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SR 231 is a scenic foothills route, following the Blue Ridge Turnpike along the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains between Madison and Sperryville via Banco and Etlan. A spur route is Virginia Secondary 670 (Old Blue Ridge Turnpike), which serves Criglersville, Syria and Graves Mountain.
U.S. 29 Virginia Route 231 North
After the Virginia 230-231 intersection, this mileage sign provides the distance to Madison, Culpeper, and Washington, D.C. En route, U.S. 29 will also pass through Remington, Warrenton, Fairfax, and Arlington County. Notably, no Virginia 231 destinations are listed on this sign (such as Sperryville or Skyline Drive). Photo taken 06/02/04.
A left turn is required to continue north along Virginia 231 and follow Business U.S. 29 into Madison. Virginia 231 continues north through Madison to Sperryville, then connects to U.S. 211 west to Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Use Business U.S. 29/Virginia 231 north to reach Madison and Sperryville. U.S. 29 continues northeast toward Culpeper, Warrenton, Fairfax, and Arlington County. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Now reaching the turnoff for Madison, Virginia 231 and Business U.S. 29 head northwest into the town, while U.S. 29 bypasses the town to the east. U.S. 29 continues northeast from here to Culpeper and Warrenton before entering the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. Photo taken 06/02/04.
U.S. 29 Business Virginia Route 231 North
Northbound Business U.S. 29 and Virginia 231 jointly enter the town of Madison. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Virginia Route 231 North
Now separated from Business U.S. 29, Virginia 231 passes through some rolling hills and river valleys between Madison and Banco. Along the way from Madison, Virginia 231 intersects SSR 653 southeast and Virginia 645 northwest. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Virginia 231 crosses the Robinson River at this bridge. Photo taken 06/05/04.
The White Oak Run passes under Virginia 231 at this bridge. Like other smaller rivers in Virginia, it is referred to as a "Run" rather than "River." Photo taken 06/05/04.
A major intersection along Virginia 231 north of Madison is with Virginia 670 near Banco, which follows the Old Blue Ridge Turnpike west to the White Oak Canyon Trail (Via SSR 600). Photo taken 06/05/04.
In addition, SSR 670 serves Criglersville, Syria, and Graves Mountain. Photo taken 06/05/04.
After the SSR 670 intersection, this mileage sign advises that Sperryville is 12 miles north of here. Photo taken 06/05/04.
2 photos
2 photos
Virginia 231 earns its spot as a Virginia Scenic Byway as the sun emerges briefly on an otherwise cloudy day. Photos taken 06/05/04.
Northbound Virginia 231 reaches an intersection with Virginia 643 in Etlan. Photo taken 06/05/04.
After passing through Etlan, Virginia 231 reaches an intersection with SSR 602/Hughes River Road. The highway passes over the Hughes River and then crosses into Rappahannock County. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Virginia 231 leaves Madison County and enters Rappahannock County. The county seat is Washington, which is located off U.S. 211-522 northeast of Sperryville. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Virginia 231 reaches its northern terminus at its junction with U.S. 522, a major north-south highway that connects Culpeper with Sperryville and Front Royal. Photo taken 06/05/04.
A right turn follows U.S. 522 south to Culpeper, Mineral, Cuckoo, Gum Spring, Goochland, and Powhatan. A left turn follows U.S. 522 north to U.S. 211 and Sperryville. Photo taken 06/05/04.
2 photos
2 photos
The scenic route of Virginia 231 comes to an end at its intersection with U.S. 522. There is no "END Virginia 231" shield assembly. Photos taken 06/05/04.
U.S. 522/Taylor Highway north also provides access to Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive via U.S. 211/Lee Highway west. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Virginia Route 670 South
Eastbound SSR 670 (Old Blue Ridge Turnpike) ends at Virginia Route 231 northwest of Madison. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Virginia Route 670 North
SSR 670 is Old Blue Ridge Turnpike. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Between the SR 231 turn off and Syria, SSR 670 passes through the small town of Criglersville, which is home to a brick elementary school, a few small stores, and several houses. Pastures and farmland surround the area. Photo taken 06/05/04.
SSR 670 east enters Syria, the last stop before the highway ends. A convenience store and nursery are located to the north of SSR 670, while Graves Mountain Lodge sits on a hill to the south. SSR 643 (Weakley Hollow Road) leads from town to the White Oak Canyon Trail within Shenandoah National Park. In the first weekend after Memorial Day, Graves Mountain Lodge opens up several of its pastures for camping and a bluegrass music festival. The festival lasts for three days, and camping is allowed for the entire week. Photo taken 06/05/04.
Westbound SSR 670 (Old Blue Ridge Turnpike) intersects SSR 643, which connects to SSR 600 en route to White Oak Canyon Trail. Photo taken 06/05/04.

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