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A 32.6-mile route, Pennsylvania 851 traverses hills and farm land across southern York County from Pennsylvania 516 at Sticks to Pennsylvania 74 near Delta. The state route ended at Railroad from the west originally, but was extended over Pennsylvania 516 to Sticks when PA 516 shifted southwest to Lineboro.

Pennsylvania 851 east
Pennsylvania 851 turns from South Main Street onto East Main Street at the south end of Pennsylvania 616 within the borough of Railroad. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Just east of Pennsylvania 616 (North Main Street) is the PA 851 crossing of the Heritage Rail Trail. The linear county park stretches 21 miles from the Maryland state line to York. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania 851 exits Railroad for Shrewsbury Township before entering the borough of Shrewsbury. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania 851 follows a dog leg route into Shrewsberry from Railroad Avenue onto Park Avenue north and Forrest Avenue east. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Forrest Avenue heads east from Glen Valley Road by a few subdivisions before becoming a part of Pennsylvania 851 through the heart of Shrewsbury. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Passing under a set of fire signals at the intersection of Pennsylvania 851 (Forrest Avenue) and Sunset Drive. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Historic U.S. 111 followed Main Street through Shrewsberry. The former US highway now serves local interests south to a number of suburbs ahead of the Maryland line and north to Hametown.
Pennsylvania 851 Truck follows the roadway south to Constitution Avenue and New Freedom. Photo taken 06/05/05.
A reassurance shield for Pennsylvania 851 follows Main Street (old U.S. 111) at Highland Drive. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Mt. Airy Road crosses Pennsylvania 851 (Forrest Avenue) at the third Shrewsbury traffic light. The north-south road serves a number of adjacent retail centers as well as suburban areas along the western frontage of Interstate 83. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania 851 leaves Mt. Airy Road for a diamond interchange with Interstate 83 next. Photo taken 06/05/05.
A second eastbound lane departs for Interstate 83 south to Baltimore, Maryland. Downtown Baltimore is 41 miles to the south, close enough that Shrewsbury exist partially as a bedroom community for Maryland's largest city. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Interstate 83 leads south four miles to Maryland Line and 21 miles to Cockeysville. The freeway is somewhat rural through this stretch, but traffic counts reflect the connectivity between Harrisburg and Baltimore with 39,000 vehicles per day recorded at Shrewsbury in 2011. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Interstate 83 consists of a four-lane freeway with a jersey barrier median through southern York County. The narrow nature of the freeway reflects the age of Interstate 83, which opened initially as a relocation for U.S. 111 in the 1950s. Photo taken 06/05/05.
A closer look at a rare state-named shield that was still in service for Interstate 83 on Pennsylvania 851 east. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Interstate 83 continues north from Shrewsbury and Pennsylvania 851, 14 miles to York and 40 miles to Harrisburg. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Rural scenery returns to Pennsylvania 851 (Forrest Avenue) as the route leaves Interstate 83 and nearby Elm Drive. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania 851 crosses Deer Creek just east of the intersection with Windy Hill Drive before climbing onto a hill east of Tolna. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Dropping into a small valley west of Orwig along Pennsylvania 851 (Bridgeview Road) between Orwig and Sawmill Roads. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Stewartstown, a borough of over 2,000, lies along Pennsylvania 851 east at Pennsylvania 24. The state route follows Hill Street to Pennsylvania Avenue east to the borough center. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania Avenue carries a short stretch of Pennsylvania 851 between Hill Street and Pennsylvania 24 (Main Street). PA 851 joins PA 24 south for just a tenth of a mile to College Avenue. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Approaching the intersection with Pennsylvania 24 (Main Street) on Pennsylvania Avenue east. Pennsylvania 24 constitutes a 28.3-mile route from Pennsylvania 921 at Mount Wolf to the Maryland state line at Wiley. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania 24 leads southeast 3.7 miles from Pennsylvania Avenue to become Maryland 23 ahead of Norrisville. Maryland 24 exists just six miles east of there from Fawn Grove south to Bel Air. PA 24 and MD-23 are not connected however. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania Avenue becomes Hollow Road east of Pennsylvania 24 and 851 to serve a number of subdivisions in northeast Stewartstown. Pennsylvania 851 stays south of those areas along College Avenue to Pleasant Valley Road. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania 24 south & 851 east
A Pennsylvania 24 marker lies south of the merge with Pennsylvania 851 between Pennsylvania Avenue and College Avenue. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Pennsylvania 851 quickly turns east from Pennsylvania 24 south for New Park and Fawn Grove. Photo taken 06/05/05.

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