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Traveling 15.1 miles, PA 842 runs wholly within Chester County between PA 841 in West Marlborough township and U.S. 322 Business (High Street) in Downtown West Chester. The state route separates into a one way couplet of Miner Street (west) and Market Street (east) in West Chester before exiting the county seat alongside the East Branch of Brandywine Creek to Wawaset. West from Wawaset, PA 842 becomes more rural to Unionville, where it combines with PA 82. Beyond the 0.3 mile overlap with PA 82 at Unionville, PA 842 advances west to Upload, Clonmell and PA 841 at Hood Road.

Pennsylvania Route 82 South Pennsylvania Route 842 East
PA 82/842 (Doe Run Road) overlap for 0.6 miles through the unincorporated community of Unionville. 12/19/17
PA 82/842 (Doe Run Road) proceed east to intersect the south end of PA 162 (Embreville Road) at Wollaston Road. 12/19/17
PA 162 (Embreville Road) leads north to Newlin township and east across West Bradford township to West Chester. 12/19/17
PA 162 measures 9.2 miles from Unionville to U.S. 322 Business (Hannum Avenue) in West Chester. 12/19/17
PA 842 branches northeast along Unionville Wawaset Road from PA 82 (Doe Run Road) to Pocopson township. 12/19/17
PA 82 continues south to the borough of Kennett Square while PA 842 runs northeast to West Chester. 12/19/17
Pennsylvania Route 842 East
Upon entering West Chester at Everhart Park, PA 842 (Miner Street) splits into a one way couplet. Eastbound traffic turns north on Brandywine Street to Market Street while Miner Street shifts to westbound only. 08/15/04
PA 842 (Market Street) east concludes at U.S. 322 Business (New Street) with an end shield posted at Potter Alley. Like PA 842, U.S. 322 Business also partitions into a one way couplet in West Chester. 08/15/04
Eastbound U.S. 322 Business follows New Street south from Hannum Avenue at Gay Street (PA 3 west) to Market Street and PA 842. U.S. 322 Business route turns eastward along Market Street for three blocks through Downtown West Chester to High Street. U.S. 322 Business westbound follows High Street north to Chestnut Street, and Chestnut Street west to Hannum Avenue. 08/15/04
Pennsylvania Route 842 West
One block south of the U.S. 322 Business one way couplet merge at Market Street on High Street is the westbound beginning of PA 842 on Miner Street. 08/15/04

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