Business Loop I-80 through West Wendover, Nevada, and Wendover, Utah travels alongside a portion of U.S. 93 Alternate and over old U.S. 40 along Wendover Boulevard. This route provides access to motorists services and casinos along a three mile course between Exit 410 in Nevada and Exit 2 in Utah.

Through West Wendover, only the 0.185 mile section of Florence Way connecting Wendover Boulevard with parallel Interstate 80 is state maintained as U.S. 93 Alternate. Wendover Boulevard was formerly Nevada 224 east from Florence Way to the Utah state line. The city of West Wendover maintains the five-lane boulevard now.

Within Wendover, Utah, Business Loop I-80 overlaps with SR 58 to the trumpet interchange with Interstate 80 near Wendover Peak. The state route totals 1.363 miles along Wendover Boulevard.

Business Loop I-80 east & U.S. 93 Alternate south
Exit 410 serves West Wendover from Interstate 80 just north of the commercial strip along Wendover Boulevard. Drivers departing I-80 westbound turn southward onto Business Loop I-80 & U.S. 93A at a diamond interchange. Ranch roads tie into the exchange from the north. Pictured here is the return ramp to I-80 east for Salt Lake City. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 & U.S. 93 Alternate lower toward the intersection with Wendover Boulevard and Florence Way. A Nevada tourist information center and the West Wendover business district lie to the east. 09/08/05
A shield assembly for the business loop and U.S. 93 Alternate direct motorists toward Downtown Wendover. Wendover Boulevard represents the original route of U.S. 40 before Interstate 80 replaced it. Old U.S. 40 continues west to the freeway at Exit 407. 09/08/05
U.S. 93 Alternate turns southward from Business Loop I-80 just east of the turn onto Wendover Boulevard. The U.S. highway travels 59 miles south to merge with U.S. 93 at Lages Station. U.S. 93 takes motorists another 59 miles from there to Ely. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 east
Business Loop I-80 eastbound reassurance marker posted after the split with U.S. 93 Alternate. The Utah state line lies ahead at the pedestrian over crossing. 09/08/05
This view looks south from Wendover Boulevard toward the Union Pacific Railroad, Wendover Air Force Auxiliary Field and the Toana Range. 09/08/05
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2 photos
The Wendover Nugget Hotel and Casino and Montego Bay Resort lie across from one another at the Utah state line. The pedestrian over crossing above Wendover Boulevard links the two businesses. The gambling centers of both casinos are located west of the state line while the hotel portions of the complexes fall within Utah. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 & SR 58 east
Business Loop I-80 doubles as SR 58 after it crosses into Utah along Wendover Boulevard. A subsequent left turn connects with Interstate 80 via Aria Boulevard. Beyond Aria Boulevard, the two routes leave Wendover and curve north to merge with I-80 eastbound. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 and SR 58 eastbound at the split with Old U.S. 40 (Frontage Road). Old U.S. 40 parallels Interstate 80 through the Bonneville Salt Flats. The two lane road meets Salt Flats Road just south of a diamond interchange (Exit 4) with the freeway. 09/08/05
Drivers continuing east on Business Loop I-80 and SR 58 default onto Interstate 80 eastbound at a wye interchange (Exit 2). The freeway travels two miles east to the Bonneville Speedway exit and 111 miles to Salt Lake City. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 & SR 58 west
Business Loop I-80 & SR 58 westbound branch southward from I-80 at Exit 2 into Wendover. The two route follow Wendover Boulevard west from old U.S. 40 (Frontage Road). A trailblazer for I-80 west stands in place of a confirming marker for the business route along the initial stretch. 09/08/05
Wendover Boulevard advances west into the Wendover business district, intersecting Aria Boulevard south from a half diamond interchange (Exit 1) with Aria Boulevard. A pair of hotel and casinos line the four lane roadway at the state border. 09/08/05
The Nevada state line crosses Wendover Boulevard at the pedestrian over crossing linking the Wendover Nugget Hotel and Casino and Montego Bay Resort. The gambling centers of both businesses fall within Nevada. SR 58 ends here. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 west
Advancing 0.6 miles from the state line, Business Loop I-80 combines with U.S. 93 Alternate. Wendover Boulevard maintains four lanes to the split with the business loop. 09/08/05
U.S. 93 Alternate provides the main connection between Ely, Nevada and the Interstate 80 corridor for points east. The alternate route doubles back to U.S. 93 via Interstate 80 west. 09/08/05
Business Loop I-80 west & U.S. 93 Alternate north
Business Loop I-80 and U.S. 93 Alternate turn northward from old U.S. 40 to parallel I-80 via Florence Way. Wendover Boulevard (old U.S. 40) continues west another three miles to meet I-80 near the Horizon Viewsite. 09/08/05
Florence Way extends north with four lanes from Wendover Boulevard to a diamond interchange (Exit 41) with Interstate 80. 09/08/05
U.S. 93 Alternate northbound joins Interstate 80 west for a 58-mile overlap to Wells and U.S. 93. West of Oasis (Exit 378), concurrent signage between Interstate 80 and U.S. 93 Alternate gradually disappears. 09/08/05

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