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Virginia Route 237 East
U.S. 29 north & SR 237 (Lee Highway) east split at Fairfax Drive outside Falls Church. Fairfax Drive carries SR 237 east to Washington Boulevard. Interstate 66 sees a split-diamond interchange with SR 237 via Sycamore Street and Lee Highway. 09/25/04
Virginia Route 237 West
Sycamore Street north meets SR 237 (Washington Boulevard) beyond a half diamond interchange with I-66. SR 237 leads west to U.S. 29 (Lee Highway) as the split Washington Boulevard (west) and Fairfax Drive (east). 09/25/04
U.S. 29 (Lee Highway) crosses SR 237 (Washington Boulevard) west at East Falls Church. U.S. 29 connects Interstate 66 with the independent city of Falls Church along Washington Street North. 09/25/04
SR 237 follows U.S. 29 through Falls Church onto Lee Highway west to Fairfax. U.S. 29 (Lee Highway) east continues back to Cherrydale and Rosslyn. 09/25/04
U.S. 29 & SR 237 follow Lee Highway across Interstate 66 outside Falls Church. SR 237 (Fairfax Drive) east connects with I-66 at the Sycamore Street on-ramp. 09/25/04
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2 photos
Washington Boulevard continues alongside Interstate 66 from U.S. 29 & SR 237 (Lee Highway) to 25th Street North and an entrance ramp to the freeway westbound. 09/25/04

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