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MD 16 forms part of a multi state route with Delaware Route 16 from Taylors Island to Broadkill Beach. The 51.06 mile route in southeastern Maryland stretches across Dorchester and Caroline Counties, connecting Cambridge with the Denton area.

Maryland Route 16 Maryland Route 404 East
MD 16 joins MD 404 for 3.2 miles from Harmony Road to Greenwood Road in eastern Caroline County. Pictured here are confirming markers for the overlap posted beyond their separation with MD 313 (Federalsburg Highway) south. 04/13/04
The mileage sign posted east of MD 313 outlines the route of MSR 404 east to U.S. 13 at Bridgeville and SR 1 at Five Points. 04/13/04
MD 16 branches eastward from MD 404 (Shore Highway) along Greenwood Road. Continuing into Sussex County as SR 16, the multi state route continues ten miles east to Greenwood. 04/13/04
A set of flashers operate at the rural split of MD 16/404 east. Providing a cutoff to MD 313 (Federalsburg Highway), Becks Road ties into the intersection from the southwest. 04/13/04
MD 404 (Shore Highway) extends another 3.18 miles southeast to the Delaware state line. MD 16 crosses into SR 2.50 miles to the east at Hickman. 04/13/04
Maryland Route 16 West
The first westbound shield for MD 16. 01/15/17
MD 16 enters a wooded area alongside Hickman Ditch beyond the Maryland welcome sign. 01/15/17
Navigating southwest through an S-curve from Substation Road, MD 16 (Greenwood Road) approaches the rural crossroads with MD 404 (Shore Highway). 01/15/17
MSR 404 enters Caroline County, Maryland from Bridgeville, ten miles to the southeast. MD 16 overlaps with MD 404 northwest toward Denton. 01/15/17
Becks Road links MD 16 (Greenwood Road) with MD 313 (Federalsburg Highway) south to Federalsburg. 01/15/17
Maryland Route 16 Maryland Route 404 West
MD 16/404 commence a 3.2 mile overlap westbound along Shore Highway. 04/13/04
Denton lies six miles to the northwest along MD 404. MD 313 combines with the state route in 0.9 miles from Federalsburg. 04/13/04
Curving northwest toward Andersontown, MD 16/404 (Shore Highway) approach MD 313 (Federalsburg Highway) south. 04/13/04
The town of Federalsburg lies ten miles to the south via MD 313 in southeastern Caroline County. 04/13/04
Northbound MD 313 combines with MD 16/404 (Shore Highway) west for 2.28 miles. 04/13/04
Maryland Route 313 North Maryland Route 16 Maryland Route 404 West
MD 16/313/404 (Shore Highway) advance west through the rural settlement of Andersontown after Federalsburg Highway. 04/13/04
Mileage sign posted ahead of Andersontown Road. MD 404 is the main route between the Delaware beaches and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge west of Queenstown. Most guide signs along the Eastern Shore direct motorists to bay bridge by way of U.S. 50, U.S. 301, or MD 404. 04/13/04
MD 16 (Harmony Road) branches southwest from Shore Highway to Harmony, Preston and Bethlehem. MD 313 north / MD 404 west continue northwest two miles into Denton. 04/13/04
Double Hills Road, the historic alignment of MD 313/404 across Watts Creek, ties into the signalized intersection with MD 16 (Harmony Road) from the north. 04/13/04

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