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Maryland Route 147 North
Although unmarked, MD 147 begins at the intersection with Harford Road and U.S. 1 (North Avenue). The first northbound shield is not posted until Lauraville. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Broadway north and Bonaparte Avenue come together at MD 147 (Harford Road) at the next traffic light. Broadway leads south to Fells Point while Bonaparte links Harford Road with East 25th Street. Photo taken 07/02/10.
East 25th Street parallels a CSX Railroad line east from MD 45 (Greenmount Avenue) to join MD 147 (Harford Road) with Sinclair Lane. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Homestead Street flows southeast from the Waverly community to end at MD 147 (Harford Road) adjacent to Clifton Park. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Gorsuch Avenue parallels Homestead Avenue one block to the north, joining Harford Road with Loch Raven Boulevard and Waverly. Photo taken 06/30/10.
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2 photos
MD 542 begins and travels 6.33 miles north to Interstate 695 (Exit 29) in Baltimore County. The state route follows The Alameda north to Loch Raven Boulevard from MD 147 (Harford Road). Photo taken 07/02/10. Second photo taken 06/30/10.
MD 147 (Harford Road) quickly meets the south end of unsigned MD 41 (Hillen Road). Hillen Road leads north to Morgan State University, becoming Perring Parkway to Baltimore County and Interstate 695. Photo taken 06/30/10.
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East 32nd Street was an original through route from Memorial Stadium (East 33rd Street) to Erdman Avenue for interests to U.S. 40 and the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway. A trailblazer from those days remains at MD 147 (Harford Road). Photos taken 06/30/10.
Erdman Avenue meets MD 147 (Harford Road) at the north end of Clifton Park. The through road becomes MD 151 and U.S. 40 Truck southeast of U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) and Interstate 895. Photo taken 06/30/10.
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Chesterfield Avenue lines Herring Run Park and the Mayfield community southeast from MD 147 (Harford Road) to U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road). Lake Montebello Terrace connects Harford Road with Curran / Whitman Drives encircling the adjacent lake. Photos taken 06/30/10.
MD 147 passes through Herring Run Park. A 1911-bridge carries Harford Road across Herring Run. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Walther Avenue splits with Harford Road at Herring Run Park to Belgravia and Northern Parkway near the city line. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Argonne Drive arcs west from MD 147 to Morgan State University. Parkside Drive continues the road south along Herring Run Park to U.S. 1 and Sinclair Lane. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Montebello Terrace provides a cutoff between MD 147 (Harford Road) and Cold Spring Lane at Lauraville. Photo taken 06/30/10.
The first shield of MD 147 north, posted at Beverly Hills. Harford Road divides with a planted-median for three blocks. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Cold Spring Lane east and Moravia Road north come together at MD 147 (Harford Road). The two provide a circuitous through route from Park Heights east to Roland Park and Lauraville and south to Gardenville and Interstates 95 and 895. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Signage for MD 147 becomes vastly more consistent from Moravia Road northward to the city line. Photo taken 06/30/10.
An older shield for MD 147 lies ahead of the traffic light with Southern Avenue. Southern Avenue serves Morgan Park to the northwest and Beverly Hills and Gardenville to the south. Photo taken 06/30/10.
MD 147 enters the Waltherson area and meets Ailsa Avenue at a staggered intersection. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Northbound reassurance shield assembly posted for MD 147 (Harford Road) at Rueckert Avenue. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Back to back traffic lights govern the movements between MD 147 at Echodale and Gibbons Avenues. Echodale Avenue becomes Belvedere Avenue west from MD 41 (Perring Parkway) to Northern Parkway. Gibbons Avenue shadows the through route to the north. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Harford Road becomes more commercialized as it enters the Hamilton area of northeastern Baltimore. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Poor product placement obscures the northbound MD 147 shield posted between Wisteria and Evergreen Avenues. Photo taken 06/30/10.
White Avenue leads southeast from MD 147 to U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) near Belmar. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Old Harford Road begins at the MD 147 intersection with Glenmore Avenue. The road meanders northeast to Carney beyond the Baltimore Beltway. Glenmore Avenue ventures east to Belgravia at U.S. 1. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Christopher Avenue flows east from Old Harford Road to MD 147 at this older northbound shield assembly. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Northern Parkway crosses paths with MD 147 (Harford Road) north of Hamilton. Northern Parkway arcs across the city from U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) near Overlea to MD 26 (Liberty Heights Avenue) at Howard Park. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Rosalie Avenue travels east from Old Harford Road to MD 147 and west from Moyer Avenue to Harford Road. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Two blocks southwest of the Baltimore city limits on MD 147 north at Glendale Avenue. Glendale Avenue serves the Woodhome Heights and Harford Park communities in Baltimore County. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Northbound drivers exit the city of Baltimore beyond Hillcrest Avenue at Parkville Shopping Center. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Taylor Avenue travels northwest from U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) at Overlea, nipping the northeastern corner of Baltimore, to intersect MD 147 at Parkville. Taylor Road continues west of Harford Road to Towson as Goucher Boulevard. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Linwood Avenue flows southeast from Old Harford Road and Villa Cresta to Harford Road. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Woodside Avenue represents another in a series of residential streets throughout a pervasive sea of single family homes stretching from Hamilton in Baltimore to Parkville and the Beltway. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Putty Hill Avenue comprises a through route west to Perring Village, MD 41 (Perring Parkway), and Towson via Goucher Boulevard. Eastward, Putty Hill Avenue acts as a residential through road to Rossville Boulevard (to U.S. 1) at Fullerton. Photo taken 06/30/10.
An older button copy sign references both Interstate 695 and the Baltimore Beltway as the southbound ramp to Essex. A cloverleaf interchange joins the freeway with MD 147 at Exit 31. Photo taken 06/30/10.
Maryland Route 147 South
Southbound MD 147 (Harford Road) at the south end of unsigned MD 41 (Hillen Road) and the one-block Hugo Avenue. MD 41 follows Perring Parkway south to Morgan State University and Hillen Road through Herring Run Park to end at MD 147. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Harford Road travels three blocks from MD 41 (Hillen Road) to the southern terminus of MD 542 (The Alameda). The last southbound MD 147 shield lies along this stretch. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Maryland Route 147 scenes
Broadway intersects MD 147 (Harford Road) opposite Bonaparte Avenue. An unusual configuration exists in that a traffic island partitions separate signals between Harford Road south / Bonaparte Avenue north and MD 147 north. Photo taken 06/30/10.

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