 392nd Street, Ingraham Highway, SW 376th Street, SW 192nd Avenue and SW 344th Street.

Prior to the mid-1980s, Florida State Road 997 north of SR 9336 and SR 9336 west of SR 997 were designated as State Road 27. The numbering was changed to alleviate confusion with nearby U.S. 27.

Florida State Road 9336 West
SR 9336 was slightly extended from Krome Avenue east to U.S. 1 (NE 1st Avenue) when SR 997 was truncated northward in 2018. The route is still unmarked initially westbound along Palm Drive. 03/21/20
SR 9336 (SW 344th Street) intersects Krome Avenue (former SR 997) to the immediate west of U.S. 1 (Dixie Highway). Krome Avenue south of Campbell Drive was relinquished to the city of Homestead in 2018. SR 998 was designated at the time to connect SR 997 and U.S. 1 (S Dixie Highway). 12/18/03
Krome Avenue extends south to Card Sound Road, which provides a second route to the Florida Keys, and north beyond SR 998 as SR 997 to Homestead and the western outskirts of urbanized Miami-Dade County. 12/18/03
Krome Avenue leads north through the Homestead Historic Downtown District. 03/21/20
The first confirming marker for State Road 9336 appears along Palm Drive after the intersection with Krome Avenue (former SR 997). 12/18/03
SR 9336 turns south onto SW 192nd Avenue toward Everglades National Park in 1.5 miles. 03/21/20
The succeeding traffic light along SR 9336 (Palm Drive) westbound is at the Miami-Dade Busway. 03/21/20
Advancing west through Florida City, SR 9336 intersects NW/SW 6th Avenue (SW 182nd Avenue). 03/21/20
Reassurance marker posted at NW 7th Avenue by the Florida City Pineland Preserve. 03/21/20
Redland Road (SW 187th Avenue) runs north from Florida City by remaining agricultural fields into Homestead. 03/21/20
SW 192nd Avenue extends south 3.7 miles to the Everglades Alligator Farm. 03/21/20
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2 photos
SR 9336 turns onto SW 192nd Avenue south from W Palm Drive for two miles. 03/21/20
SR 9336 turns west from SW 192nd Avenue onto SW 376th Street to the entrance of Everglades National Park. 03/21/20
The last shield for State Road 9336 stands at the intersection of SW 192nd Avenue and SW 376th Street. There was previously a marker further west at SW 202nd Avenue. 03/21/20
Heading west from SW 192nd Avenue, SW 376th Street lines the north side of the Everglades Farmworker Village gated community. 03/21/20
SR 9336 angles southwest onto Ingraham Highway at Plaza Licenciado Benito Juarez park. 03/21/20
Farmland spreads alongside SR 9336 (Ingraham Highway) southwest to C-111E Canal. 03/21/20
SR 9336 (Ingraham Highway) curves west onto SW 392nd Street beyond C-111E Canal and SW 388th Street. 03/21/20
Heading due west, SR 9336 (SW 392nd Street) intersects SW 217th Avenue. 03/21/20
Crossing C-111 Canal, SR 9336 (Ingraham Highway) makes a final turn toward the entrance of Everglades National Park. 03/21/20
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2 photos
SR 9336 next crosses L-31W Canal ahead of Glenn Garrett Memorial Park. 03/21/20
Westbound SR 9336 concludes as Ingraham Highway enters Everglades National Park. 03/21/20
Florida State Road 9336 East
Leaving Everglades National Park, Ingraham Highway becomes a part of State Road 9336. The first confirming marker stands beside Glenn Garrett Memorial Park at L-31W Canal. 03/21/20
SR 9336 (Ingraham Highway) curves east onto SW 392nd Street at the crossing of C-111 Canal. 03/21/20
The ensuing stretch leads due east 3.5 miles across open farmland. SW 217th Avenue intersects the state road here. 03/21/20
SR 9336 angles northeast from SW 209th Avenue to SW 376th Street. 03/21/20
Reassurance marker and trailblazer for U.S. 1 posted along SR 9336 (Ingraham Highway) east at SW 202nd Avenue. 03/21/20
SW 376th Street extends SR 9336 east by the Everglades Farmworker Village community to SR 192nd Avenue. 03/21/20
Heading north along SW 192nd Avenue, SR 9336 is unmarked. 03/21/20
The trailblazers for SR 9336 east and U.S. 1 at the turn from SW 192nd Avenue onto SW 344th Street were removed by 2018. 03/21/20
No confirming marker for SR 9336 east along SW 344th Street after SW 192nd Avenue. 03/21/20
SR 9336 (W Palm Drive) straddles the Florida City municipal boundary east to Redland Road. Areas outside the city are considered part of unincorporated Redland. 03/21/20
Entering Florida City, SR 9336 intersects SW 187th Avenue / Redland Road. 03/21/20
A State Road 9336 reassurance marker stands beyond SW 187th Avenue / Redland Road along W Palm Drive / SW 344th Street in Florida City. 03/21/20
SR 9336 (W Palm Drive) expands to a four lane arterial east at NW/SW 6th Avenue (SW 182nd Avenue). 03/21/20
The last shield for SR 9336 eastbound stands along the four lane section of W Palm Drive / SW 344th Street. 03/21/20
SR 9336 intersects the south end of the Miami-Dade Busway just ahead of Krome Avenue. The northbound beginning of Florida's Turnpike Homestead Extension lies a half mile ahead via U.S. 1 north. 03/21/20
Prior to 2018, SR 9336 (SW 344th Street) ended just shy of U.S. 1 at Krome Avenue (former SR 997) in Florida City. SR 997 was decommissioned along the southernmost 2.7 miles of Krome Avenue in 2018. 12/28/03
Krome Avenue extends north from U.S. 1 at Card Sound Road to the Homestead Historic Downtown District. 03/21/20
Although SR 9336 ends at U.S. 1, Palm Drive continues east through Homestead, then connects to the Homestead-Miami Speedway and Biscayne National Park. 03/21/20
Florida's Turnpike Homestead Extension (SR 821) branches northeast from U.S. 1 (S Dixie Highway) north to Cutler Bay, Kendall and the west side of the Miami metropolitan area. 03/21/20
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2 photos
Leading south to Monroe County and Key West and north to Miami, U.S. 1 is the principal arterial route through southern Miami-Dade County. 03/21/20, 12/28/03

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