Interstate 75 north
Interstate 75 north crosses the Santa Fe river upon entry into Columbia County. The slow-moving river meanders 75 miles from Keystone Heights to the Suwannee River southeast of Branford. Photo taken 05/14/14.
Two mile guide sign for the upcoming rest area in Columbia County. The next facility lies just over the Georgia border and doubles as a welcome center for the Peach state. Photo taken 05/14/14.
The rest area is nestled between Interstate 75 north and October Road, offering picnic tables and ample commercial truck & RV parking. Photo taken 05/14/14.
Lake City is accessed from the next three exits along I-75 north beginning at a diamond interchange with U.S. 41 & 441 (Exit 414) in one mile. Photo taken 05/14/14.
U.S. 41 & 441 share 22.8 miles of pavement between High Springs and Lake City. U.S. 41 will parallel Interstate 75 into Georgia toward Valdosta while U.S. 441 enters the state south of Fargo. Use Exit 414 south to reach O'Leno State Park located along the Columbia-Alachua County line. Photo taken 05/14/14.
Interstate 75 curves northerly as it continues toward the western side of Lake City. Photo taken 05/14/14.
Florida 47 enters Lake City from the south with an interchange at Interstate 75 in 8 miles. Photo taken 05/14/14.
Interstate 75 approaches the second Lake City exit with Florida 47 in one mile. SR 47 stems south 14.5 miles from I-75 and Exit 423 to Fort White located on the U.S 27 corridor. Photo taken 05/14/14.
A departure ramp leaves for Florida 47 and Exit 423. The state road continues north 3.6 miles to U.S. 41 where it silently merges with the U.S. highway through Lake City. A hidden SR 47 ends up running tandem with U.S. 441 on the rest of its duration through Florida. Photo taken 11/05/14.
Motorists drive by this reassurance shield on the north side of Florida 47 (Exit 423). Photo taken 05/14/14.
Valdosta debuts along Interstate 75 north at 65 miles out while U.S. 90 (Exit 427) meets the freeway in four miles. Photo taken 05/14/14.
On the one mile approach to U.S. 90 (Exit 427) to Lake City and Live Oak, Interstate 75 north passes under Florida 247. The state road links Lake City and Branford in neighboring Suwannee County. Photo taken 05/14/14.
I-75 reaches the off-ramp to U.S. 90. The freeway briefly enters Lake City through the diamond interchange (Exit 427), with Downtown lying 3.3 miles to the east. Photo taken 01/16/16.
Live Oak lies 19.9 miles to the northwest at the crossroads with U.S. 129. Use U.S. 90 east to Florida Gateway College (formerly Lake City Community College). Photo taken 01/16/16.
A $3 million project between January and October 2015 added turn lanes on the I-75 off-ramps to U.S. 90. A new turn movement allows for a protected turn onto U.S. 90 east for adjacent Commerce Boulevard.1 Photo taken 01/16/16.
Leaving the Lake City area, I-75 continues northward toward southern Georgia and the city of Valdosta. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Travelers bound for Interstate 10 to Jacksonville and Tallahassee will reach it in six miles while Valdosta remains a 61-mile drive. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Two mile advance guide sign for Interstate 10 (Exit 435). A transcontinental freeway, I-10 stretches 2,460 miles from Santa Monica, California to Jacksonville. Photo taken 08/29/08.
In Florida, I-10 travels 362.3 miles across the panhandle threading Pensacola with Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Pensacola lies 289 miles to the west while the state capitol sits only 94 miles west of the upcoming interchange. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Advance guide sign alerts motorists to a right lane departure for Interstate 10. Downtown Jacksonville rests 65 miles to the east just beyond the eastern terminus of I-10 at I-95. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Passing under Columbia County 250 (Lake Jeffery Road) drivers leave for the symmetrical interchange with Interstate 10 (Exit 435). One ramp will leave for the freeway with a split to I-10 west to Tallahassee and I-10 east to Jacksonville. A carbon-copy pull-through sign urges drivers to utilize the middle lane for Valdosta, pre-dating the expansion of the freeway in this area. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Traffic partitions to Interstate 10, with a left-hand ramp joining westbound toward the capital city and Pensacola. Overall the freeway mostly traverses expansive pine forest in its trek across the Florida panhandle. Photo taken 08/29/08.
Interstate 75 presses northward from Interstate 10 and will meet Florida 136 (Exit 439) in five miles. Photo taken 07/02/14.
The Suwannee Valley State Farmers Market lies east of the freeway along Florida 136 east. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Travelers will reach Florida 136 in four miles while a 45-minute drive awaits motorists bound for Valdosta. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north enters Suwannee County as it nears the partial cloverleaf interchange with SR 136 (Exit 439). Photo taken 07/02/14.
The only exit in Suwannee County, Florida 136 connects the freeway with Live Oak (11.2 miles) and nearby White Springs (3.1 miles). Live Oak is situated along the U.S. 90 & 129 corridors while White Springs lies on the banks of the Suwannee River. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Use Florida 136 east to reach the State Farmers Market and Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park located in White Springs. The state road ends three miles east of Interstate 75 at U.S. 41 in White Springs. Photo taken 07/02/14.
This reassurance shield stands along side Interstate 75 north at the on-ramp merge from Florida 136. Photo taken 07/02/14.
An 11-mile exit less stretch awaits motorists bound for Valdosta and beyond. U.S. 129 (Exit 451) provides one final connection with Live Oak. Photo taken 07/02/14.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 75 spans the Suwannee River as it enters Hamilton County. The river flows 266 miles from the Okefenokee swamp in south Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico in the Big Bend area north of Cedar Key. The river was made famous for being in Stephen Foster's "Old Folks at Home" song. Photos taken 07/02/14.
All commercial trucks, commercial trailers, rented trucks including moving trucks and vans, and cargo vans must enter the upcoming agricultural inspection station in one mile. Photo taken 07/02/14.
The agricultural inspection station precedes a weigh station for commercial trucks lying two miles ahead. Photo taken 07/02/14.
I-75 north reaches the commercial truck weigh station 2.8 miles south of U.S. 129 (Exit 451). Photo taken 07/02/14.
A common practice typically reserved for major freeway-to-freeway connections in Florida, a two mile guide sign alerts drivers of the approaching Exit 451 to Jasper and Live Oak. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Spanning 88 miles in Florida, U.S. 129 begins in Chiefland at U.S. 19 & 98 and travels northward through Trenton, Branford, Live Oak, and Jasper before entering rural Georgia south of Statenville. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Vehicles leave for the four-ramp partial cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 129 (Exit 451). The U.S. highway merges with U.S. 41 2.8 miles to the north and the two highways continue on to Jasper. Use U.S. 129 south to reach the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park along the Suwannee River and for a return trip to Live Oak (11.4 miles). Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 continues onward from U.S. 129 through rural Hamiliton County toward the Georgia state line. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Two more exits occur along the freeway before it enters the Peach state, the first being in eight miles at Florida 6 (Exit 460). I-75 will also meet Florida 143 on the 37-mile drive to Valdosta. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Two mile guide sign for Florida 6 (Exit 460) east to Jasper and west to Madison. Photo taken 07/02/14.
The freeway crosses the 202-mile Alapaha River en route to Exit 460. The river is a tributary of the Suwannee River flowing from Dooley County (Georgia) southward into northern Florida. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Florida 6 travels for 27.4 miles between U.S. 90 in Madison to U.S. 41 & 129 in Jasper, with the state road running concurrent with U.S. 41 for the final 4.8 miles. Photo taken 07/02/14.
A departure ramp leaves for the diamond interchange with Florida 6 (Exit 460). Use Florida 6 west to Hamilton County 141 south to reach Suwannee River State Park. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Only 10 miles remain for Interstate 75 within the Sunshine State. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Valdosta closes to within 28 miles on the drive to Florida 143 (Exit 467) in six miles. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Interstate 75 north begins its 1.75-mile approach to Florida 143 and Jennings. Photo taken 07/02/14.
Florida 143 exists only on a 1.6-mile portion between Interstate 75 and U.S. 41 in Jennings to the east. Hamilton County 141 continues from SR 143 and U.S. 41 north into Georgia where the county road transitions into Georgia 135. Photo taken 07/02/14.
I-75 north reaches the folded-diamond interchange with Florida 143 (Exit 467). Jennings resides immediately to the east of the freeway along the U.S. 41 corridor. Photo taken 07/02/14.
SR 143 south becomes Hamilton County 143 on the west side of Exit 467. The county road travels 10.3 miles southwest to end at Florida 6 in west rural Hamilton County. Use SR 143 north to U.S. 41 and Jennings. Photo taken 05/28/05.
2 photos
2 photos
Drivers pass by one more reassurance shield for Interstate 75 in Florida on the 22-mile trek to Valdosta. The freeway will next encounter Lake Park in 8 miles. Photos taken 07/02/14.
Traversing a total of 470.9 miles through the Sunshine State, Interstate 75 north formally enters Georgia and Lowndes County. The freeway will travel into Macon and Atlanta on its 355.1-mile course through the Peach state. Photo taken 07/02/14.



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