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Pennsylvania 41 provides a primary route between U.S. 30 at Gap and northern Delaware between Kaolin and Hockessin. Carrying just two lanes overall, the 22.2-mile route doubles as a truck route for interests west along U.S. 30 to Lancaster and Harrisburg and south to Newport and Interstate 95 in Delaware.

Pennsylvania 41 north
An SR 7 trailblazer was formerly posted ahead of the off-ramp to Limestone Road along PA 41 (Gap Newport Road) north. It was replaced with a New Garden Township sign by 2007.
SR 7 acts as a conduit for Pennsylvania drivers bound for the Pike Creek Valley in northern Delaware. Photo taken 04/23/04.
An antiquated parclo interchange joins PA 41 (Gap Newport Pike) with Limestone Road south and Kaolin Road north at Kaolin. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Limestone Road heads south 0.9 miles from PA 41 to become SR 7 at the state line. Kaolin Road extends the road north to Southridge. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Northbound reassurance shield posted on Newport Gap Road after the Limestone Road on-ramp. The name Newport Gap Road stems from the MSR 41 connection between Newport, Delaware and Gap, Pennsylvania. The two to three lane stretch of highway here passes through mushroom farm country. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Original U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) ties into Pennsylvania 41 (Pennsylvania Avenue) within the borough of Avondale. Beyond there the original alignment and Pennsylvania 41 travel northward 1.1 miles to their split northwest of town. Baltimore Pike veers westward to West Grove and Nottingham as Pennsylvania 41 proceeds northward via Gap Newport Pike to U.S. 1.
A traffic light was added at the split by 2008. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Concrete continued to carry the load of cars and trucks on Gap Newport Pike beyond the split with Baltimore Pike in this scene. However development since 2004 expanded this stretch into a three-lane asphalt roadway with the addition of retail along the west side. This included a new traffic light at Moxley Lane and the main shopping center entrance. Photo taken 04/23/04.
U.S. 1 shields and guide sign assembly, since replaced, that were posted for the PA 41 northbound on-ramp to the Kennett Square Oxford Bypass. U.S. 1 constitutes a full freeway between Nottingham and Kennett Square in southwest Chester County. The freeway opened from PA 41 north to Kennett Square in 1966 and from PA 41 southward in the 1970s.1 Photo taken 04/23/04.
A diamond interchange connects Pennsylvania 41 (Gap Newport Pike) and U.S. 1 near the community of Baker. Pictured here is the northbound ramp to the freeway for Kennett Square, Chadds Ford and Media. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Crossing over U.S. 1 on Pennsylvania 41 northbound. The intersections with the Oxford Bypass ramps remained unsignalized until 2008, when a signal was added at the southbound on-ramp. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Leaving U.S. 1 on Pennsylvania 41 northbound. In the background is one of a series of signs installed as part of an anti-aggressive driver campaign along the state route. Photo taken 04/23/04.
PA 841 crosses paths with PA 41 (Gap Newport Pike) at Chatom. The state route follows London Grove Road west from PA 41 to Chatham Road south and Coatesville Road north of PA 41. Photo taken 04/23/04.
A set of flashers operate at the intersection of PA 41 and PA 841 in Chatom. PA 841 stems northward from MD 213 at Lewisville to West Grove. North from Chatom, the state route becomes more scenic on the 5.5 mile drive to Doe Run and PA 82 (Doe Run Road). Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pennsylvania 926 (Street Road) crosses Pennsylvania 41 midway between Daleville and Woodville. The control points for the state route are Russellville for Pennsylvania 10 (Limestone Road) to the west and Longwood for the connection with Pennsylvania 52 (Lenape Road) to the east. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pennsylvania 41 (Gap Newport Pike) northbound at Pennsylvania 926 (Street Road). The 26-mile long road begins near Russellville and ends at Pennsylvania 3 at Willistown. Photo taken 04/23/04.
0.6 miles north from PA 926 (Street Road), PA 41 meets PA 796 (Jennersville Road) south. The state route travels just 5.8 miles to U.S. 1 near Jennersville and PA 896 near New London. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Nearing the intersection with Jennersville Road on Pennsylvania 41 (Newport Gap Pike) northbound. Derry Meeting Road stems northward from Pennsylvania 796 and 41 to White Horse Road. Photo taken 04/23/04.
The southbound beginning of Pennsylvania 796 (Jennersville Road) leaves Pennsylvania 41. Jennersville Road intersects Pennsylvania 926 (Street Road) 0.4 miles to the south. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Continuing north from Pennsylvania 796 (Jennersville Road) on Pennsylvania 41. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Pennsylvania 41 (Gap Newport Pike) climbs to an elevation of 600 feet above sea level at the intersection with Fernwood Road. Photo taken 06/24/12.
A set of flashers hang above the intersection with Honeycroft Boulevard, one of two entrances to the suburban Honeycroft Village neighborhood, and an adjacent school. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Entering Cochranville on Pennsylvania 41 northbound. The community lies at the crossroads with Pennsylvania 10 (Limestone Road). Until 1956, the Pennsylvania 10 alignment between Morgantown and Oxford was apart of U.S. 122. The US route was truncated to Morgantown then and ultimately decommissioned by 1963. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Truck traffic also favors PA 10 north from PA 41. The state route links PA 41 with Interstate 176 and the city of Reading. Additionally connections via I-176 to U.S. 222 and 422 and PA 61 give truckers a link to the Interstate 78 corridor south of Pottsville. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Pennsylvania 10 travels seven miles south to Oxford and five miles north to Parkesburg (PA 372). Photo taken 06/24/12.
Pennsylvania 10 begins in Downtown Oxford at Pennsylvania 472 (Market Street) 8.5 miles to the south. Continuing north of Pennsylvania 41, Pennsylvania 10 reaches U.S. 30 in 7.2 miles, U.S. 322 and Honey Brook in 16.1 miles, and Interstate 176 & Pennsylvania 23 at Morgantown in 21 miles. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Lowering into Chester Valley, PA 41 spans Valley Creek and approaches PA 372 (Lower Valley Road) near the community of Atglen. PA 41 changes names from Gap Newport Pike to Newport Lancaster Pike at Lower Valley Road. PA 372 lines Main Street (old PA 41) and Valley Avenue through the nearby borough. Photo taken 08/01/04.
A set of mast arm supported traffic signals are in place at the intersection with Pennsylvania 372 (Lower Valley Road). The 34-mile long route begins at Pennsylvania 74 (Delta Road) in York County and ends at Pennsylvania 82 (Strode Avenue) in Coatesville to the east. The state route represents the only Susquehanna River crossing between Conowingo, Maryland (U.S. 1) and the city of Lancaster. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Pennsylvania 41 intersects the east end of Pennsylvania 741 (Bridge Street) adjacent to the Gap Town Clock. Pennsylvania 741 follows Strasburg Road from Gap westward eight miles to Strasburg and Pennsylvania 896. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Pennsylvania 41 crosses into Lancaster County between Atglen and Gap. The county is home to a sizable Amish population. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Construction was underway in this photo to overlay the concrete surface with asphalt at the northern terminus of Pennsylvania 41 in Gap. Photo taken 08/01/04.
U.S. 30 travels 11.7 miles westward to the city of Lancaster and the Lancaster freeway bypass. Eastward the US highway upgrades to the Coatesville Bypass in five miles at Pennsylvania 10 (Octorara Trail). Photo taken 08/01/04.
Pennsylvania 41 south
Pennsylvania 41 southbound at the Limestone Road off-ramp at Kaolin. Limestone Road becomes SR 7 when it crosses the state line in 0.9 miles. SR 7 travels through Pike Creek Valley to Stanton, Interstate 95 and SR 1. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Pennsylvania 41 scenes
Northbound Limestone Road at PA 41 (Gap Newport Road). The two roads intersect at this antiquated parclo interchange, located just north of the Delaware state line near Kaolin. Limestone Road becomes Kaolin Road east of PA 41 en route to Union Street in Kennett Square. Photo taken 12/21/01.
Kaolin Road turns west to Sheehan Road as Limestone Road begins and leads south to Pennsylvania 41 (Gap Newport Road). Photo taken 12/23/12.
The interchange at Limestone Road is the only along Pennsylvania 41. The state route continues north four miles to Avondale. Photo taken 12/23/12.
A SR 7 trailblazer appears ahead of the southbound on-ramp. Limestone Road follows the state route south to Stanton. Photo taken 12/23/12.
A loop ramp joins Pennsylvania 41 (Gap Newport Road) south to Hockessin and the nine-mile drive to Wilmington (via SR 48). Photo taken 12/23/12.

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