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North Carolina Highway 11 follows a 196-mile course from Columbus County, west of Wilmington, northeast to Kinston, Greenville and Murfreesboro toward the Virginia state line.

North Carolina Highway 11 North
The first shield for NC 11 north stands just beyond U.S. 74/76 at Freeman. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Reassurance marker posted after the intersection with Old Lake Road (SR 1740), which leads east to Armour and west to Ricefield. Photo taken 06/24/10.
NC 11 crosses Weyman Creek ahead of the intersection with NC 87. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Stretching 237 miles across the state, NC 87 travels southeast four miles to Riegelwood and six miles to Delco and an overlap with U.S. 74/76. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Northwest from NC 11, NC 87 continues ten miles to Carvers and 27 miles to Elizabethtown. NC 87 continues in Virginia as SR 87 between Eden and Martinsville. Photo taken 06/24/10.
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2 photos
A rural drive awaits northbound motorists along NC 11 from NC 87, 12 miles north to Atkinson and 26 miles to the Pender County seat of Burgaw. Photos taken 06/24/10.
Nearing a truss bridge across the Cape Fear River, drivers on NC 11 cross the Bladen County line. Photo taken 06/24/10.
A reassurance shield follows the Columbus County line. Photo taken 06/24/10.
A two-lane truss bridge carries NC 11 from a bluff south of the Cape Fear River to an area of wetlands. Photo taken 06/24/10.
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3 photos
3 photos
The Cape Fear River flows 202 miles southeast from the confluence of the Deep and Haw Rivers to the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Fear. The Deep and Haw Rivers originate northwest of Greensboro in the North Carolina Piedmont. Photos taken 06/24/10.
North Carolina Highway 11 South
Southbound NC 11 enters an area of wetlands ahead of the Cape Fear River southwest of White Oak Canal. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Rising onto a two-lane truss bridge to span the Cape Fear River on NC 11 south. Photo taken 06/24/10.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
NC 11 crosses the Cape Fear River onto a bluff on the south side of the river. The waterway southeast of the state highway forms the southeastern boundary of Bladen County to the Black River. Photos taken 06/24/10.
The Bladen and Columbus County lines diverge from the Cape Fear River southwest by East Arcadia. Drivers on NC 11 formally enter the county and the town of Sandyfield just south of the river. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Sandyfield lines the west side of NC 11 to the intersection with NC 87 (Old Stage Road). Photo taken 06/24/10.
Vegetation shrouded the shield assembly for NC 11 and 87 ahead of the two-way stop. Photo taken 06/24/10.
NC 87 joins Fayetteville and Elizabethtown to the northwest with Wilmington and Southport at its south end. Photo taken 06/24/10.

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