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The origins of Savannah International Airport began on a 730-acre tract of land off White Bluff Road in 1928. The airport officially opened on September 20, 1929 as "Hunter Field" and remained in operation there until 1949. Due to World War II and the need for military operations, Hunter Field doubled as a military airport in 1940. The U.S. Army Core of Engineers constructed a second facility at Cherokee Hill and dubbed it Chatham Field by 1942. This airport open as a military airport as well and remained in use by the Georgia Air National Guard as Travis Field until 1948. In 1949 the deed of Travis Field was transferred to the city of Savannah and the municipal airport shifted operations from Hunter Field to Travis Field. A terminal was built in 1960 and Savannah Municipal Airport was renamed Savannah International Airport in 1983. In 1994 a new 10-gate terminal, with the capacity of 19 gates, opened to replace the original terminal. The new terminal was built in conjunction with a $43-million project that included a new interchange with Interstate 95 (Exit 104). By 2003, Savannah International Airport was renamed Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport due to the increased usage by passengers bound for the South Carolina resort island.1

Interstate 95 North
The lone McIntosh exit of Interstate 95 is the diamond interchange (Exit 49) with SR 251 in one mile. Photo taken 12/19/13.
SR 251 commences a 13.5-mile route to SR 57 at Townsend from U.S. 17/SR 25 at Darien. The route connects I-95 with Fort King George Historic Site and the Sapelo Island Visitors Center. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Exit 49 represents the historic north end of Business Loop I-95 from Darien. Reconstruction of the exchange at SR 251 between September 29, 2014 and April 30, 2017 included installation of a new sign bridge recognizing the former business loop along I-95 north.6 Photo taken 12/13/17.
GDOT recorded 52,200 vehicles per day (vpd) along Interstate 95 north of Darien in 2016. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The nine mile stretch between Darien and Eulonia includes a truck weigh station for commercial vehicles. Photo taken 12/19/13.
The weigh station near Ardoch and Kidd Island is the only facility along Interstate 95 northbound in Georgia. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Leaving the truck scales, motorists pass by a reassurance marker for I-95 north preceding the Church Hill Road overpass. Photo taken 12/13/17.
U.S. 84, a 258-mile cross state route from Midway west to the Alabama state line at Safford, doubles as the Wiregrass Trail. The name reflects the Wiregrass Region, which U.S. 84 traverses from South Georgia into Lower Alabama. Providing a cutoff to U.S. 84 west from I-95 north, SR 57 leads 23 miles northwest from forthcoming Exit 58. Photo taken 12/19/13.
One mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 58) with SR 57 (Townsend Road) on I-95 north. Photo taken 12/19/13.
SR 57 comprises an route between U.S. 17/SR 99 in adjacent Eulonia to U.S. 25, U.S. 84 and U.S. 301 at Ludowici to the west. SR 99 enters the vicinity from Crescent east of U.S. 17. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Exit 58 departs Interstate 95 north for SR 57 (Townsend Road). SR 99 begins opposite the south end of SR 251 at U.S. 17/SR 25 in Eulonia. The state route meanders four miles east to Crescent before turning south to Meridian and Darien. Photo taken 12/19/13.
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2 photos
Interstate 95 curves more easterly from Eulonia to South Newport in nine miles. Savannah remains 49 miles to the north. Photos taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 17 and Interstate 95 meet each other once again in southern Liberty County. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Liberty County is one of two Georgia counties that stretch well inland from the Atlantic Ocean, reaching west to encompass portions of Fort Stewart. I-95 sees two exits in the county starting with Exit 67 just north of the South Newport River. Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 17/SR 25 (Coastal Highway) head south from Exit 67 into South Newport and northwest to Retreat, Riceboro and Midway. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Older guide signs for Exit 67 referenced U.S. 17 and Coastal Highway. SR 25, the companion for U.S. 17 through all but the northernmost portion of the US route, is acknowledged now. Photo taken 12/19/13.
41,870 vehicles per day (vpd) were recorded along Interstate 95 through southern Liberty County in 2012. Photo taken 12/19/13.
It is not often that destinations on mileage signs correlate so well, but the entry north of South Newport does with multiples of ten. Midway, a city of 2,121 (2010 census) lies ten miles ahead as the gateway from I-95 to Fort Stewart. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 remains through forested and marshy areas throughout most of Liberty County. The six lane freeway spans Payne Creek in this scene. Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 84/SR 38 traverses the southern tier of Georgia from Bainbridge, Thomasville, Valdosta, Jesup and Hinesville before reaching Midway and their eastern terminus at Interstate 95 (Exit 76). Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 84/SR 38 constitute a four-lane roadway west 14 miles to the Liberty County seat of Hinesville at Fort Stewart. Photo taken 12/19/13.
One half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 76) with U.S. 84/SR 38 (Oglethorpe Highway) west and Islands Highway east. U.S. 84/SR 38 stem west 3.7 miles from Interstate 95 to Midway (U.S. 17/SR 25). Islands Highway, and Sunbury Road nearby, spur east from Exit 76 to Seabrook, Sunbury and the Ft. Morris Historic Site. Photo taken 12/19/13.
I-95 north at Exit 76 for U.S. 84/SR 38 west. U.S. 84 stretches 1,919 miles west from coastal Georgia to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
Historically the route of U.S. 84 southwest from Interstate 95 to Waycross was the eastern extent of U.S. 82. A switch was made in 1989, shifting U.S. 82 southward over the original U.S. 84 course to Brunswick. The swap was made to simplify both routes. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Continuing north to Jones Creek and the Isle of Wight along Interstate 95 north. A new interchange is under construction along the ensuing stretch with Belfast Keller Road. Planned for 20 years, the new $20 million plus exchange for Richmond Hill will be completed in October 2020.7 Photo taken 12/19/13.
Richmond Hill and the outskirts of the Savannah metropolitan area are next along I-95 north in 12 miles. Interstate 16, which provides a direct route into Savannah, follows in 21 miles. Photo taken 07/27/13.
Another series of wetlands and bridges take Interstate 95 over the Jerico River into Bryan County. Photo taken 07/27/13.
U.S. 17/SR 25 (Coastal Highway) return from their inland jaunt through Midway to cross paths with Interstate 95 again at Richmond Hill in one mile. Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 17/SR 25 travel a commercialized stretch through Richmond Hill a folded diamond interchange (Exit 87) with I-95 and the Ogeechee River.
Richmond Hill was founded in 1962, though its origins date from before the Civil War as Ways Station. Ways Station later became home to Henry Ford's winter retreat, and the automobile pioneer invested heavily in the area, partaking in the construction of over 272 buildings. By 1941 the town was renamed Richmond Hill after Ford's estate.2 Photo taken 12/19/13.
A number of traveler services line the U.S. 17/SR 25 corridor at Exit 87. The pair enter Richmond Hill along a rural route north from Midway.
U.S. 17 stays east of I-95 throughout the Savannah area, meeting Interstate 95 directly again at Hardeeville, South Carolina. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 passes over a CSX Railroad line and exits the Richmond Hill city limits briefly before reentering it at Exit 90. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 16 is now just 11 miles ahead, with Savannah another ten miles further. Photo taken 12/19/13.
The second Richmond Hill interchange joins Interstate 95 with SR 144 (Ford Avenue) on the northwest edge of town. SR 144 enters Fort Stewart west of I-95.
Greenouts for Exit 90 cover Old Clyde Road. Photo taken 12/13/17.
SR 144 follows Ford Avenue southeast from Exit 90 to intersect U.S. 17/SR 25 (Coastal Highway) in 1.25 miles. Westward the state route winds 20 miles through Fort Stewart to SR 119 and 39 miles to Glennville. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 90) with SR 144 (Ford Avenue) on Interstate 95 north. SR 144 overall travels nearly 84 miles west from the coastal areas of Bryan County, Fort Stewart, Glennville, and Baxley. Photo taken 12/13/17.
SR 204, three miles ahead, is the first of six interchanges within Chatham County. Interstate 16 is the second exit in eight miles. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 plies across Lost Swamp to the Ogeechee River, which separates Bryan and Chatham Counties east to Ossabaw Island. Photo taken 12/19/13.
SR 204 (Fort Argyle Road / Abercorn Street Extension) crosses paths with Interstate 95 at a commercialized diamond interchange (Exit 94) in one mile. SR 204 constitutes a major arterial through Southside Savannah, serving both Savannah and Oglethorpe Malls en route to Midtown Savannah. Photo taken 12/19/13.
SR 204 continues west from Interstate 95 along a mostly rural course to Ellabell, Lanier and U.S. 280 near the Bryan County seat of Pembroke. The city of Savannah annexed swaths of land along this corridor for eventual development. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Points of interest along SR 204 include Armstrong State University, Savannah State University and Hunter Army Airfield to the east. The state route west leads to the J.O. Bacon Highway. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Exit 94 parts ways with I-95 north for SR 204 east to Savannah and west to Pembroke. Photo taken 12/19/13.
A 36-mile route, SR 204 ends at a wye interchange with Interstate 16 west of Midtown in Savannah. The route between Exit 94 and Southside varies between controlled access expressway and commercialized arterial. Photo taken 09/22/14.
County maintained freeways, Veterans Parkway links SR 204 north with I-516 and Truman Parkway branches east from SR 204 to Skidaway Island and Isle of Hope area over the course of 8.8 miles. Photo taken 09/22/14.
Florence, South Carolina debuts on Interstate 95 mileage signs at 190 miles out. The freeway angles northeast through the outer suburbs of Savannah on the three mile approach to Interstate 16. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 16, built as a route to aid transport of goods between Atlanta and the Port of Savannah, meets Interstate 95 two miles north of the Quacco Road overpass. The freeway provides a direct route to Downtown Savannah from Exit 99A. Photo taken 12/13/17.
One mile south of the cloverleaf interchange (Exits 99A/B) between Interstates 95 and 16. Areas surrounding the interchange are somewhat rural, with suburbia abutting the southeast quadrant and approaching from Pooler to the northwest.
A $319 million expansion project along I-16 east from I-95 to I-516 includes rebuilding the exchange at I-16/95 exchange into a hybrid turbine interchange. Work starts in 2019.3 Photo taken 12/13/17.
Travelers bound for Tybee Island on the Atlantic Ocean are advised to take Interstate 16 east from Exit 99A. Signs direct motorists to Exit 167A for Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard north to Bay Street east through Downtown and President Street east to U.S. 80 on Oatland Island. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 16 east continues 8.8 miles to its end at Montgomery Street outside the Savannah central business district. Connections with Interstate 516 serve Garden City and Port Wentworth to the north and Hunter Army Airfield to the south. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 99A departs I-95 north to Interstate 16 east. Interchanges along the 6.5 mile stretch of I-16 east connect the freeway with SR 307 (Dean Forest Road), Chatham Parkway, and Interstate 516, U.S. 17-80, and SR 21-25. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 99B follows onto Interstate 16 west to Macon. I-16 travels a vastly rural route between Chatham County and Macon, serving the smaller cities of Statesboro and Dublin along the 157 mile drive to Interstate 75. Photo taken 12/13/17.
The freeway formally enters the city limits of Pooler between Interstate 16 and Exit 104 (Pooler Parkway). Photo taken 12/19/13.
Continuing northward to the diamond interchange (Exit 102) with U.S. 80/SR 26 (Louisville Road). Florence, South Carolina is 185 miles to the northeast. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Pine Barren Road spans I-95 one mile south of Exit 102. U.S. 80/SR 26 constitutes a four-lane highway between Savannah and the western suburbs of Pooler and Bloomingdale. Photo taken 12/19/13.
U.S. 80/SR 26 (Louisville Road) partition into a one-way couplet through the Pooler city center just west of I-95. The pair venture east six miles to Garden City and west paralleling I-16 to Dublin. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Six lanes of Interstate 95 pass over U.S. 80/SR 26 (Louisville Road) at Exit 102. U.S. 80/SR 26 follow Louisville Road east to combine with I-516 south to Ogeechee Road and Victory Drive through Midtown Savannah. The pair conclude on Tybee Island, 30.7 miles to the east. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Looking at the Exit 102 ramp end and signalized intersection with U.S. 80 & SR 26. U.S. 80 advances west through Pooler 3.5 miles to the city of Bloomingdale and east 2.75 miles to SR 307 (Dean Forest Road). U.S. 80 east to adjacent Bourne Avenue connects motorists with the Mighty 8th Air Force Heritage Museum and Memorial Garden. Photo taken 05/29/05.
The city limits of Savannah line the east side of Interstate 95 by Crosswinds Golf Club and the airport to forthcoming Exit 104. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Interstate 95 next enters a diamond interchange (Exit 104) with Airways Avenue east and Pooler Parkway west. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Airways Avenue serves the Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) passenger terminal while Pooler Parkway encircles Pooler to the west. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Northbound I-95 at the ramp departure (Exit 104) to Airways Avenue east and Pooler Parkway west. Constructed by Chatham County in the early 1990s, Pooler Parkway consists of a controlled-access facility between Interstate 95 and Interstate 16 at Exit 155. The road serves a growing retail corridor to the west and commuter traffic interests through Pooler. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Curving eastward, I-95 wholly enters the city of Savannah to Exit 106. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Jimmy DeLoach Parkway, a county-built roadway arcing east from U.S. 80 in Bloomingdale to SR 20/31 at Port Wentworth, meets I-95 next in one mile. Similar to Pooler Parkway, the controlled-access route was constructed to enhance accessibility to the Pooler and Bloomingdale areas from Garden City and north Savannah. Photo taken 12/19/13.
One half mile south of the diamond interchange (Exit 106) with Jimmy DeLoach Parkway on I-95 north. Jimmy DeLoach Parkway and Pooler Parkway were planned in the 1980s as part of Savannah's overall transportation plan. Harry S. Truman and Veterans Parkways also originated in these plans. Photo taken 12/19/13.
Congested area signs were installed along I-95 ahead of Exit 106 in 2016. Photo taken 12/13/17.
Exit 106 leaves Interstate 95 north for Jimmy DeLoach Parkway. The parkway was extended south of SR 21/30 (Augusta Road) along the Jimmy DeLoach Parkway, a limited access highway linking with SR 307 and the Port of Savannah. Numbered SR 21 Spur, the $73 million roadway opened to traffic on May 27, 2016.4 Photo taken 12/19/13.
SR 21/30 venture northwest from Port Wentworth to meet I-95 one mile north of St. Augustine Creek at Exit 109. Guide signs for Exit 109 and SR 21 (Augusta Road) omit SR 30; the two routes overlap 3.3 miles between Bonny Bridge Road and Piedmont Avenue. A $6 million project converted the forthcoming exchange into a diverging diamond interchange. The new ramp system debuted to motorists on January 15, 2017.5 Photo taken 12/21/18.
SR 21 extends north from Port Wentworth into Effingham County to Rincon and Springfield along a longer route to Augusta in conjunction with U.S. 25. SR 30 serves rural interests west of Interstate 95 between SR 21 and SR 17. Photo taken 12/21/18.
Northbound I-95 at Exit 109 for SR 21/30 (Augusta Road). SR 21 constitutes a four-lane divided highway from the Effingham County line southward to Garden City and I-516, U.S. 80 and SR 25. There SR 21 combines with I-516 (W.F. Lynes Parkway) south to DeRenne Avenue and SR 204 (Abercorn Street) in Savannah.
SR 30 splits eastward from SR 21 in Port Wentworth to SR 25 (former U.S. 17) near the Houlihan Bridge into South Carolina. Photo taken 12/21/18.
The final reassurance marker posted for Interstate 95 north in Georgia precedes Black Creek. Photo taken 12/19/13.
An 8.8 mile exit less stretch takes Interstate 95 northeast into Hardeeville, South Carolina. Florence, the largest city along the I-95 corridor within the Palmetto State, is 176 miles away. Photo taken 12/21/18.
A pivotal choke point for long-distance travelers along I-95 north lies just beyond Knoxboro Creek. Photo taken 12/21/18.
Interstate 95 reduces from six to four overall lanes as the freeway crosses the Savannah River into Jasper County, South Carolina. Interstate 95 remains with just four lanes to Florence. Photo taken 12/21/18.
Interstate 95 traverses the southeastern sliver of Effingham County for 0.6 miles before crossing the South Carolina state line. Photo taken 12/21/18.
Built in 1976, the Savannah River bridge for Interstate 95 accommodates just four lanes. The freeway traverses wetlands leading both to and from the 2,855 foot long span. Photo taken 07/27/13.
The midpoint of the river is the state line. Interstate 95 lowers into Jasper County through the Savannah River National Wildlife Refuge to the state welcome center at Hardeeville. Photo taken 12/19/13.
The CSX Railroad parallels I-95 across the Savannah River to the east. Photo taken 12/21/18.

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