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MD 210 comprises a 21.27 mile long route from the Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center to Washington, D.C. Varying between four and six lanes, the arterial route servers an array of Charles and Prince Georges County suburbs including Oxon Hill, Tantallon, Accokeek, Bryans Road and Potomac Heights.

Started in Fall 2016 the MD 210 at Kerby Hill Road/ Livingston Road Interchange Project upgrades Indian Hill Highway to a limited access highway from the Capital Beltway south to a point north of Palmer Road in Prince Georges County. Costing $116.154 million, the project replaces the at-grade intersection with Kerby Hill Road / Livington Road with an interchange. Work was 50% complete by Fall 2018 and construction of the new interchange is anticipated to run from Spring 2019 to Fall 2020.

Maryland Route 210 North
MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) advances north from MD 228 (Berry Road) at Accokeek toward the west end of MD 373 (Livingston Road). 09/25/04
MD 210 north at Livingston Road. Livingston Road was vastly replaced by the Indian Head Highway as the main thoroughfare along the eastern banks of the Potomac River. An 8.18 mile long route, MD 373 follows Livingston Road east from MD 210 to Accokeek Road near Sharperville. 09/25/04
Frontage roads separate subdivision and business entrances from MD 210 northward from MD 373 (Livingston Road) to Piscataway Creek. 09/25/04
Farmington Road intersects MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) west from Livingston Road at the White Hall community. 09/25/04
MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) proceeds north across Piscataway Creek with six overall lanes. 09/25/04
Continuing north from Piscataway Creek, MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) rises 180 feet in elevation ahead of the signalized intersection with Old Fort Road and Washington Lane. Old Fort Road stems west to Fort Washington and Fort Washington Park. Washington Lane joins Old Fort Road with Livingston Road. 09/25/04
Livingston Road converges with MD 210 again at Swan Creek Road at the Tantallon community. 09/25/04
Kerby Hill Road east and Livingston Road west come together at MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) near Oxon Hill Oxon Hill Road to the west. Livingston Road loops east to Forest Heights. Kerby Hill Road stems west to a roundabout with Oxon Hill Road by the National Harbor development. 09/25/04
MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) heads one mile north from the future grade separated interchange with Kerby Hill Road to a ramp for Interstate 295 northbound at Oxon Hill. 09/25/04
Wilson Bridge Road is a west side frontage road serving adjacent offices. Construction through Fall 2020 replaced the traffic light here with RIRO (right in right out) ramps along MD 210 southbound. 09/25/04
MD 210 northbound expands to four lanes ahead of the entrance ramps for the Capital Beltway outer loop to College Park and I-295 (Anacostia Freeway) north to D.C. 09/25/04
Two lanes depart from MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) north for I-95/495 north to Baltimore and Silver Spring and Interstate 295 north into Washington. 09/25/04
Interstate 295 provides a direct route from MD 210 north to Capittol Hill and the National Mall in Washington with I-695 (Southeast Freeway) west. I-95/495 encircle Washington through the eastern suburbs of Morningside, Glenarden and Greenbelt among others. 09/25/04

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