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Traveling 30.1 miles, Pennsylvania 340 mirrors the trek of U.S. 30 east from Lancaster to Thorndale. The state route follows Old Philadelphia Pike through Lancaster County and Kings Highway through most of its trip through Chester County. Communities along the way include Smoketown, Bird in Hand, Intercourse, White Horse, Compass and Wagontown. The state route ends at Pennsylvania 462 (Lincoln Highway), the former U.S. 30 in Lancaster to the west and at U.S. 30 Business (Lincoln Highway) in Thornburg to the east.

Historically, Pennsylvania 340 also ran west from Lancaster along the current route of Pennsylvania 23 (Marietta Avenue) to Pennsylvania 441 at Marietta.

Pennsylvania 10 north & 340 west
Reassurance markers follow for Pennsylvania 10 north & 340 west for their 0.1-mile confluence. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Approaching the split of Pennsylvania 10 north & 340 west in Compass. Pennsylvania 340 continues straight via the Kings Highway and Old Philadelphia Pike to White Horse and Intercourse while Pennsylvania 10 turns northeast for the 5.8-mile trek to Honey Brook and U.S. 322. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Mast arm supported Eagle brand signals govern the intersection of Pennsylvania 10 & 340 at Compass Road. Pennsylvania 340 parallels U.S. 30 to the north between here and the city of Lancaster. Photo taken 06/24/12.
Pennsylvania 340 west
One half mile west from the north end of Pennsylvania 896 (Eastbrook Road), Pennsylvania 340 (Old Philadelphia Pike) intersects Mt. Sidney Road. Mt. Sidney Road leads north to Witmer and the intersection of Horseshoe and Hartman Station Roads. Hartman Station Road extends the north north to the Goat Path Expressway (the partially constructed and never opened freeway for Pennsylvania 23). Photo taken 06/03/05.
Reassurance marker for Pennsylvania 340 west posted at Mt. Sidney Road. Old Philadelphia Pike sees a number of businesses and residences lining its frontage to Lancaster. Photo taken 06/03/05.
A three-quarter diamond interchange joins Pennsylvania 340 (Old Philadelphia Pike) with the U.S. 30 freeway. Photo taken 06/03/05.
Pennsylvania 340 meets U.S. 30, 1.4 miles east of its terminus. U.S. 30 splits from the Lincoln Highway 0.75 miles to the south for a freeway bypass around Lancaster. An older freeway, it underwent major reconstruction around 2000. Photo taken 06/03/05.
The westbound on-ramp to U.S. 30 departs Pennsylvania 340 west for York and Pennsylvania 283 west to Harrisburg. There is no access to U.S. 30 east to Philadelphia, instead motorists must use Greenfield Road between PA 340 and Lincoln Highway (PA 462) east. Photo taken 06/03/05.

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