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Beginning at the entrance to Elk Neck State Park near Turkey Point, MD 272 travels 20.67 miles northward through Cecil County to the Pennsylvania line north of Calvert. Turkey Point Road leads MD 272 north 10.95 miles along Elk Neck to Mauldin Avenue in the town of North East. Elk Point State Park is located at the southern tip of the peninsula between Chesapeake Bay and the Elk River. Home of Turkey Point Lighthouse, Elk Point State Park provides visitor opportunities for hiking, swimming, fishing and camping.

The historic town of North East lies at the north end of the North East River at the cross roads of MD 272 and MD 7 (Old Philadelphia Road). MD 272 partitions into a one-way couplet along Mauldin Avenue and Main Street south through the North East street grid. Downtown North East, with a number of gift shops, antique stores, and seafood restaurants specializing in Maryland blue crab, centers around Main Street and Cecil Avenue (MD 7).

Continuing northward from North East, the separate roadways for MD 272 combine beyond the North East River and ahead of the bridge across the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor. A delayed construction project replacing the 1954 railroad overpass started in January 2015. Work stopped in February 2016 due to a contract dispute. The project was re-bidded by MDOT in September 2016 and a new contract was awarded in February 2017. Work on the new two-lane bridge with wide shoulders and sidewalks runs through Spring 2019.1

Additional construction in 2017 made safety improvements and added turn lanes along MD 272 (Mauldin Avenue) at the commercialized intersection with U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) and Rogers Road. The $4.9 million project started in July 2017 and was completed by Summer 2018.2

Shifting onto Northeast Road, MD 272 extends by northern reaches of the North East town limits to a six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 95. Construction in 1998-2000 expanded the exchange with a southbound collector distributor roadway along I-95 and two new loop ramps.

MD 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) ties into MD 272 (North East Road) just beyond I-95 at Bay View and the campus of Cecil College. Northward from there, MD 272 resembles other highways across northern Cecil County by agricultural areas, large lot subdivisions and forest stands. The state route travels through the settlements of Zion and Calvert en route to the state line, where PA 272 takes over northward to Nottingham and Lancaster.

Maryland Route 272 - Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 720 - Turkey Point to Bennett Avenue
  • 2,790 - Bennett Avenue to Cara Cove Road
  • 15,470 - Cara Cove Road to MD 7 (Cecil Avenue)
  • 11,660 - MD 7 to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway)
  • 22,290 - U.S. 40 to Interstate 95
  • 21,500 - Interstate 95 to MD 274
  • 9,240 - MD 274 to Waburton Road
  • 8,412- Waburton Road to MD 273
  • 7,100 - MD 273 to Pennsylvania state line

Source: Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) - 2016 Traffic Volume Maps by County

Maryland Route 272 North
MD 272 (Turkey Point Road) originates from the entrance to Elk Neck State Park, 0.03 miles south of Basin Drive and the Rolling Hills neighborhood. Several trails fan out from the adjacent parking area to bluffs overlooking Chesapeake Bay and Turkey Point Lighthouse. 04/24/04
Turkey Point Road weaves through the Rolling Hills neighborhood over the ensuing mile. 04/24/04
MD 272 (Turkey Point Road) navigates through a series of S-curves through a separate section of Elk Neck State Park. The 2,188 acre park features boat launches, cabins, campsites, fishing, flat water canoeing, hiking trails, hunting and swimming. 04/24/04
The first shield for MD 272 appears 2.38 miles north after North East Beach Road at Mauldin Mountain. 08/10/04
Entering the town of North East, MD 272 (Turkey Point Road) splits into Mauldin Street (northbound) and Main Street (southbound). 04/24/04
Irishtown Road connects with MD 272 (Mauldin Avenue) just after the split from Elkk Neck State Forest. Walnut Street follows west to MD 272 southbound on Main Street and North East Community Park. 04/24/04
This reassurance marker stands along Mauldin Avenue northbound ahead of Thomas Avenue. 04/24/04
Mauldin Avenue runs along the east side of the North East business district to MD 7 (Cecil Avenue). MD 7 follows the historic alignment of U.S. 40 (Old Philadelphia Road) between Charlestown and Elkton. 03/28/04
Mauldin Avenue converges with North Main Street just beyond the bridge over the North East River. 04/24/04
Advancing north from the AMTRAK bridge, MD 272 (Mauldin Avenue) approaches U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). Joining Perryville, North East and Elkton, U.S. 40 is the main east-west arterial across Cecil County. 04/24/04
MD 272 continues north from U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) by Northeast Plaza Shopping Center on North East Road. 04/24/04
MD 272 (North East Road) crosses over a CSX Railroad ahead of Peninsula Drive and Interstate 95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway). 04/24/04
MD 272 (North East Road) expands to four lanes head of the six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 95. 06/08/12
The loop ramp from MD 272 north to Interstate 95 southbound for Perryville, Havre De Grace, Aberdeen and Baltimore was added by 2000. 06/08/12
Advancing north from I-95, MD 272 (North East Road) continues with four lanes to MD 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) and Seahawk Drive east to to Cecil College. 04/24/04
MD 274 branches northwest from MD 272 (North East Road) 7.5 miles to MD 273 at Rising Sun. 05/21/07
Curving ahead of North East Creek, MD 272 travels five miles from MD 274 to Calvert. Fair Hill lies 11 miles to the northeast via MD 273 (Telegraph Road). 04/24/04
Gilpin's Falls Covered Bridge appears along the east side of MD 272 (North East Road) across North East Creek. Built in 1860 and measuring 119 feet in length, this span is the longest covered bridge in the state. 05/21/07
Welcome sign posted at the Pennsylvania state line on MD 272 (Chrome Road) northbound. PA 272 extends the roadway 0.8 miles north to Chrome and a five point intersection with Christine Road (PA 272), Barnsley Road and Greenhouse Road. 10/09/01
Maryland Route 272 South
This state named shield for Interstate 95 stood alongside MD 272 (North East Road) southbound at Old Bayview Road. It was removed after 2008. 07/25/04
MD 272 (North East Road) southbound at MD 274 (Joseph Biggs Memorial Highway) and the campus of Cecil College. MD 274 brings traffic from U.S. 1 and U.S. 222 southeast from Rising Sun to Interstate 95 and U.S. 40 at North East. 07/25/04
North East Road expands to four lanes south from MD 274 to the six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway). 06/08/12
MD 272 (North East Road) partitions into a couplet along Main Street south and Mauldin Avenue through the town of North East. Main Street proceeds one block south from the North East River to intersect MD 7 (Cecil Avenue). 03/28/04
Reassurance shield posted south of MD 7 (Cecil Avenue) along Main Street in Downtown North East. A streetscaping project improved Main Street by 2004. 03/28/04
Main Street combines with Mauldin Avenue south at Irishtown Road. Streets at the south end of North East. Continuing south from Irishtown Road, MD 272 leaves the town of North East and follows Turkey Point Road for 10.94 miles. 08/10/04
MD 272 rolls through Elk Neck State Park en route to Turkey Point. Speed limits reduce to 35 miles per hour as the state route winds around Mauldin Mountain on lower reaches of Elk Neck. 04/24/04
MD 272 scenes
A custom made I-95 trailblazer directs motorists to the freeway via Lums Road and MD 272 north in the town of North East. 06/08/12

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  2. "MDOT SHA Improves Safety and Access on MD 272 and MD 213 in Cecil County." Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), news release. July 24, 2017.

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