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NM 256 - Roswell aerial
Looking southeast toward Hobson Road at NM 256 outside Roswell. Photo taken 06/15/19.

State Road 256 angles southeast from U.S. 380 (2nd Street) in Roswell to State Road 2. The route originates to the north along Atkinson Avenue on the east side of Roswell. Old Dexter Highway leads the remainder of the 8.32 mile long route along side a BNSF Railroad to Midway.

Historically, NM 256 follows the northern extent of NM 2. NM 2 was realigned over former U.S. 285 Alternate through Midway along Yakima Road. NM 256 was also truncated 1.5 miles south from 19th Street (old NM 265) to U.S. 380 (2nd Street) in Roswell. This section of Atkinson Avenue was reinventoried by NMDOT as FL-4710.

New Mexico State Road 256 North
Older shield assemblies are posted along NM 256 northbound referencing Old Dexter Highway as a Truck Route for U.S. 380 leading east from Roswell. Photo taken 06/21/19.
NM 254 west and CR 1-184 east come together at NM 256 along Brasher Road. Photo taken 06/21/19.
NM 254 loops 4.38 miles northeast from NM 256 (Old Dexter Highway) to U.S. 380 outside the Roswell city limits. Photo taken 06/21/19.
Continuing north from NM 254 (Brasher Road) along NM 256. Photo taken 06/21/19.
NM 256 north next intersects Woodbine Way (CR 1-229 east). Photo taken 06/21/19.
Poe Street stems west from NM 256 (Old Dexter Highway) by this set of Truck route shields for U.S. 70, 285 and 380. Photo taken 06/21/19.
Milky Way Road (CR 1-236) follows to the east from NM 256 north of Poe Street. Photo taken 06/21/19.
Entering the Roswell city limits, NM 256 turns northward onto Atkinson Avenue at McGaffey Street. Photo taken 06/21/19.
Atkinson Avenue north at Bland Street (FL-5716). Bland Street leads west from NM 256 to South Main Street (old U.S. 285) outside Downtown Roswell. Photo taken 06/21/19.
State Road 256 concludes at U.S. 380 (East 2nd Street). The truck route for U.S. 70/285 extends north along Atkinson Avenue to College Boulevard and East 19th Street. Photo taken 06/21/19.
Running directly through Downtown, U.S. 380 represents the main east-west commercial arterial through Roswell. Photo taken 06/21/19.
New Mexico State Road 256 South
Approaching U.S. 380 (East 2nd Street) on Atkinson Avenue (former NM 256) south. Atkinson Avenue forms part of locally maintained truck routes for U.S. 285 and 380 that circumvent Downtown Roswell. Photo taken 06/21/19.
State Road 256 begins at U.S. 380 along Atkinson Avenue south. U.S. 380 enters Roswell across farm land spreading west of the Pecos River. Photo taken 06/21/19.
Confirming marker posted south of NM 254 east and CR 1-184 (Brasher Road) west. Photo taken 06/21/19.

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06/21/19 by AARoads

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