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There are several U.S. 1A's within the state of Maine. One of the most significant ones is the loop northward from U.S. 1 at Stockton Springs to Bangor-Brewer and back to U.S. 1 at Ellsworth. This loop provides part of the main routing to coastal Maine, including the popular Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park areas, from Maine's Interstate system.

U.S. 1A East / South
U.S. 1A east combines with Maine 9 east at Western Avenue in Hampden. The tandem continue north to Bangor while Maine 9 west merges with U.S. 202 nearby to Unity. 04/03/14
U.S. 1A / State Route 9 East
U.S. 1A & Maine 9 combine at Hampden and follow Main Street 4.3 miles north to an interchange with Interstate 395 & U.S. 202 (Exit 3). 04/03/14
A loop ramp joins Interstate 395 & Maine 15 east from Farm Road for Brewer and long distance travelers bound for U.S. 1A south to Ellsworth. 04/03/14
U.S. 202 North U.S. 1A / State Route 9 East
U.S. 202 departs from an overlap with I-395 east to join U.S. 1A & Maine 9 east along Main Street. The trio head north to Dutton Street and Hollywood Casino and Raceway.
This scene changed dramatically with construction of both the casino to the east and Cross Insurance Center, a sports and entertainment venue, to the west. 06/27/05
One block north of Dutton Street on U.S. 202 north & U.S. 1A-Maine 9 (Main Street) east at Buck Street. Buck Street travels west to Webster Avenue and Bangor Municipal Golf Course. A large parking garage was built along the east side of Main Street here for the Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway in 2007-08. 06/27/05
U.S. 1A & Maine 9 share 0.8 miles of pavement along Main Street with U.S. 202 between Interstate 395 and Cedar Street. Pictured here was a guide sign posted near Patten Street that outlined the long distance destinations of U.S. 1A south to Ellsworth and Maine 9 east to Calais. This sign was removed when Railroad Street was reconfigured from the default route of U.S. 1A & SR 9 to the Chamberlain Bridge into a local street for the adjacent Bangor Riverfront area. 06/27/05
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2 photos
Sign changes were made to redirect U.S. 1A & Maine 9 east to Cedar Street in place of Railroad Street. The pair loop east along Cedar and Summer Streets to the Chamberlain Bridge across the Penobscot River into the city of Brewer. U.S. 202 continues north a short distance into Downtown Bangor, where it ends at U.S. 2. 06/27/05, 03/24/13
Railroad Street stems east from U.S. 1A & 202 (Main Street) to Front Street along the Penobscot River. 06/27/05
U.S. 1A & Maine 9 east part ways with U.S. 202 north at Cedar Street. The remainder of U.S. 202 north is unsigned as of 2011. 06/27/05
U.S. 1A South
U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) leaves the interchange with Interstate 395 and city of Brewer. Becoming Main Road, the US highway reduces from three to two overall lanes on the drive to Holden Center. 04/15/16
This mileage sign features the distance to Maine coastal destinations of Ellsworth (U.S. 1), Bar Harbor (via Maine 3 south) and Machias (U.S. 1 in southeast Washington County). 04/15/16
U.S. 1A is well signed on the drive southeast from Brewer to Holden Center and East Holden. 07/01/12
U.S. 1A (Main Road) veers northward after Copeland Hill Road to circumvent Rider Bluff to East Holden. 06/27/05
Another southbound U.S. 1A shield posted near Holden Center. Bypass lanes are provided periodically to allow for the passing of slower moving vehicles. With U.S. 1A acting as the main route between Interstate 95 and Bar Harbor, these lanes are needed. 06/27/05
Nearing the intersection with Maine 46 (Kidder Hill Road / Lower Dedham Road) on U.S. 1A south at East Holden. Maine 46 constitutes a north-south route between U.S. 1 & Maine 3-15 at Bucksport and Maine 9 at East Eddington. 07/01/12
A large diagrammatic sign displays the intersection configuration of U.S. 1A (Main Road) at Maine 46. Likely the sign was installed due to accidents and the like with U.S. 1A being a busy route during the Summer tourist season. 07/01/12
Span wire supported traffic signals govern the movements between U.S. 1A (Main Road) and Maine 46. Maine 46 travels Kidder Hill Road northward on the five mile drive to East Eddington. Southbound turning traffic follows Lower Dedham Road 3.5 miles to the Dedham town center. 06/27/05
Departing East Holden and the intersection with Maine 46 on U.S. 1A (Main Road) southbound. 06/27/05
Crossing the Hancock County line on U.S. 1A (Main Road) southbound. 17 miles separate this location from the U.S. 1A south end at Ellsworth. 06/27/05
U.S. 1A North / West
Northbound U.S. 1A (Main Road) at the Penobscot County and Holden town lines. U.S. 1A ventures 17 miles northwest from Ellsworth in Hancock County to East Holden. 06/27/05
Nearing the intersection with Maine 46 (Lower Dedham Road / Kidders Hill Road) on U.S. 1A (Main Road) north. Maine 46 joins East Holden with East Eddington to the north (Maine 9) and the Dedham town center to the south. 06/27/05
Maine 46 follows an 18.7-mile routing northward from U.S. 1 & Maine 3-15 near Bucksport to Maine 9. 06/27/05
Continuing northwest along U.S. 1A (Main Road) toward Harts Corners. 06/27/05
Once in the Brewer area, U.S. 1A (Main Road) widens to three overall lanes. The US route switches to Wilson Street just ahead of the split with Interstate 395 west. 06/27/05
U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) spans an abandoned railroad ahead of the trumpet interchange with Interstate 395. I-395 branches southwest and bypasses Brewer and Downtown Bangor to the south. U.S. 1A continues northwest into Downtown Brewer before skimming the edge of the Bangor central business district with Maine 9. 06/27/05
I-395 provides a direct route to U.S. 2 & Maine 100 west to the south of Bangor International Airport (BGR). 04/15/16
Interstate 395 west splits from U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) north. Interstate 395 sees two interchanges with Brewer and two with Bangor before ending at the confluence of Interstate 95 and U.S. 202 & Maine 100. 03/24/13
A loop ramp carries drivers onto Interstate 395 west as U.S. 1A transitions into a commercial arterial with big box retail and car dealerships lining the route ahead. 03/24/13
U.S. 1A (Wilson Street) combines with Maine 9 at Maine Street (Maine 15 Business) in the Brewer business district. Maine 15 Business takes Main Street south to Interstate 395, where Maine 15 ties in from Bangor to the east and departs Brewer for Bucksport. 03/24/13
U.S. 1A North / State Route 9 West
U.S. 1A & Maine 9 span the Penobscot River across the Chamberlain Bridge into Bangor along Union Street. The pair loop away from Union Street to join Summer and Cedar Streets to their merge with U.S. 202. Maine 222 begins here otherwise and follows Union Street north to U.S. 2 (Hammond Street). 03/24/13
U.S. 202 South U.S. 1A / State Route 9 West
U.S. 1A-Maine 9 west & U.S. 202 (Main Street) south at Railroad Street to the Bangor Waterfront area.
Historically Railroad Street east to Summer Street north represented the southbound alignment of U.S. 1A & SR 9 to the Chamberlain Bridge. 06/27/05
A sign bridge directs motorists along Main Street south toward Interstate 395 and its connection with I-95. The U.S. 2 marker here is erroneous as it should be U.S. 202, which joins I-395 west for a brief overlap. U.S. 1A travels south beyond I-395 to U.S. 1 at Stockton Springs while Maine 9 leaves U.S. 1A at Hampden for U.S. 202 and points west. 03/24/13
Main Street southbound at the intersection with Buck Street in south Bangor.
This stretch of Main Street changed dramatically with construction of the Hollywood Casino between U.S. 1A & 202 and the Penobscot River. A harness racing track lies just to the west of the adjacent Cross Insurance Center sports and entertainment venue. 06/27/05
Approaching the interchange with Interstate 395 & Maine 15 on U.S. 1A & Maine 9 west and U.S. 202 south (Main Street). This sign bridge was moved south of Dutton Street after 2007. 06/27/05
New mast arm signals went up at Dutton Street to coincide with completion of the Hollywood Casino. Overheads were retained for the U.S. 202 southbound turn onto Interstate 395 west & Maine 15 north. U.S. 1A & Maine 9 meanwhile continue along Main Street south for another 4.3 miles to Hampden and their parting of ways. 04/03/14
U.S. 202 leaves U.S. 1A & Maine 9 (Main Street) for Interstate 395 west & Maine 15 north. The trio share just one mile before U.S. 202 departs the freeway via Exit 2. U.S. 202 and Maine 9 meet again at Hampden and remain overlapped from there westward to China and Augusta.
This overhead assembly was removed by 2011 and replaced with a new ground level sign at the gore point. 06/27/05
Interstate 395 ends two miles westward at Interstate 95 and U.S. 2 & Maine 100 (New Hammond Street / Odlin Road). Maine 15 follows I-395 between Brewer and I-95 to bypass Downtown Bangor. Newport is located west of Bangor along both I-95 and U.S. 2. 04/03/14

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