Sitemap to all pages covering the state of Virginia. Contributions and photography for the Virginia guides from Alex Nitzman, Andy Field, Brent Ivy, Carter Buchanan, Connor Lauzon, Justin Cozart, Mark Moore, Will Weaver and others.

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Population Statistics

State Population
Metropolitan Populations
Washington Arliogton Alexandria 6,249,950 Hampton Roads 1,728,733 Richmond-Petersburg 1,306,172
Roanoke 314,172 Lynchburg 263,353 Charlottesville 235,232
Top County Populations
Fairfax 1,150,795 Virginia Beach city 450,189 Prince William 468,011
Loudoun 406,850 Chesterfield 348,556 Henrico 329,261
Norfolk city 244,076 Chesapeake city 242,634 Arlington 237,521
Top City Populations
Virginia Beach 450,189 Norfolk 244,076 Chesapeake 242,634
Richmond 228,783 Newport News 178,626 Alexandria 160,530
Hampton 134,313 Roanoke 99,920 Portsmouth 94,632
Source: U.S. Census Population estimates, July 1, 2018, (V2018)

About Virginia

  • Capital: Richmond
  • Nickname: Old Dominion State
  • Total Interstate Mileage: 1,117.23
  • Highest Point: Mt. Rogers 5,729 feet

Major League Sports Franchises


Major Motorsport Speedways

  • Martinsville Speedway
  • Richmond International Raceway


State route mileages obtained from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Approved Functional Classification Web Map. Historical references to some Virginia State Routes were researched using the Virginia Highways Page (Adam Froehlig, Mike Roberson) and the Roads to the Future (Scott Kozel) web site.

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