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Split into two segments, Utah State Route 118 totals 24.137 miles through Sevier County in south central Utah. The southern leg branches east from I-70 & U.S. 89 at Joseph, connecting the rural town with the city of Monroe, six miles to the east. Turning north, SR 118 takes linear course across farm and ranchland to Austin connects Joseph with Monroe and Austin and Nibley, where it overtakes the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 89.

Traveling north by the town of Central Valley, SR 118 continues over old U.S. 89 to Richfield Municipal Airport (RIF) and SR 120 (Business Loop I-70). The 14.68 mile long southern section ends as SR 120 overtakes former U.S. 89 (Main Street) north through Downtown Richfield.

SR 118 resumes east from Business Loop I-70 (Main Street) along 300 North, again overlaying old U.S. 89 northward to Gramse and Kema. The state route concludes in north Sigurd at SR 24 near Rocky Ford Reservoir.

Utah State Route 118 North
SR 119 branches east from SR 118 north at Richfield. The state route crosses Sevier County along a 8.75 mile course to the town of Glenwood and SR 24 at Kings Meadow Canyon. 07/31/09
Utah State Route 118 South
Southbound SR 118 meets the turnoff to SR 119 (Glenwood Road) east on the outskirts of Richfield. 07/31/09

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07/31/09 by Landry Heaton

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