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Interstate Business Route 72

The lone business route for Interstate 72 serves the Morgan County seat of Jacksonville



Active Business Route
Business Route 72 Guide

Business Loop I-72 at Jacksonville connects Interstate 72, which bypasses the city to the south alongside U.S. 36, with the city along a 9.7 mile long loop. The western leg overlaps with the freeway along U.S. 67 from a full cloverleaf interchange (Exit 60) north to Morton Avenue (old U.S. 36) east. Morton Avenue forms a commercial boulevard east with IL 104 across Jacksonville to Mauvaise Terre Creek. East from there, the two routes separate, with Business Loop I-72 expanding into a four lane, divided highway to the rural diamond interchange (Exit 68) with I-72/U.S. 36 outside the city limits.


Proposed Business Route

Business leaders in the Illinois capital city advocated for the signing of a business route from Interstate 72 in the mid 1990s. The proposal involved posting Business Loop I-72 along the old alignment of U.S. 54 starting at Exit 91 and lining Wabash Avenue east across southwest Springfield.1 This route was never posted.
U.S. 54 formerly overlapped with U.S. 36 along Wabash Avenue east to MacArthur Boulevard north and Grand Avenue to U.S. 66 Business. The pair then took 9th Street north and Cook Street east to split at U.S. 66, which bypassed Springfield along an at-grade route on Dirksen Parkway.
I-72/US 36 east at US 67 and Business Loop I-72 to Jacksonville, IL
I-72/US 36 east at Exit 60 for Business Loop I-72 east and US 67

Guide signs posted along I-72/U.S. 36 east for Exit 60 and the concurrent section of Business Loop I-72 east / U.S. 67 north to the west side of Jacksonville. U.S. 67 constitutes an expressway south to Manchester and north to Chapin. Photos by Bill Burmaster (2003).


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The first shield for Business Loop I-72 west at Jacksonville, IL

The first westbound shield posted for Business Loop I-72 appears with an IL 104 trailblazer. IL 104 crosses I-72 to the southwest, but without direct access. 05/07/10

End shield for Business Loop I-72 at Jacksonville, IL

An end shield stands east of the I-72/U.S. 36 underpass within the diamond interchange at Business Loop I-72 and Old Route 36 east. Photo by Bill Burmaster (2003).