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State Road 21 Alternate opened to traffic following a ribbon cutting ceremony held on May 27, 2016.1 Paralleling SR 21 (Augusta Road), the 3.1 mile long limited access highway extends south from Jimmy DeLoach Parkway in Port Wentworth to SR 307 (Bourne Avenue) near Garden City. The connector provides a direct route from the Georgia Port Authority - Garden City Terminal to Interstate 95.

Construction of SR 21 Alternate is part of Georgia Port's Last Mile projects, which improve freight corridors between the three Garden City Terminal gates to the Savannah Interstate system. An additional Last Mile project is the Brampton Road Connector. Costing $25 million, the connector will link Brampton Road and SR 25, improving access from the Garden City Terminal container facility to Interstate 516.1.

Jimmy DeLoach Parkway was a part of Chatham County's developmental highway system originating in the 1980s.2 Named after former Chatham County Commissioner Jimmy DeLoach, the controlled access arterial winds 8.4 miles west from SR 21 (Augusta Road) at Port Wentworth to U.S. 80/SR 26 in Bloomingdale.

Construction underway in 1994-95 on both Jimmy DeLoach Parkway and Pooler Parkway further south opened up vast tracts of timberland to development.3 The final segment of Jimmy DeLoach Parkway built was the grade separation with SR 21 east of Crossroads Parkway. Costing $7.6 million, work ran from February 17, 2000 to May 21, 2002.2,4

Long range plans in 2000 outlined extending Jimmy DeLoach Parkway south from U.S. 80 to Interstate 16 at SR 17.4 The Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (CORE MPO) filed Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Urban Attributable Funds application in January 2017 for the project.

Pooler Parkway

The last phase of Pooler Parkway, from U.S. 80 and Pine Barren Road, was completed on April 20, 2004 after a year delay. Funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation, the at-grade roadway cost $28.9 million. Pooler Parkway arcs north from Quacco Road and I-16 to Interstate 95 at Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport / Airways Avenue.5

Jimmy DeLoach Parkway - East
Jimmy DeLoach Parkway intersects Crossroads Parkway to the immediate east of Interstate 95. Crossroads Parkway winds south through the Crossroads Business Center and links with Georgia Tech Savannah to the north. 12/13/17
Advancing east, Jimmy DeLoach Parkway passes over Norfolk Southern and CSX Railroad lines ahead of an S-curve through the Port Logisitcs Center at Crossroads Business Center. 12/13/17
State Route 21 Alternate South
Georgia 21 Alternate begins along Jimmy DeLoach Parkway at the grade separation with Georgia 21 (Augusta Road). Sonny Dixon Interchange follows with an access road linking the freeway with Augusta Road and Flonell Avenue. 12/13/17
The freeway extension south from Sonny Dixon Interchange opened to traffic on May 27, 2016. 12/13/17
SR 21 Alternate (Jimmy DeLoach Connector) proceeds south across SR 30 (Bonnybridge Road), which links SR 21 (Augusta Road) with SR 25 (Coastal Highway) to the Houlihan Bridge. 12/13/17
Jimmy DeLoach Connector runs between SR 21 (Augusta Road) and a Norfolk Southern Railroad line across Crossgate Road west of the Port Wentworth city center. 12/13/17
A diamond interchange connects SR 21 Alternate with Grange Road in a half mile. 12/13/17
Grange Road runs through an industrial areas between SR 21 (Augusta Road) and SR 25 (Coastal Highway) south of the Port Wentworth residential street grid. 12/13/17
Jimmy DeLoach Connector extends a half mile south from the Grange Road entrance ramp to the freeway end at SR 307 (Bourne Avenue). 12/13/17
The lone SR 21 Alternate confirming marker along Jimmy DeLoach Connector southbound. 12/13/17
Jimmy DeLoach Connector concludes at an at-grade intersection with Georgia 307 (Bourne Avenue). 12/13/17
Georgia 21 Alternate combines with Georgia 307 (Bourne Avenue) west for the return to Georiga 21 (Augusta Road). 12/13/17
Georgia 307 (Bourne Avenue) leads east to the Port of Savannah Garden City terminal at Georgia 25 (Coastal Highway). Heading south, Georgia 307 runs along the east side of Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) on Dean Forest Road. 12/13/17
State Route 21 Alternate North
An I-95 trailblazer precedes the intersection with Jimmy DeLoach Connector north on SR 307 (Bourne Avenue) southbound. SR 21 Alt. comprises a freeway north 3.1 miles. 12/13/17
The first confirming marker for SR 21 Alternate appears just beyond the at-grade intersection with SR 307 (Bourne Avenue). 12/13/17
SR 21 Alternate (Jimmy DeLoach Connector) enters a diamond interchange with Grange Road a half mile north of SR 307 (Bourne Avenue). 12/13/17
Grange Avenue provides the first of two links from Jimmy DeLoach Connector west to parallel SR 21 (Augusta Road) and east to SR 25 (Coastal Highway). 12/13/17
Jimmy DeLoach Connector spans Crossgate Road on the ensuing stretch. Opening of the freeway spurred economic development, and a groundbreaking ceremony held on September 6, 2018 ushered in a $40 million investment on timberland adjacent to the connector here. The Crossgate Logistics facility will initially house 530,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. Three tracts totaling around 200 acres will ultimately accommodate around one million square feet of businesses.6 12/13/17
SR 21 Alternate continues one mile north from Crossgate Road to Sonny Dixon Interchange, a short access road between Flonell Avenue and SR 21 (Augusta Road). 12/13/17
SR 30 (Bonnybridge Road) passes under SR 21 Alternate east from SR 21 (Augusta Road) to SR 25 (Coastal Highway) north of the Port Wentworth city center. 12/13/17
SR 21 Alternate separates from Jimmy DeLoach Connector to follow Sonny Dixon Interchange west back to SR 21 (Augusta Road). Jimmy DeLoach Parkway extends west from the grade separation with Augusta Road as a locally maintained roadway to Interstate 95 and north Pooler. 12/13/17
SR 21 trailblazer on the SR 21 Alternate off-ramp to Sonny Dixon Interchange west. The 0.3 mile access road to Augusta Road was completed in 2002 as part of the original Jimmy DeLoach Parkway. 12/13/17
2 photos
2 photos
Sonny Dixon Interchange connects industrial businesses along adjacent Flonnell Avenue with SR 21 Alternate south to SR 307 and Jimmy DeLoach Parkway west. 12/13/17
SR 21 Alternate concludes at SR 21/30 (Augusta Road). SR 21/30 overlap 3.2 miles north from Bonnybridge Road to Piedmont Avenue within the city of Port Wentworth 12/13/17
End shield for SR 21 Alternate at SR 21 and SR 30 (Augusta Road). Augusta Road serves additional distribution centers and warehouse business north 2.1 miles to the diverging diamond interchange (DDI) with Interstate 95. 12/13/17
Jimmy DeLoach Parkway - West
Highlands Boulevard stems north from Jimmy DeLoach Parkway just west of I-95 to a bevy of subdivisions including Godley Park, Willow Point and Savannah Highlands. Construction in 2016 added two warehouse businesses between the parkway and I-95 here. 12/27/06
Benton Boulevard parallels I-95 south from Jimmy DeLoach Parkway into the city of Pooler. Northward, Benton Boulevard extends to a cluster of apartment complexes at Highlands Boulevard. Traffic lights were installed at Benton Boulevard in 2010 following a spate of fatalities at the intersection over a two year period.7 12/27/06
Jimmy DeLoach Parkway winds southwest from Serengeti Boulevard and Morgan Lakes Industrial Boulevard between the Hunt Club development and another distribution center. 12/27/06
Jimmy DeLoach Parkway arcs southwest to end at U.S. 80/SR 17-30 (Louisville Highway). SR 17 overlaps with U.S. 80 east to Cherry Street in Bloomingdale. 12/27/06
U.S. 80/SR 26 (Louisville Road) head east to the Bloomingdale residential street grid and Pooler and west along Hardin Swamp to their separation with SR 17 at SR 30. 12/27/06

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