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MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) joins MD 213 at Cayots with St. Augustine and Churchtown Road east to Mount Pleasant, Delaware. The rural state route measures 3.96 miles in length. 1,730 vehicles per day (vpd) were recorded on Cayots Corner Road by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) in 2016.

Maryland Route 310 East
MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) travels 2.16 miles east from MD 213 (Augustine Herman Highway) to St. Augustine and MD 342 north. 12/26/17
MD 342 follows St. Augustine Road north from MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) 2.82 miles to George Street (MD 286) in south Chesapeake City. 12/26/17
Maryland Route 310 West
Crossing into Cecil County, Maryland, Churchtown Road becomes MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) west. The state route quickly intersects Old Telegraph Road south to Warwick and north to MD 286 (Bethel Road). 12/21/01
Entering the rural settlement of St. Augustine, MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) west intersects MD 342 (St. Augustine Road) north and Mitton Road south. 12/21/01
Confirming marker posted west of MD 342 (St. Augustine Road). 12/26/17

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