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U.S. 340 begins at U.S. 11 north of Greenville and follows the South Fork of the Shenandoah River between Stuarts Draft and Front Royal via Waynesboro, Elkton, Shenandoah, and Luray. From Front Royal, U.S. 340 heads northeast to Berryville, then crosses into West Virginia and Maryland (at Harpers Ferry) before ending at Frederick.

U.S. 340 North
U.S. 340 begins its northerly journey at its intersection with U.S. 11 north of Greenville near Interstate 64-81 Exit 213. From here, U.S. 340 parallels the south fork of the Shenandoah River, while U.S. 11 parallels the north fork of the Shenandoah River. 06/06/04
U.S. 340 U.S. 522 North Virginia State Route 55 West
This mileage sign along northbound U.S. 340-522 and westbound SR 55 is located after westbound SR 55 merges with the two U.S. routes. The sign provides the distance to Cedarville (two miles), Winchester (19 miles via U.S. 522), and Berryville (via U.S. 340). 06/06/04
Northbound U.S. 340-522 and Westbound SR 55 cross the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. 06/06/04
U.S. 340-522 continue north, while SR 55 splits west toward Strasburg. 06/06/04
U.S. 340 U.S. 522 North
After that bridge, SR 55 splits west toward Strasburg, while the two U.S. routes cross the North Fork of the Shenandoah River and continue north toward Cedarville and Ninevah. 06/06/04
After the bridges, U.S. 340-522 north approach their junction with Interstate 66, an east-west freeway that connects Interstate 81 near Strasburg with the nation's capital (Washington, D.C.). This shield reflects an older standard that includes the state name. Shields such as this one are somewhat commonly found on approach routes to Interstate 66; several of them exist east of here, in Arlington County. 06/06/04
Northbound U.S. 340-522 reach the onramp to Interstate 66 east to the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. 06/06/04
A cloverleaf loop ramp provides access from northbound U.S. 340-522 onto westbound Interstate 66. The western terminus of Interstate 66 is only six miles west of this interchange, so the shield assembly also includes a "To Interstate 81" trailblazer. 06/06/04
U.S. 340 North
A diamond interchange handles the movements between U.S. 340 (Buckmarsh Street) and SR 7 (Berryville Pike) on the north side of Berryville. SR 7 follows a freeway bypass around Berryville on its drive between Winchester and Bluemont. 07/16/05
Approaching Summit Point Road (SR 611) on U.S. 340 northbound. 07/16/05
Nearing the West Virginia state line on U.S. 340 north at Oakland Lane. The four-lane divided highway narrows to two lanes at Shepherds Mill Road close to the border. 07/16/05
U.S. 211 West U.S. 340 South
Westbound U.S. 211 and southbound U.S. 340 are now merged as they continue around the town of Luray and approach Luray Caverns. New Market, the western terminus of U.S. 211, is 14 miles from here. 06/06/04
The Luray bypass next approaches Luray Caverns, which is situated northwest of the highway. U.S. 211 west and U.S. 340 south continue straight ahead, while a right turn leads to the Luray Caverns parking area. 06/06/04
The next intersection along westbound after the Luray Caverns entrance is the return of Business U.S. 211 from downtown Luray. 06/06/04
After Business U.S. 211 rejoins U.S. 211-340, this set of reassurance shields is posted just west of Luray. 06/06/04
Westbound U.S. 211 and southbound U.S. 340 divide, with U.S. 340 making a left to head south toward Waynesboro and Stuarts Draft. U.S. 211 continues west along the divided highway toward Massanutten Mountain and New Market. 06/06/04
U.S. 211 west travels to New Market and Timberville while U.S. 340 south leads to Stanley and Shenandoah. 06/06/04
U.S. 211 west and U.S. 340 south split at this intersection. 06/06/04
U.S. 340 South
Now much further south of Luray, U.S. 340 passes through Elkton and Waynesboro before reaching its southern terminus. U.S. 340 (Stuarts Draft Highway) nears its end at U.S. 11 in this scene. The rural road widens to four lanes before concluding. 06/17/05
U.S. 11 (Lee Jackson Memorial Highway) crosses paths with Interstate 64 & 81 (Exit 213) adjacent to U.S. 340's southern terminus. The US highway shadows Interstate 81 throughout the state of Virginia. 06/17/05
Interests to Lexington and Roanoke via Interstate 64 west & 81 south are directed northward via U.S. 11 to the adjacent interchange. U.S. 11 also continues to Lexington, but as a much slower pace. Staunton, an independent city, is accessible by both the freeway and parallel U.S. 11 north. 06/17/05
U.S. 340 ends at U.S. 11 across from Pilot Truck Drive. U.S. 11 widens through the adjacent parclo interchange with I-81 but otherwise carries just two lanes. 06/17/05
U.S. 11 south next enters Greenville on the 7.6 mile drive to Steeles Tavern. 06/17/05

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