Northern Parkway is a limited-access facility connecting Arizona Loop 303 (Bob Stump Memorial Parkway) with Luke Air Force Base and Northern Avenue in western Glendale. The roadway stems east from a trumpet interchange with Loop 303 on a four mile course to Dysart Road, where it ties into Northern Avenue. Ultimate plans call for Northern Parkway to stretch 12.5 miles across the West Valley region between Loop 303 and U.S. 60 (Grand Avenue).

The concept for an east-west limited-access corridor through the West Valley dates back to 2001, when a Glendale Citizens Advisory Committee saw the need for a facility to the west of I-17.1 The extension of the Maricopa County half-cent sales tax in November 2004 provided the necessary funding for the design and construction of the parkway.2 Construction began March 2012 on the first leg of Northern Parkway between Loop 303 and Dysart Road, which included a half-diamond interchange at Sarival Avenue (Exit 1). That first phase opened to traffic December 5, 20133, with a subsequent phase building overpasses at Reems Road and Litchfield Road by 2015.

Phases 3 and 4 of Northern Parkway will see a 2.9 mile extension east from Dysart Road to 111th Avenue, with a new four-lane facility to the south of existing Northern Avenue. In addition to the new travel lanes, a frontage road will be constructed to the south, along with new crossings over the Agua Fria (Cold Water) River. Overpasses will also be built at Dysart Road and El Mirage Road. Completion is scheduled for Fall 2020.2

Additional phases will complete Northern Parkway to U.S. 60 (Grand Avenue), with the final configuration consisting of a mix of limited and controlled access.

Northern Parkway - East
A ramp from the westbound half-diamond interchange (Exit 1) with Sarival Road joins Northern Parkway to become an auxiliary lane to Reems Road (Exit 2). 03/02/19
Reems Road (Exit 2) leads south to Northern Avenue and north to Peoria Avenue. 03/02/19
Wildlife World Zoo is located along Northern Avenue west of Reems Road, offering guests various animal habitats in addition to family-style amusement rides. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway advances east to Litchfield Road (Exit 3) next. 03/02/19
Litchfield Road joins Northern Parkway with Luke Air Force Base (AFB). Luke AFB is named after Lieutenant Frank Luke, Jr., who was a flying ace of World War I, and is home to the 56th Fighter Wing division.4 03/02/19
Northern Parkway lowers from the 143rd Avenue and BNSF railroad crossing ahead of Litchfield Road (Exit 3). 03/02/19
Beyond Luke AFB, Litchfield Road continues south to meet Interstate 10 near Goodyear. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway spans Litchfield Road 0.75 miles out from Dysart Road. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway ties into Northern Avenue at a signalized intersection with Dysart Road ahead. 03/02/19
The next phase will of construction will extend Northern Parkway 2.9 miles further east to N 111th Avenue, and create a frontage road system using existing Northern Avenue. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway - West
Northern Parkway west advances from Dysart Road along an S-curve ahead of Litchfield Road (Exit 3) to Luke AFB. 03/02/19
Litchfield Road bisects the common areas of Luke AFB as it continues south to Camelback Road 03/02/19
Northern Parkway arcs back west at the departure ramp to Litchfield Road (Exit 3). Litchfield Road advances north through sparsely developed Bumstead en route to Surprise. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway ties into Arizona Loop 303 (Bob Stump Memorial Parkway) at a trumpet interchange in two miles. Loop 303 runs for 36 miles between I-10 in Goodyear and I-17 in northern Phoenix. 03/02/19
The White Tank Mountain range sets the backdrop for westbound motorists along Northern Parkway. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway meets Reems Road at a diamond interchange (Exit 2) in one-quarter mile. 03/02/19
Exit 2 (Reems Road) ties Northern Parkway with the Greer Ranch and Rancho residential developments between Peoria Avenue and Cactus Road. 03/02/19
A half-diamond interchange (Exit 1) joins Northern Parkway with Sarival Road three-quarters of a mile out from Arizona Loop 303 to Goodyear and Surprise. 03/02/19
Running parallel to Loop 303, Sarival Road connects Greenway Road with Camelback Road. The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium, and Safari Park is located one block south of Exit 1 at Northern Avenue. 03/02/19
Ramps leave in unison ahead at the exchange with Loop 303 north to Surprise and south to Goodyear. 03/02/19
Loop 303 extends south 9.4 miles to a systems interchange (Exit 104) with I-10 and north 8.4 miles to U.S. 60 (Grand Avenue) before turning easterly toward I-17. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway ends as traffic partitions to Loop 303 north and south. 03/02/19
Northern Parkway Scenes
Dysart Road south comes together with Northern Parkway at the eastern end of the limited-access roadway. 03/02/19

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