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Virginia Route 230 West
SR 230 splits from a 0.52-mile overlap with U.S. 29 (Seminole Trail) near Pratts for a bucolic 10.87-mile drive to Stanardsville. SR 663 departs from the forthcoming intersection and meanders southwest to Shelby Road.
Construction added a right turn lane at SR 663 since this photo was taken. 06/05/05
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2 photos
Pastures and farm fields line both sides of SR 230 leading west toward Wolftown. 06/05/05
SR 662 (Shelby Road) travels northwest from U.S. 29 (Seminole Trail) at Shelby to reach SR 230. The two share an implied overlap at Wolftown. 06/05/05
Continuing north, SR 662 bends northward around Mitchell Bluff to parallel the Rapidan River en route to Graves Mill. German Ridge lies to the northeast of the state route, while Carter Ridge rises to the south. 06/05/05
SR 661 follows and spurs south from SR 230 to Banks Mountain and Carter Ridge. 06/05/05
SR 230 (Wolftown-Hood Road) next spans the Rapidan River along a concrete bridge built in 1940. SR 692 leads northward nearby. 06/05/05
Westbound drivers reach the settlement of Hood along SR 230 (Wolftown-Hood Road). The state route turns southward from here toward the Greene County line (Conway River). 06/05/05
A short distance south of the Conway River is Brills Shop and SR 619 (Dundee Road). Dundee Road meanders southeast to SR 609 (Fredericksburg) while SR 230 continues southwest near Goodall Mountain. Little Ledge Mountain rises along the horizon in this scene after SR 619. 06/05/05
SR 230 (Madison Road) intersects SR 621 (South River Road) opposite the 1941-completed South River bridge. SR 621 parallels the water way north toward McMullen. 06/05/05
Entering the town of Stanardsville along SR 230 (Madison Road) west. 06/05/05
SR 230 concludes its 20.58-mile course at U.S. 33 Business (Spotswood Trail) east of Downtown Stanardsville. 06/05/05
U.S. 33 relocated from Spotswood Trail through Standardsville to the four-lane Standardsville Bypass by 2000. The business loop provides direct access to U.S. 33 east toward Ruckersville and west to Harrisonburg. 06/05/05
U.S. 33 Business shields posted at the western terminus of SR 230 (Wolftown Road) at Spotswood Trail. U.S. 33 elevates from Stanardsville into Shenandoah National Park, meeting Skyline Drive at Swift Run Gap and the Rockingham County line. 06/05/05
U.S. 29 North Virginia Route 230 East
Northbound U.S. 29 and Eastbound SR 230 briefly merge together between their intersection and Madison. 06/02/04
A couple miles north, U.S. 29 and SR 230 prepare to split as they approach the intersection with SR 231. 06/02/04
A right turn at this intersection follows SR 230 east and SR 231 south to Orange and Gordonsville. U.S. 29 and SR 231 north continue straight ahead. 06/02/04
There is no traffic signal at the intersection with SR 230 east/SR 231 north-south. U.S. 29 and SR 231 continue north toward Madison. 06/02/04

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