Interstate 75 south
Interstate 75 south approaches the only interchange within Hernando County at U.S. 98 & Florida 50 (Exit 301). U.S. 98 extends nearly 659.4 miles from the Alabama-Florida border west of Pensacola to Florida A1A in Palm Beach. Florida 50 is another trans-peninsular route leading east from U.S. 19 in Weeki Wachee across the state passing Brooksville, Clermont, Winter Garden, and Orlando before terminating at U.S. 1 in Titusville. The two routes share alignment from Brooksville to three miles east of Interstate 75, where U.S. 98 turns south toward U.S. 301 and Dade City, while Florida 50 continues east toward Groveland and the Orlando metropolitan area. Photo taken 09/02/13.
Motorists depart to the off-ramp for U.S. 98 & Florida 50 (Cortez Boulevard). Downtown Brooksville lies 10.2 miles to the west of Exit 301 and is the seat for Hernando County. U.S. 98 & Florida 50 part ways in southeast Brooksville; U.S. 98 heads northwest to meet U.S. 19 while Florida 50 continues west to intersect U.S. 19 at Weeki Wachee.
Weeki Wachee Springs is located at the west terminus of Florida 50 at U.S. 19 and is part of the Weeki Wachee River. The springs are the deepest natural springs found in the U.S., with depths of nearly 300 feet. For about two-thirds of its trek across the state, Florida 50 is surrounded by sprawl that has rooted itself along the route over time. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Interstate 75 veers southwest from Exit 293 across a mixture of forest and ranch land through to the Pasco County line at McClendon and Mud Lakes. Photo taken 03/01/13.
Interstate 75 presses southward toward Pasco County 41 (Exit 293) in seven miles and the split with Interstate 275 (Exit 274), now about a half-hour ahead (given decent traffic conditions). Photo taken 09/02/13.
Crossing the Pasco County line along I-75 south. Pasco was established in 1887 from the southern third of Hernando County. The county primarily serves as a bedroom community county for the greater Tampa metro area, containing suburban communities including Land O' Lakes and Wesley Chapel. Photo taken 09/02/13.
I-75 continues southwesterly on the one mile approach to Pasco County 41. CR 41 (Blanton Road) connects the freeway with U.S. 98 & 301 and Dade City to the southeast. Photo taken 05/30/16.
Blanton Road leads County Road 41 south and east to Dade City, the seat of Pasco County. Otherwise CR 41 continues west 0.8 miles to CR 577 (Lake Iola Road). CR 577 leads north into Hernando County, becoming CR 541 south of Spring Lake. Photo taken 05/30/16.
A loop ramp directs motorists to Exit 293 and Pasco County 41. High mast and street level lighting was added to the interchange when I-75 was widened from four to six lanes. Photo taken 05/30/16.
Confirming marker stands along side Interstate 75 south of Pasco County 41 and Exit 293. Photo taken 05/30/16.
Three interchanges (SR 52, CR 54, SR 56) remain in Pasco County over the 18 miles preceding the wye interchange with Interstate 275 south. Use I-275 to reach Downtown Tampa in 33 miles. Photo taken 05/30/16.
Interstate 75 meets Florida 52 (Exit 285) in one mile. The east-west state route runs 33.3 miles between Bayonet Point and New Port Richey on the Gulf Coast and San Antonio and Dade City in east-central Pasco County. Photo taken 05/30/16.
Exit 285 parts ways with I-75 south for SR 52 near Pasco. The state road intersects U.S. 41 (Gowers Corner) and Toll Florida 589 (Suncoast Parkway) on its trek toward Bayonet Point, where it ends at U.S. 19. The stretch between Toll Florida 589 and U.S. 19 is a six-lane urban arterial.
Use Florida 52 east to connect with San Antonio, home of Saint Leo University, and with Dade City, where the route ends at U.S. 98 on the east side of the town. Photo taken 09/02/13.
Interstate 75 lines the east side of the Tampa Bay Golf & Tennis Club community over the next two miles. Photo taken 09/02/13.
County Road 54, shown as SR 54 here, and Exit 279 connects Interstate 75 with nearby Wesley Chapel and Land O' Lakes in six miles. A newer route in the state system, Florida 56 follows at Exit 275, just north of the split with Interstate 275 south in 11 miles. Photo taken 09/02/13.
Interstate 75 approaches County Road 54 and Exit 279. Pasco County 54 leads to Florida 54 in either direction.
When nearby Florida 56 opened to traffic in March 2002, Pasco County 54 was created along the former SR 54 alignment--from the western terminus with Florida 56 to the nearby northern terminus of Florida 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard). Signage for this interchange indicates both state and county maintained roads to avoid any confusion for motorists. Photo taken 09/02/13.
Departing for Pasco County 54 (Florida 54), motorists use the county road west to rejoin SR 54 at SR 56. The state portion of Florida 54 then proceeds west to Land O' Lakes and points beyond.
Wesley Chapel is reached via CR 54 east and SR 581 south. Florida 54 east resumes at Florida 581 and continues to Zephyrhills and U.S. 301. A second Pasco County 54 extends north from SR 54 along Eiland Boulevard to U.S. 301 north of Downtown Zephyrhills. Photo taken 09/02/13.
Rest areas reside along I-75 south in both directions east of Cabbage Swamp. The facilities underwent refurbishment in 2011 coinciding with widening of Interstate 75 in southern Pasco.
The next area lies 39 miles to the south, after Florida 674 (Exit 240) in Hillsborough County. Photo taken 09/02/13.
One mile south of the rest area, Interstate 75 sees a diamond interchange (Exit 275) with Florida 56. The 6.7-mile divided highway initially opened in March 2002.
SR 56 provides motorists from Florida 54 with a more direct link to Wesley Chapel while also alleviating traffic on the heavily traveled route between Land O' Lakes and Interstate 75 (Exit 279). This initial 2.9 mile segment opened between SR 54 and SR 581. Photo taken 01/18/16.
Vacating the rest area, southbound I-75 gains an auxiliary lane through to the Exit 275 off-ramp for Florida 56. Another 3.8 mile segment of SR 56 opened to traffic July 2010, extending the state road to its current end at Meadow Pointe Boulevard. Photo taken 09/02/13.
Motorists depart the now six-lane Interstate 75 for Exit 275 and Florida 56. Use Florida 56 west to Florida 54 west to reach Land O' Lakes, Odessa and Tarpon Springs, which lies south of Holiday along U.S. 19. Use Florida 56 east 2.1 miles to reach Florida 581 (Bruce B. Downs Boulevard) and Wesley Chapel. Photo taken 09/02/13.
Shields for SR 56 posted along the Exit 275 off-ramp. Ultimate plans for Florida 56 call for pushing the route further east to U.S. 301 south of Zephyrhills. Future work will also convert Exit 275 into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). Photo taken 07/02/11.
Motorists along I-75 south next approach Exit 274 with the southbound beginning of Interstate 275. I-275 navigates 60 miles around the west side of Tampa Bay through the urban areas of Tampa and St. Petersburg, passing just outside of both downtowns. Before reconnecting with Interstate 75 in Manatee County (Exit 228) the route crosses the Sunshine Skyway across Tampa Bay. Interstate 275 also provides access to Tampa International Airport (TPA) and St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). Photo taken 01/18/16.
Port Tampa Bay (formerly the Port of Tampa) traffic is encouraged to continue south on Interstate 75 to divert commercial and hazardous cargo traffic from entering Ybor City's historic district. The port can be reached via I-75 south to either Interstate 4 or Toll Florida 618 west. The tolled Crosstown Connector opened in January 2014 to provide additional access to the port from I-4. Photo taken 01/18/16.
Crossing Cypress Creek one half mile ahead of the Exit 274 separation with Interstate 275 south. In addition to providing access to Tampa and St. Petersburg, Interstate 275 also indirectly links Interstate 75 with Clearwater (via Florida 60). Two spur interstates from Interstate 275 (I-175 and I-375) also provide the primary access to the St. Petersburg central business district.
The east-west Interstate 4 terminates at I-275 north of downtown Tampa at an interchange formerly dubbed "Malfunction Junction". That exchange underwent major rehabilitation and realignment in the 2000's to ease congestion and improve traffic flow between the two routes. Photo taken 01/18/16.
Interstate 75 south reaches the split with Interstate 275 (Exit 274), locally known as the Apex. Three lanes depart for I-275 and Tampa while Interstate 75 continues southerly toward Brandon. Expansion added an additional lane for Interstate 275 south by 2011 with widening of I-75 southward underway between 2011-16. Photo taken 01/18/16.
County Line Road spans both Interstates 75 and 275 at the wye interchange as motorists formally enter Hillsborough County. Photo taken 03/01/13.


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