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PA 41 provides a primary route between U.S. 30 at Gap and northern Delaware between Kaolin and Hockessin. Carrying just two lanes overall, the 22.2 mile highway doubles as a truck route for freight headed west along U.S. 30 to Lancaster and Harrisburg and south to Newport and Interstate 95 in Delaware. PA 41 forms a multi state route with SR 41 south to Delaware Route 2 at Prices Corner.

Pennsylvania Route 41 scenes
Limestone Road (SR 3013) meets PA 41 (Gap Newport Road) at an antiquated parclo interchange just north of the Delaware state line near Kaolin. SR 3013 becomes Kaolin Road east of PA 41 en route to Union Street in Kennett Square. 12/24/18
Kaolin Road turns west to Sheehan Road as Limestone Road begins south toward PA 41 (Gap Newport Road). 12/23/12
The interchange at Limestone Road is the only along PA 41. The state route continues north four miles to Avondale. 12/23/12
A Delaware Route 7 trailblazer appears ahead of the southbound entrance ramp. The state route follows Limestone Road south to Stanton. 12/23/12
A loop ramp joins PA 41 (Gap Newport Road) south to Hockessin. Wilmington, Delaware is a nine mile drive via MSR 41 and Delaware Route 48. 12/23/12

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