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Interstate 79 North
The view of Interstate 79 northbound near the diamond interchange with Goshen Road (SSR 77) at Exit 146. The scenic freeway winds northward two miles to Interstate 68 outside of Morgantown. 08/07/04
Exit 148 diagrammatic sign for the upcoming split of Interstate 68 east from Interstate 79 northbound. Interstate 68 travels east from Morgantown to Cumberland, Maryland over the Appalachian Mountains. The designation came into existence during the mid 1980s upon completion of the National Freeway (U.S. 48) in western Maryland. 08/07/04
Three interchanges serve the Monogalia County seat of Morgantown along I-79. Interstate 68 encircles southern reaches of the city east of Exit 148. Succeeding ramps join the freeway with U.S. 19 at Exit 152 and Chaplin Road near West Virginia University at Exit 155. 08/07/04
The eastbound beginning of Interstate 68 departs Interstate 79 via a two-lane off-ramp at Exit 148. Interstate 68 continues 33 miles east from Interstate 79 to the Maryland state line. The east-west freeway reaches Cumberland in 73 miles and Interstate 70 at Hancock in 115 miles. 08/07/04
Interstate 68 stems northeast from Interstate 79 outside of Morgantown to Morgantown Municipal Airport. The freeway sees interchanges with U.S. 119 (Exit 1), West Virginia 7 (Exit 4), and Pierpont Road (Exit 7). 08/07/04
The second to last sign bridge for the tri-level stack interchange with Interstate 68's western terminus on Interstate 79 northbound. Interstate 68 at present links Interstate 79 with Interstate 70 in northern West Virginia and western Maryland. However plans are underway to extend the freeway northwest from Morgantown to Wheeling in the near future. The routing will utilize the U.S. 250 & West Virginia 2 freeway south from Wheeling to Moundsville, and a new corridor between there and Interstate 79. 08/07/04
Exit 148 leaves Interstate 79 north for Interstate 68 east. Interstate 68 meets U.S. 119 (University Avenue) in one mile. The future Pennsylvania Turnpike 43 connection to Interstate 68 will tie into the freeway near Exit 10. Upon completion of the toll road, drivers will be able to use Interstate 68 east to Pennsylvania Turnpike 43 north as an alternate into metro Pittsburgh. 08/07/04
A parting shot of the Interstate 68 ramp departure from Interstate 79 north. An Exit 1 guide sign touts the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 119 (University Avenue) one mile to the east. U.S. 119 enters downtown Morgantown 3.6 miles to the north. 08/07/04
Interstate 79 expands to six lanes with the addition of traffic from Interstate 68. The freeway crosses the Monongahela River and Norfolk-Southern Railroad just north of the Interstate 68 western terminus. Washington, Pennsylvania joins Morgantown as the northbound control cities. 08/07/04
The final two interchanges of Interstate 79 within the Mountain State serve the west Morgantown suburbs of Westover, Granville, Star City, and Osage. 08/07/04
Two-mile guide sign for the U.S. 19 (Fairmont Road) junction with Interstate 79 at Exit 152. U.S. 19 snakes it ways 12 miles northeast from Rivesville to meet Interstate 79 at Westover. 08/07/04
A high-level bridge carries River Road over Interstate 79 between Price Hill and Harmony Grove southwest of Wendover. An auxiliary sign posted nearby indicates the connection of U.S. 19 (Fairmont Road) northbound via Dents Run Road to Grantville 1.4 miles to the north. 08/07/04
Portions of Morgantown and the campus of West Virginia University draw into view on the approach to the Exit 152 parclo interchange with U.S. 19 (Fairmont Road). Traffic interests to the campus and sports facilities should use the Exit 155 diamond interchange at Chaplin road for U.S. 19 (Monongahela Boulevard). 08/07/04
Interstate 79 one quarter mile south of the Exit 152 off-ramp onto U.S. 19 (Fairmont Road). Fairmont Road enters Wendover east of the freeway on the 1.2 mile drive to West Virginia 100 (Holland Avenue). From there U.S. 19 overtakes Holland Avenue east across the Monongahela River into downtown Morgantown. 08/07/04
Northbound at the ramp departure of Exit 152 onto U.S. 19 (Fairmont Road). U.S. 19 meets U.S. 119 (University Avenue) 2.1 miles to the east in downtown Morgantown. From there U.S. 19 turns north onto University Avenue to West Virginia University. U.S. 119 meanwhile turns east along Pleasant Street three blocks to Spruce Street within the Morgantown central business district. 08/07/04
Interstate 79 South
Interstate 79 southbound mileage sign posted after the U.S. 19 (Exit 152) interchange at Wendover. The freeway carries six lanes west of Morgantown to the Interstate 68 western terminus (Exit 148). 08/07/04
Two miles north of the western terminus interchange of Interstate 68 (Exit 148) on Interstate 79 southbound. The junction occurs just southwest of the University of West Virginia home of Morgantown. Interstate 79 sees two interchanges for the city (Exit 155 & 152) while Interstate 68 sees three (Exits 1, 4, and 7). River Road travels over Interstate 79 via a high-level arch bridge in the background. 08/07/04
A closer look at the River Road over crossing at milepost 151. River Road stems southwest from U.S. 19 (Holland Avenue) in Wendover to Harmony Grove and Price Hill at Interstate 79. 08/07/04
Traffic interests to Morgantown are served by the first three interchanges of Interstate 68 eastbound. U.S. 119 (University Avenue) ties into the freeway at Exit 1, West Virginia 7 at Exit 4, and Pierpont Road at Exit 10. 08/07/04
Depicted here is the one-mile diagrammatic overhead for Exit 148. An Airport placard is affixed to the sign bridge for the Morgantown Municipal Airport, accessible from Interstate 68 Exit 7. Interstate 68 otherwise continues east 33 miles from Interstate 79 to Garrett County, Maryland and 73 miles to Cumberland. 08/07/04
Interstate 79 crosses the Monongahela River within the vicinity of the tri-level stack interchange of Interstate 68. A two-lane off-ramp leaves southbound ahead for the eastbound beginning of Interstate 68. Interstate 68 overall is a useful through route for east-west through traffic between the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan area and points west such as Columbus and Chicago. 08/07/04
Exit 148 leaves I-79 south for the eastbound beginning of Interstate 68. The freeway in West Virginia was originally apart of U.S. 48, and redesignated as I-68 in 1989 upon completion of the freeway through Cumberland, Maryland. A planned extension may continue I-68 northwestward to Wheeling and Interstate 70 by way of Moundville. The 73-mile corridor was included in the National Highway System by the Federal Highway Administration as of September 9, 2003. 08/07/04
The southbound ramp onto Interstate 68 eastbound forms the lowest level of the Exit 148 tri-level stack interchange. A one-mile guide sign lies ahead of the flyover ramps for the folded diamond interchange (Exit 1) with U.S. 119 (University Avenue). U.S. 119 travels south from downtown Morgantown 3.6 miles to meet Interstate 68 at Exit 1. 08/07/04
Passing underneath the Interstate 79 mainline and the westbound Interstate 68 flyover onto Interstate 79 southbound on Interstate 68 eastbound. The eastern terminus of Interstate 68 at Hancock, Maryland is also a tri-level stack interchange. 08/07/04
Leaving the confluence with Interstate 68 on Interstate 79 southbound. The freeway reduces to four lanes overall as it leaves the Morgantown metropolitan area for Marion County and Fairmont. 08/07/04
SSR 77 (Goshen Road) intersects Interstate 79 at the next southbound interchange (Exit 146). 08/07/04
Interstate 79 southbound mileage sign listing the distances to Goshen Road (Exit 148), Fairmont, and Clarksburg. The freeway ends at Interstate 77 147 miles to the south at Charleston. 08/07/04
One mile north of the diamond interchange (Exit 146) with County Route 77 (Goshen Road) on Interstate 77 south. Goshen Road spurs 3.7 miles east from County Route 73 to U.S. 119 (Grafton Road) near the settlement of Ridgedale. 08/07/04
Standard procedure along West Virginia Interstates is to sign the approach to an interchange with signs at two miles, one mile, and one-quarter mile out from the actual off-ramp. Interstate 79 southbound at Goshen Road is no exception with the 0.25-mile guide sign for Exit 146. 08/07/04
Exit 146 leaves Interstate 79 southbound for SSR 77 (Goshen Road). Goshen Road ties into SSR 73 nearby. SSR 73 parallels Interstate 79 from U.S. 119 (University Avenue) and Uffington southwest to Meadowdale and Fairmont. 08/07/04
Interstate 79 scenes
Goshen Road (CR 77) east at the entrance ramp for Interstate 79 northboiund to Morgantown. The exchange joining I-79 with I-64 east is located nearby. Goshen Road continues 3.7 miles to U.S. 119 (Grafton Road). 08/07/04
Dents Run Road (CR 49) intersects U.S. 19 (Fairmont Road) ahead of the parclo interchange with Interstate 79 at the Morgantown suburb of Westover. 08/07/04

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