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Maryland 140 follows Reisterstown Road northwest from Baltimore City to Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Westminster, Taneytown, and Emmitsburg in north central Maryland. The state highway represents a portion of the original routing of U.S. 140 between Baltimore and Gettysburg.

U.S. 140 followed Maryland 140 northwest from Baltimore to Westminster, and Maryland 97 / Pennsylvania 97 northwest into Adams County, Pennsylvania until its decommissioning in 1977. The route was downgraded because of its short length (48 miles) and because it was partially replaced by the Northwest Expressway (Interstate 795).1

Maryland Route 140 Guides

Historic U.S. 140 North
Maryland 140 begins at the intersection of Fulton Avenue where U.S. 1 turns onto North Avenue. This doubled as the northbound beginning of U.S. 140 from the 1950s onward. Before that time, U.S. 140 ended at the intersection of U.S. 1 (North Avenue) and Pennsylvania Avenue. This scene looks at what was U.S. 140 north along Pennsylvania Avenue after its beginning. Photo taken 06/27/10.
Historic U.S. 140 South
U.S. 140 originally followed Pennsylvania south from Littlestown Pike (current Maryland 97) into downtown Westminster. Pennsylvania Avenue ends at the former U.S. 140 merge onto Main Street (formerly Maryland 32), opposite Anchor Street southwest. Photo taken 06/04/05.
Main Street (original U.S. 140, Maryland 32 until a 2000 transfer of maintenance) south at the traffic light with John Street east and Bond Street west. Bond Street provides an alternate route to Maryland 27 (Ridge Road) outside the Westminster city limits. Photo taken 06/04/05.
Approaching Maryland 27 (Liberty Street south / Railroad Avenue north) along Main Street south. Maryland 27 is the only remaining state route traveling surface streets from one end of Westminster to another. Photo taken 06/04/05.
Maryland 27 follows Railroad Avenue east to a folded diamond interchange with Maryland 97 & 140 (Baltimore Boulevard) opposite the Town Mall of Westminster. Southward Liberty Street carries the state route to Ridge Road and Warfieldsburg. Photo taken 06/04/05.
Maryland Route 140 scenes
2 photos
2 photos
Mitchell Drive acts as a frontage road along Maryland 140 eastbound within the vicinity of the wye interchange for I-795 west of Reisterstown. A connector roadway was added to the drive to allow Mitchell Drive traffic departing Reisterstown Regional Park access onto Maryland 140 (Westminster Road) eastbound to Reisterstown. Pictured here are trailblazers for the exit of Reisterstown Regional Park onto Mitchell Drive just south of Maryland 140. Traffic to Maryland 140 westbound must turn right onto Maryland 140 eastbound as left turns are prohibited due to the ramps with I-795. I-795 bound motorists should use Maryland 140 east to the on-ramp from the Westminster Road intersection with Maryland 128 (Butler Road). Photos taken 10/10/04.
Maryland 27 Route North
Maryland 27 (Railroad Avenue) travels along an industrial strip leading east from downtown Westminster to a folded diamond interchange with the Westminster Bypass (Maryland 97 & 140). Photo taken 06/04/05.
Maryland 97 & 140 (Baltimore Boulevard) travel 1.3 miles southeast to their split at Malcolm Drive. Maryland 140 represents the old U.S. 140 southeast to Reisterstown and Baltimore. Photo taken 06/04/05.
Continuing underneath Baltimore Boulevard, Maryland 27 (Manchester Road) emerges at a loop ramp onto Maryland 97 north & 140 west. Maryland 97 follows old U.S. 140 north from Westminster to Union Mills, Littlestown and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Maryland 140 follows original Maryland 97 west to Taneytown and Emmitsburg. Photo taken 06/04/05.
Maryland 27 exits Westminster along Manchester Road to Cranberry, Mexico, and its north end at Maryland 30 in Manchester. Maryland 97 & 140 split in one mile. Photo taken 06/04/05.

  1. "Route 140 May Change To Rt. 97." Gettysburg Times, June 14, 1977.

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